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06:25 EST 19th February 2019 | BioPortfolio

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Biokeystone Company

In 1994 a company, Biokey American Instruments, was created in Portland, Oregon near the campus of Oregon Health & Science University. Late in 2006 after relocation to California, a company name change led to Biokeystone for broader coverage of bio-techniques and product lines. The first invention of Biokeystone is 6 minute high-speed gel electrophoresis in dd-water. The neuVitro Cell Cul...

MetaBios Incorporated

MetaBios is a technology company specialized in the development of innovative cell culture, fermentation and bioprocessing products for use in life sciences and biotechnology. We design, manufacture and market disposable bioreactors that offer convenience, capacity and flexibility. Our bioreactor systems include Optima - a unique gas permeable culture bag system for cell culture on laboratory s...

Biological Industries USA

Biological Industries ( is one of the world’s leading and trusted suppliers to the life sciences industry, with over 35 years’ experience in cell culture media development and GMP manufacturing. BI’s products range from classical cell culture media to supplements and reagents for stem cell research and potential cell therapy a...

Transparent Inc.

Transparent Inc. produces and distributes plates for cell arrays (chips) and specialized culture media. Founded by Yukio Nagasaki (currently professor at the University of Tsukuba) in August 2003 as a bio-venture business, it was the seventh venture business launched by the Tokyo University of Science. The company incorporates bio-nano interface technology...

OptiCell Inc.

OptiCell is a new concept in cell culture devices that revolutionizes the cell culture process.OptiCell accommodates the full range of cellculture activities from cell growth and magnetic cell separation to transfection in a device with the footprint of a standard microtiter plate.OptiCell can also be used for the production of monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, and other secreted molecules.


Celartia applies scientific reasoning and sound engineering to transform the art of cell culture into a reproducible science.Celartia improves its customers’ ability to systematically develop cells and their engineered byproducts for use in solving today’s toughest challenges in medical, pharmaceutical, educational, environmental, and defense applications. Celartia achieves that result by deli...

Transparent, Inc.

Transparent, Inc. (TRP) produces and distributes plates for cell arrays (chips) and specialized culture media. Founded by Yukio Nagasaki (currently professor at the University of Tsukuba) in August 2003 as a bio-venture business, it was the seventh venture business launched by the Tokyo University of Science. The company incorporates bio-nano interface technology, cell culture technology and ce...


Mandel Scientific Company Inc. is pleased to announce that MidSci USA has appointed them as Canadian distributor for the TPP ® line of cell and tissue culture products. TPP ® (Techno Plastic Products) has a long history of manufacturing the highest quality plastic products for a variety of industries, having been in the business for over 40 years. TPP ® products, known by their trademark yellow...

Cell Culture Company

PromoCell GmbH

Since PromoCell was established in 1990 in Heidelberg, our company has always endeavoured to support the trend towards carrying out in-vitro cell culture tests using normal human primary cells.As a result of the regular contact between the staff of our research and development department and other scientists, we have been able to provide,at an early stage, important cell types together with serum-...

Stem Cell Labs Incorporated

Management of new cell culture facilities that focus on culturing cells for heart muscle regeneration, embryonic stem cells, biopsied cardiomyocytes and adult myoblasts in co-culture.

Reinnervate Ltd

Reinnervate is a market leading company in the fast growing 3D cell culture market. The Alvetex® family of 3D cell culture products provide a flexible platform that allows scientists in any life science laboratory to quickly and easily establish better in vitro assays and models that better mimic the in vivo growth of cells. Alvetex 3D cell culture systems have many applications in basic r...

Irvine Scientific

Irvine Scientific, a member of JX Holdings group, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices, including Industrial Cell Culture, Cytogenetic, and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) products. Irvine Scientific is a large scale producer of advanced and quality cell culture media for the industrial bioprocess and ...

Cell Microsystems

Cell Microsystems is an early growth stage company that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for single cell biology. The Company’s proprietary CellRaft™ Technology enables high-efficiency sorting and isolation of single cells under standard culture conditions resulting in unperturbed phenotypes and high viability. Coupled with the ...

Quality Biological

Quality Biological provides products and supplies for cell and molecular biology research laboratories. Products include:Traditional cell culture media, the QBSF range of serum-free media, products for stem cell culture and hematopoiesis research, buffers, RNA and DNA reagents, latex & nitrile gloves, Corning® Labware, and DIFCO® bacteriological media

Cell Essentials, Inc.

Cell Essentials provides contract cell biology-based services facilitating the creation of reagents for use in diagnostics and drug discovery as well as basic research. Major services include the development of custom hybridomas and production of monoclonal antibodies, large scale cell culture, stable cell line development, cell-based assay development, cell banking, and peptide synthesis. Adenovi...

Quality Biological, Inc.

Quality Biological, Inc., founded in 1983, is a privately held company located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Quality Biological provides products and supplies for the molecular biology laboratory (including buffers, and RNA and DNA reagents) and for the cell biology laboratory (including traditional cell culture media, the QBSF® range of serum-free media, and products for stem cell culture and hemat...

Probiogen AG

ProBioGen is a specialist in mammalian cell engineering and cell culture. We offer our customers a complete service spectrum: from gene to market supply, providing every step from protein expression to cGMP manufacturing, including full project management support. These services are fully integrated to ensure that each individual development step, starting from the vector construction, will contri...

ECACC, Health Protection Agency

The European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC) was established in 1984 as a cell culture collection to service the research community and provide an International Depository Authority recognised patent depository for Europe. Over the last 20 years ECACC has expanded and diversified to become one of the premier collections of authenticated cell cultures in the world and this remains the core of E...

SBH Sciences

SBH Sciences is a well-established, profitable, and expanding small Biotechnology company. We specialize in cell culture, using mammalian and insect cell lines and in the development of cell-based bioassays. Our proprietary processes have achieved commercial production of highly purified monoclonal antibodies and recombinant cytokines.

Advanced BioMatrix

Advanced BioMatrix is a leader in the life science three dimensional (3D) applications for tissue culture, cell assay, and cell proliferation. Our products are recognized as the standard for purity, functionality, and consistency. We offer the premiere collagen products in the industry, PureCol®, bovine collagen at 3mg/mL, previously Vitrogen®. We also offer other high quality collagen product...

The Gel Company

For the past ten years, The Gel Company has been a leading provider of low cost electrophoresis and automated DNA sequencing accessories.Currently we focus in five product areas: cell culture, DNA sequencing, proteomics, microarray, and liquid handling. We are committed to providing you with high-quality innovative products and friendly, efficient service.

JRH Biosciences

JRH Biosciences, a CSL Company, is a provider of sera, cell culture media and specialty reagents to the global health care industry.

CCS Cell Culture Service

We Make The Cells! The use of cell based assays for drug screening bears the challenge of scale-up and in-time cell production. As a flexible external cell culture unit CCS supplies starting material for HTS assays and makes your screening faster and more efficient. The outsourcing of time consuming, preparatory work allows you to bring more screening projects to the starting block at the sam...

Bio Express

Bio Express is a cell culture service company located in West Lebanon, NH. We at Bio Express have more than 15 years of experience in custom manufacturing monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins by employing state of the art bioreactor technology in cell culture.Our objective is to supply researchers in academia, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry with pre-clinical grade monoclonal anti...

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