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AMDL Incorporated

AMDL develops, manufactures, markets and sells various immunodiagnostic kits, used by laboratories in hospital, clinical, and research settings to obtain precise and rapid identification of certain types of cancer and other diseases. We have two proprietary kits: DR-70® for detection of at least 13 different types of cancer (lung, breast, stomach, liver, colo-rectal, ovarian, esophageal, uterine,...

Ondek Pty Ltd

Ondek was established in 2005 to develop and commercialise a novel drug and vaccine delivery platform based on the use of genetically modified Helicobacter pylori bacteria. We call this technology the Helicobacter pylori Platform Technology (HPPT), a revolutionary drug and vaccine delivery vehicle that has potential application across the spectrum of the pharmaceutical industry. Led by Nobel Priz...


Metabolic Solutions, Inc.

Metabolic Solutions provides a mass spectrometry analytical service to assist physicians, biomedical and pharmaceutical researchers to use stable isotope tracer technology to answer questions about metabolism, nutrition and the presence of disease. For Physicians:Metabolic Solutions is an independent, CLIA Certified, clinical laboratory that provides kits and analysis for the Urea Breath Test to d...

Enteric Products Incorporated

H. pylori is a leading cause of stomachpain and ulcers. Enteric Products manufactures tests which detect the presence of H. pylori.

ACT Biotech Inc.

ACT Biotech ( is a San Francisco-based, privately-held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of targeted cancer drugs. The Company's clinical stage pipeline also includes Telatinib, the most selective oral VEGF/PDGFR/KIT inhibitor ever developed. Telatinib is currently being studied in a Phase 2 trial...

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPP) is developing therapeutics designed to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. CPP’s pharmaco-prevention approach has been used with success in other disease categories such as cardiovascular, neurovascular, and infectious disease. In addition to the CPP FAP-310 trial, CPP is co-sponsoring with the N...

Euclises Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Euclises Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Euclises) is a drug discovery and development company focused on novel cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors for use in the oncology setting. Euclises has developed a portfolio of COX-2 inhibitors optimized for cancer treatment based on its proprietary Euclicoxib® platform and is in the process of selecting a lead clinical ...

Cell Works Incorporated

Cell Works Inc. is an early-stage biomedical company located in Baltimore, Maryland, basing their initial products on research conducted at The Johns Hopkins University (JHU). Cell Works has exclusively licensed certain cell isolation technology from JHU on a worldwide basis. This technology license currently incorporates one patent, one patent application, and related international patent applica...

sphingotec LLC

Headquartered in Hennigsdorf, Germany, biotechnology company sphingotec GmbH was founded in 2002. sphingotec GmbH aims to develop diagnostic methods for prediction, prevention, intervention strategies and early treatment of diseases in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and kidney function. Using biomarkers to indicate susceptibility for a speci...

sphingotec GmbH

Headquartered in Hennigsdorf, Germany, biotechnology company sphingotec GmbH was founded in 2002. sphingotec GmbH aims to develop diagnostic methods for prediction, prevention, intervention strategies and early treatment of diseases in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and kidney function. Using biomarkers to indicate susceptibility for a speci...

Translational Drug Development (TD2) and Minneamrita Therapeutics LLC

Minneamrita is an early clinical stage drug development company developing the molecules for unmet cancer treatments. Minneamrita is developing Minnelide for its use in various cancers (gastric, pancreatic, breast and AML).

Predictive Biosciences

Predictive Biosciences is a fully-integrated developer of novel molecular diagnostic cancer assays, and a subspecialty, urology-focused provider of anatomic pathology laboratory products and services. Leveraging a portfolio of patented biomarkers and clinical approaches, the company is building a unique portfolio of assays for cancer management, first targ...

Bio-Intervention Specialists

Bio-IS does not replace the environmental services staff. Instead, Bio-IS works with hospital leadership, infection control committees and environmental services to implement a next-generation bio-intervention process. When new infection situations arise, Bio-IS can quickly attack such situations before they become worse.

ILEX Oncology

Based in San Antonio, Texas, ILEX has a marketed product, Campath®, a treatment for patients with refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia. ILEX is also advancing a robust pipeline of oncology product candidates. The pipeline comprises multiple technologies at all stages of clinical development, including a monoclonal antibody, apoptosis-inducing agents, cytotoxic compounds with novel mechanisms o... is a Direct-to-Intervention healthcare company that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to analyze medical data and improve medical workflow. Direct-to-Intervention care leverages AI to communicate information about treatable patients straight to a specialist. We remove much of the friction in today’s stroke workflow by ...

Neural Intervention Technologies, Inc.

Neural Intervention Technologies (NIT) is a development stage medical device company focused on improving the quality of life of patients with blood vessel defects, including those of the brain that result in hemorrhagic stroke.NIT is developing ALGEL™-I and -II, novel embolic materials, into minimally invasive treatments for cerebral arteriovenous malformations and aneurysms. In addition, NIT w...


Agensys, Inc. is developing a pipeline of therapeutic fully human monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) to treat solid tumor cancers based on its own proprietary targets. The Company has discovered and validated a rich portfolio of novel, clinically relevant cancer targets to 14 different cancer types that have been carefully selected to enable development of new effective therapeutics with fewer and less ...

Racing Ahead

Racing Ahead is a leading provider of assessment and early intervention services for infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays. Racing Ahead's staff serves as a knowledgeable resource for expert advice, information, intervention, and support for both parents and physicians. Racing Ahead also provides parent workshops and individualized instruction for infants and toddlers to accelera...

Vigilant Biosciences, Inc.

Vigilant Biosciences, Inc. is a medical technology company enabling screening and early intervention to avoid the adverse outcomes associated with life threatening illness. The company’s initial product development initiatives are centered on head and neck cancer screening technologies using quick and straightforward sample collection and detection me...

Cancer for College

Cancer for College was formed in 1993 by two-time cancer survivor and double-amputee Craig Pollard. Cancer for College was created to provide hope and inspiration by providing college scholarships to cancer survivors and amputees. Since its inception, Cancer for College has granted nearly $500k in scholarships to more than 400 cancer survivors. For more information about Cancer for College visit w...

Obalon Therapeutics, Inc.

Obalon is a private medical technology company based in San Diego, California focused on developing innovative, high-quality gastric balloon technology for weight loss therapy.

Prostate Cancer Education Council

Prostate cancer remains the second-leading cause of cancer death in American men. More than 220,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and it is expected that 27,000 men will die from the disease. With more annual cases of prostate cancer than that of breast cancer among women, screening is imperative to ensure the health of the men of our nation.

EiRx Therapeutics Limited

The Company is based around original concepts and discoveries made by Prof. Tom Cotter (CSO). Tom is a leading international expert in this field and is Professor of Biochemistry at University College Cork. The goal of applied research in apoptosis is to develop new drugs that effectively modulate apoptosis in disease states in a safe manner. EiRx Therapeutics believes that there will be significa...

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Endocare, Inc.

Endocare, is an innovative medical device company focused on the development of minimally invasive technologies for tissue and tumor ablation. Endocare has initially concentrated on developing technologies for the treatment of prostate cancer and believes that its proprietary technologies have broad applications across a number of markets, including the ablation of tumors...

Exalenz Biosciences

Exalenz Bioscience specializes in the diagnosis and monitoring of gastroenterological and liver related diseases, using its proprietary BreathID® Breath Test platform. For additional information, logon to the Company's website: and to the new website dedicated to the H. pylori field:

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