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Papillon Dermatology

Papillon Dermatology provides expert dermatologic care. Zeena Ubogy, MD and Millard Thaler, MD are caring physicians who have over fifty years of combined experience in dermatology. Papillon Dermatology specializes in the detection and treatment of skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology. For more information call 480-820-9774 or visit


Research Down Syndrome

Research Down Syndrome (RDS) is a non-profit foundation which funds research at leading institutions directed towards identifying safe and effective biomedical therapies to treat the intellectual difficulties associated with Down syndrome. RDS' mission is to educate and inspire society to fund and support Down syndrome cognitive research to enhance and expand life opportunities, helping people wit...

Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation

Founded in 1983, the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation (SSF) provides patients with practical information and coping strategies that minimize the effects of Sjogren's syndrome. In addition, the Foundation is the clearinghouse for medical information and is the recognized national advocate for Sjogren's syndrome. The Foundation's mission is to educate patients and their families about Sjogren's syndrom...

Global Down Syndrome Foundation

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to significantly improving the lives of people with Down syndrome through research, medical care, education, and advocacy. Formally established in 2009, the Foundation’s primary focus is to support the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome, the first academic home in the ...

Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Since 1996, the Angelman Syndrome Foundation has funded 59 research grants totaling more than $3.5 million. The Angelman Syndrome Foundation has awarded a majority of these funds ($3.3 million) beginning in 2005. For more information on the Foundation, please visit


[Antibodies to chemokines and chemokine receptors] [Antibodies to cytokines and other proteins] [RNase protection assays]antibodies against chemokines, cytokines and signaling molecules.

International Rett Syndrome Foundation

Rett syndrome (RTT), a brain disorder affecting development in childhood, has been identified almost exclusively in females. RTT results in severe movement and communication problems following apparently normal development for the first six months of life. The characteristic features include loss of speech and purposeful hand use, occurrence of repetitive hand movements, abnormal walking, abnorm...

Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles

Who: Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA) with National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk® Spokesperson John C. McGinley, Dr. Cox on the ABC’s SCRUBS; Grand Marshal, Dr. Jim Sears of THE DOCTORS; Honoring Ken Jenkins, Dr. Kelso of SCRUBS with the Buddy Award, Emcees Mark Wallengren and Kristin Cruz of KOST’s Morning Show, a live dan...

ConSynance Therapeutics Inc.

ConSynance Therapeutics is a clinical-stage drug development company based in Rensselaer, New York. ConSynance’s pipeline includes innovative treatments for NASH, the orphan disease Prader-Willi syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome.


ANTIGENIX AMERICA provides monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to CD markers, cytokines, growth factors, adhesion markers, and viral proteins for immunology research in Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, and Pig models. In addition, a full selection of recombinant cytokines and growth factors are provided, including cytokine ELISA kits, and matched antibody pairs for ELISA development. Custom Immunology ...

Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST)

Angelman Syndrome (AS) was first described by Dr. Harry Angelman in 1965. Common symptoms include developmental delay and intellectual disabilities, happy demeanor, movement and balance disorder, severe sleep disorders, seizures and limited speech. Most children are diagnosed between the ages of 3-5 but early detection and intervention can make a significant difference in the child's development ...

R&D Systems Incorporated

R&D Systems produces and markets cytokines and adhesion molecules, corresponding antibodies, human and mouse ELISAs, as well as genes and probes.R&D Systems produces and markets cytokines and adhesion molecules, corresponding antibodies, human and mouse E

BIOSOURCE invitrogen cytokines & signaling


The International Rett Syndrome Foundation

While there are over 3,800 known cases of Rett Syndrome in the United States which predominantly strikes only girls, the disorder is genetically linked to more widespread neurological disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. Rett symptoms begin to manifest between the first six to eighteen months of life and in most cases will eventually incapacitate the afflicted children so that they can...

World of Health Biotech Co.Ltd

Anti HBV Specific Active Immunotherapy (Anti HBV Therapeutic Vaccine) using recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (standard HBV vaccine) as an immunogenic specific antigen and several cytokines as an immune adjuvant is a new antiviral approach for chronic HBV infection. The first and most critical setp in the design of an anti HBV therapeutic vaccine is the selection of the specific antigens that will b...

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Founded by world leaders in hedgehog signaling, PellePharm, a BridgeBio company, is committed to targeting rare genetic dermatological conditions, including Gorlin Syndrome and Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCCs), at the source. PellePharm is committed to improving the quality of life for those suffering from Gorlin Syndrome and BCCs by providing an easy-to-use t...

ConSynance Therapeutics, Inc.

ConSynance Therapeutics is a clinical-stage drug development company based in Rensselaer, New York. The company’s pipeline includes innovative treatments for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the orphan disease Prader-Willi syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome. ConSynance are collaborating with Chengdu SciMount Pharmatech Co., Ltd., a drug discov...

SOFTFLEX computer gloves

An epidemic of computer-associated hand and wrist pain and numbness now affects 7 million Americans a year. These symptoms are frequently and routinely misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome when they are, in fact, a result of Computer-Associated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The numbness and tingling that signal Computer-Associated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are caused by pressure placed on the median nerv...

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc.

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of prescription drugs targeting rare (orphan) neuromuscular and neurological diseases, including Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS), infantile spasms, and Tourette Syndrome. In 2012, Catalyst licensed Firdapse from BioMarin, a...

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lexicon is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing breakthrough treatments for human disease. Lexicon currently has four drug candidates in mid-stage development for diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, carcinoid syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, all of which were discovered by Lexicon's research team. Lexicon has used its proprietary gene knockout technology to identif...

Tourette Syndrome Association

Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation

Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas

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