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OstoSolutions LLC

Founded in 2012, OstoSolutions is the sole purveyor of the OstoSolutions™ Ostomy Pouch Disposal Seal is a unique, convenient, easy-to-use seal that enables 100 percent odor- and worry- free disposal of ostomy pouches. The patent pending lightweight seal, made of recycled plastic, is simply inserted into the coupling ring opening of any two-piece used ...

Cardica, Inc.

Cardica designs and manufactures proprietary stapling devices for cardiac and endoscopic surgical procedures. Cardica's stapling technology minimizes operating time and enables minimally-invasive and robot-assisted surgeries. Cardica manufactures and markets its automated anastomosis systems, the C-Port(R) Distal Anastomosis Systems and PAS-Port(R) Proximal Anastomosis System, for coronary artery ...

Bagbag Ostomy Cover

Quality Ostomy Pouch covers. Our pouch covers come to fit your actual ostomy appliance in a range of over 60 fabrics and numerous add ons to make yours special. From kevlar to gortex to lace to special prints we have everything you need for a personalised cover.

NiTi Medical Technologies Ltd.

NiTi Medical Technologies provides groundbreaking surgical devices for gastrointestinal diseases such as cancer and obesity for which intestinal resection and anastomosis are indicated.The broad line of devices and the techniques they employ have the potential to advance surgical compression anastomosis procedures and to improve procedural efficiency and patient recovery.NiTi's patented nickel tit...


Cardica designs and manufactures proprietary automated anastomotic systems used by surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. In CABG procedures, veins or arteries are used to construct alternative conduits to restore blood flow beyond narrowed or occluded portions of coronary arteries, "bypassing" the narrowed or occluded portion of the artery that is impairing blood flow to...


Packaging is critical to the success of every healthcare or personal care product. Packaging provides protection and information while it communicates a message of quality and efficacy.For more than 80 years, pharmaceutical, personal care and nutraceutical companies worldwide have trusted the name Sharp for timely, innovative contract packaging solutions.Today, Sharp is stronger and more responsiv...

ACT Biotech Inc.

ACT Biotech ( is a San Francisco-based, privately-held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of targeted cancer drugs. The Company's clinical stage pipeline also includes Telatinib, the most selective oral VEGF/PDGFR/KIT inhibitor ever developed. Telatinib is currently being studied in a Phase 2 trial...

Obalon Therapeutics, Inc.

Obalon is a private medical technology company based in San Diego, California focused on developing innovative, high-quality gastric balloon technology for weight loss therapy.

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AArete is a management consulting firm that specializes in operational performance improvement and strategic cost reduction. We work with our clients across all industries and business functions to optimize their profits in a compressed timeframe and without reducing people. AArete identifies and implements significant bottom line improvements through s...

Sciton, Inc.

Sciton is committed to providing best-in-class laser and light source solutions for medical professionals who want exceptional durability, performance and value. Sciton offers superior medical devices for fractional and full-coverage skin resurfacing, superficial and deep skin peeling, hair removal, phototherapy, wrinkle reduction, laser-assisted lipolysis...

Translational Drug Development (TD2) and Minneamrita Therapeutics LLC

Minneamrita is an early clinical stage drug development company developing the molecules for unmet cancer treatments. Minneamrita is developing Minnelide for its use in various cancers (gastric, pancreatic, breast and AML).

InVasc Therapeutics, Inc.

InVasc Therapeutics, Inc., headquartered in Tucker, Georgia, is a biopharmaceutical company developing drugs to mitigate risks associated with cardiometabolic diseases. Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and dyslipidemia are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The Company plans to file an IND l...

RightBio Metrics

RightBio Metrics is a Phoenix, AZ-based, privately held medical device company whose mission is to eliminate any harm caused by misplaced tubes. The company makes the only FDA Cleared/CLIA waived product for confirming gastric acidity for tubes intended to end in the stomach. For more information, please visit

Residual Risk Reduction initiative (R3i)

The HAMS Harm Reduction Network, Inc

Residual Risk Reduction Initiative Foundation

American Laser Centers

Visit us at or follow us on Twitter. American Laser Centers is the largest and most successful laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction therapy company, with more than 225 locations in the United States. The company has performed more than 4 million aesthetic treatments since its founding in 2002. American Laser Centers offers clients laser hair re...


WheyUP provides a healthy and delicious (nonshake) whey protein beverage product with a caffeine energy boost that aids in supporting a healthy lifestyle. The protein drink features 20 g of protein, only has a minuscule 1 g of carbs, is fat and sugar free, and there is only 90 calories in the entire bottle. It’s ideal for those who are seeking to lose...


H. W. Andersen Products of California, Inc. has distributed surgical tubes, drains and pumps manufactured by Andersen Products, Inc., gas sterilization products manufactured by Andersen Sterilizers, Inc. and sterilization validation services provided by Andersen Scientific, Inc. for more than 25 years. Andersen was the first on the market to offer a double lumen naso-gastric tube and has continue...

PeriGen, Inc.

PeriGen is a technology-enabled professional services company specializing in risk reduction and clinical quality improvement in Obstetrics and is the only OB-specific risk reduction company to provide solutions which generate immediate, quantifiable and clinical value. Singularly focused on reducing risk and improving financial performance, PeriGen’s...

IP&MA, Inc

Since 1996, IP&MA has been assisting health care organizations and related industries prevent infectious and other adverse events. IP&MA's professionals have successfully worked with clients to: Decrease the ventilator associated pneumonia rate in intensive care patients by 29%; providing a cost avoidance of over $160,000 per year. Lower the overall nosocomial infection rate for a long term acut...

Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths

The Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths, is a U.S., 501(c)(3), tax-exempt and not-for-profit organization with the mission to “Significantly Reduce Premature Cancer Deaths at a Lower Cost per Life Saved Compared to Current Cost”. Its founder, Dario Crosetto, who worked at CERN experiments for 17 years before joining the Superco...


electroCore LLC, the New Jersey based bioelectric pharma company, is focused on developing non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation therapies for the treatment of multiple conditions in neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, and respiratory fields. The company’s initial target is the treatment of primary headaches (migraine and cluster headache), and th...

FirstString Research, Inc.

FirstString Reseach, a clinical stage biotech company, is leading the translation of cell-cell communication and cell-cell contact/adhesion science into a pipeline of drugs and medical applications for wound healing, scar reduction, inflammation, and complex tissue regenerationࠀ The company is currently advancing GranexinTM Gel, a topical formulation ...


Launched on Mother's Day 2006, HAPPYBABY is the leading brand of premium organic meals for babies and toddlers. The company makes HAPPYBABY((TM) )fresh frozen organic baby meals, HAPPYBELLIES((TM))-the only organic baby cereals with DHA and probiotics, HAPPYBABY PUFFS((TM))-the only organic baby puffs with whole grains, real fruits and vegetables, HAPPYBITES((TM))-handheld organic toddler/kids mea...

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