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Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC

Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT) is the preeminent bioindustrial company dedicated to serving the pulp and paper industry. Based in Norcross, Georgia, USA, EDT is a pioneer in the move to bring today's biotechnology to the 2,000-year-old pulp and paper industry. EDT has developed a variety of applications serving customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Enzymatic Therapy, Inc

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. is renowned as the highest quality provider of therapeutic dosage natural medicines and nutritional supplements in the industry. We incorporate FDA pharmaceutical quality standards in all facets of our business. This includes raw material evaluation and supplier selection, laboratory analytics across the entire spectrum of quality, purity, potency and efficacy measures, Qua...

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.

UNIZYME Laboratories

UNIZYME Laboratories develop and produce proteins with main focus on peptidases for use in downstream processing, peptide synthesis and drug discovery.Our TAGZyme system is a new enzymatic system for the efficient development and production of Therapeutic Proteins. Qiagen markets the TAGZyme system worldwide [outside Denmark]. For inquiries concerning the commercial use of TAGZyme from Danish comp...

ZymeQuest Incorporated

ZymeQuest, a development stage company, is the global leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of enzymatic blood conversion products for use in blood transfusion medicine. Our enzymatic blood conversion system enables the precise and permanent conversion of groups A, B and AB red blood cells to enzyme converted group O red blood cells, known as ECO red cells. ECO red cells are f...


Welcome to the home of IEP, a producer of chiral alcohols and oxidoreductase systems. Discover how enzymatic asymmetric synthesis can provide you with compounds of highest stereoisomeric purity. You will benefit from world-class process R&D - a standard that delivers

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Nitrate Elimination Co Incorporated

Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi) makes enzymes (natural and recombinant) for environmental cleanup: nitrate testing, enzymatic nitrate elmination, and nitrate biocatalytic microsensors.

Kraeber GmbH & Co

Mein European producer of animal blood fractions from 18 spezies.Enzymatic process developments and productions by the daughter company Biot-ex GmbH and the cooperation partner Dr. Rieks GmbH.Fractionations, Extractions, Chromatographic separations, prefiltrations sterile filtrations , Ultrafiltrations, Vaccuum and Spray drying


KREATECH Holding B.V is a biotechnology company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative labeling and detection products for diagnostic and research applications in the life sciences and healthcare industry. The company is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has approximately 20 employees. KREATECH owns a unique and proprietary technology; the Universal L...

Epimmune Incorporated

Epimmune's core business is the development of vaccines to treat and prevent infectious diseases and cancer. Epimmune's business also includes a therapeutic anti-inflammatory program based on cell adhesion inhibitors and its Glytec business unit, encompassing proprietary manufacturing technology for the enzymatic synthesis of bioactive complex carbohydrates.

Bernard Wolnak and Associates, Inc.

Bernard Wolnak and Associates, Inc. (BWA) is a 38-year-old consulting firm specializing in the bioproducts business area. Our clients are drawn from those companies worldwide who manufacture and sell products derived from fermentation processes, enzymatic reactions, mammalian cell culture, plant cell culture or natural product sources. We assist in resolving the technical and business needs of the...

DxTerity Diagnostics

DxTerity Diagnostics ( is an emerging genomics company that has developed a revolutionary medical device that allows technicians to run complex genomic tests in one hour in the doctor’s office. DxTerity’s core technology platform is known as NEATTM or Non-Enzymatic Amplification Technology. NEATTM based Solutions enable the low-c...

Qteros, Inc.

Qteros is a venture capital-backed company committed to delivering innovative process technologies for clean transportation fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a price competitive with gasoline. The company is currently in the process of scaling up a unique microbial solution for the highly efficient and cost effective conversion of non-food plants and waste into clean transportation fue...

LVL Technologies, Inc.

LVL Technologies, Inc. was founded by Dr. Dustin Freckleton and Nithin Rajan with a mission of bringing the accuracy of medical device technologies to the consumer wearables market through a combination of proprietary sensors and advanced machine learning algorithms. LVL Technologies is headquartered in Austin, TX.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is an IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments - from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. For additional information, visit CA Technologies at Follow CA Technologies on Twitter at

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aeolus is developing a variety of therapeutic agents based on its proprietary small molecule catalytic antioxidants, with AEOL 10150 being the first to enter human clinical evaluation. AEOL 10150 is a patented, small molecule catalytic antioxidant that mimics and thereby amplifies the body’s natural enzymatic systems for eliminating reactive oxygen sp...

SensiQ Technologies, Inc.

SensiQ Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures innovative tools for the advancement of life sciences research. SensiQ Technologies offers a suite of instruments and platforms for biomolecular interaction analysis using Label-Free Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technologies. The technologies are based on a family of patents licensed from Sensata Techn...

DNA Script

Founded in 2014 in Paris, DNA Script is the world’s leading company in manufacturing de novo synthetic nucleic acids using an enzymatic technology. The company aims to accelerate innovation in life sciences and technology through rapid, affordable and high-quality DNA synthesis. DNA Script’s approach leverages billions of years of natural evolution ...

eLum Technologies, Inc.

eLum Technologies, Inc. is an early stage medical device company based in California. eLum Technologies is focused on disruptive technologies to address endovascular diseases.

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company focused on innovative research, discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary drugs based on prostones. The therapeutic potential of prostones, which occur naturally in the human body as a result of enzymatic (15-PGDH) transformation of certain fatty acids, was first identified ...

GT Life Sciences, Inc.

GT Life Sciences (GT) is a privately held biotechnology company that utilizes a proven metabolic modeling and experimental platform to drive the discovery and design of new products and processes for the life sciences field. GT is a world leader in cellular metabolism, biochemical reactions, enzymatic transformations, networks and systems that control processes in cells. GT's platform is being app...

Oberthur Technologies

With sales of 905 million Euros in 2009, Oberthur Technologies is a world leader in the field of secure technologies. Innovation and excellence ensure Oberthur Technologies' strong positioning in its main target markets:

API Technologies Corp.

API Technologies designs, develops and manufactures electronic systems, subsystems, RF and secure solutions for technically demanding defense, aerospace and commercial applications. API Technologies' customers include many leading Fortune 500 companies. API Technologies trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol ATNY. For further information, please visit the C...

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Takeda

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an international pharmaceutical company, is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary drugs based on prostones. The therapeutic potential of prostones, which occur naturally in the human body as a result of enzymatic (15-PGDH) transformation of certain fatty acids, was first identified by Ryuj...

Applied Tissue Technologies LLC

Applied Tissue Technologies LLC licenses advanced core technologies for wound healing and gene therapy. Our system for diagnosis and treatment of wounds controls the healing process and enhances wound healing. Our gene therapy technologies allow delivery of genetic material to skin, bone, and other tissues with or without viral vectors. Licensee partners can use these technologies for a wide varie...

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