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Global Dairy Platform

Global Dairy Platform connects CEOs, executives, researchers and dairy industry advocates from corporations, communication and scientific bodies to collaborate on worldwide dairy issues. Visit for more information.


Dairy Farmers Limited

Australian Dairy Farmers Limited (ADF) is a not-for-profit company representing the interests of Australian dairy farmers.We are guardians of Australian dairy farming.We are a representative organisation through the affiliation of State dairy farmer organisations.We are the national voice of Australia's dairy farmers.

Dairy Australia

Delivering world’s best service, to achieve the Australian dairy industry’s vision of ‘Growing an internationally competitive, innovative and sustainable dairy industry.' Our jobTo develop and drive industry services and innovation for the ultimate benefit of levy payers. Dairy Australia delivers the services needed by the Australian dairy industry for its ongoing and future development as a...

ViaLactia Biosciences

ViaLactia Biosciences is a biotechnology company operating as a fully owned subsidiary of Fonterra, New Zealand's largest dairy cooperative and the world's largest exporter of dairy products.At ViaLactia, our goals are the identification, discovery and commercialisation of methods of selection and genes important to the dairy industry, including those affecting pasture grasses, milk production and...

American Dairy, Inc.

American Dairy, Inc. (NYSE: ADY) is one of the leading producers and distributors of premium infant formula, milk powder, and soybean, rice and walnut products in the People's Republic of China. American Dairy conducts operations in China through its wholly owned subsidiary, Feihe Dairy, and other subsidiaries. Founded in 1962, Feihe Dairy is headquartered in Beijing, China, and has processing and...

Hiland Dairy Foods Company

Hiland Dairy Foods Company is a processor and distributor of dairy foods and other beverages. Founded in 1937, the company is based in Springfield, Missouri and operates processing facilities in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. In addition, Hiland Dairy Foods has distribution in 11 states throughout the Midwest. For more information visit...

Dairy Queen Canada

Dairy Queen Canada is a wholly owned division of International Dairy Queen. IDQ is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family, a company controlled by Warren Buffet. In Canada, IDQ develops, licenses and services a system of more than 570 Dairy Queen and 135 Orange Julius stores in Canada featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, soft serve, blended drinks made from oran...

National Dairy Council

National Dairy Council® (NDC) is the nutrition research, education and communications arm of Dairy Management Inc(TM). On behalf of U.S. dairy farmers, NDC provides science-based nutrition information to, and in collaboration with, a variety of stakeholders committed to fostering a healthier society, including health professionals, educators, school nutrition directors, academia, industry, consum...

American Dairy Association and Dairy Council

American Dairy Association & Dairy Council

American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc.

The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council

Emerald Dairy, Inc.

Through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, Emerald Dairy, Inc. is a producer and distributor of infant and children's formula, milk powder and soybean products in the People's Republic of China. The Company's products are sold under two brand names -- "Xing An Ling," designed for middle class and affluent customers, and "Yi Bai," designed for price conscious customers. Emerald Dairy's pr...


Tatua is an autonomous, independent dairy company owned entirely by 138 farmer shareholders.The Company was established in 1914. It is the only dairy co-operative remaining in New Zealand that has never been part of any amalgamation. This has resulted in a distinctive culture of independence and a strong sense of identity.

Dairy Docs

Strategic Bovine Services provides high quality advisory services and research to cattle producers and agribusiness world-wide, and innovative feed products to Australian dairy producers

Galaxy Nutritional Foods

Over the last 25 years, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, based in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, has forged innovation in the lactose intolerant and diet related products industry. Galaxy’s Veggie® brand cheese alternative is the leading seller in the nation and is sold in the produce section of the most major supermarkets in the United States and Canada....

Clover Stornetta Farms

Celebrating its centennial anniversary, third-generation family owned and operated Clover Stornetta Farms is recognized as a leader at the forefront of the dairy industry. The Petaluma-based company in California’s beautiful Sonoma County was the first dairy in the United States to become American Humane Certified and hold its partnership of family-ow...

No Cow

No Cow was created by Daniel Katz in 2015 as part of his mission to redefine high-protein, low-sugar, dairy-free foods to fuel an active lifestyle. Made with simple ingredients like brown rice and pea proteins, No Cow Bars and Cookies are vegan, non-GMO, have just 1 gram of sugar and are free of gluten, dairy, lactose and soy. No Cow products are available...


NZMP is the business to business dairy ingredients brand of Fonterra. Trusted globally, NZMP ingredients are sold in more than 100 countries and can be found at the heart of some of the world’s most famous food and nutrition brands. NZMP has one of the broadest ranges of ingredients in the dairy industry, providing hundreds of solutions to meet the needs ...

Horizon Organic

Horizon believes the choice for a healthy family and a healthy planet should be an easy one. Horizon offers a delicious variety of certified organic dairy products to satisfy a broad range of consumer needs. Horizon’s commitment to a healthier planet includes offsetting the energy used to produce its products with clean, renewable wind power. Horizon ...

Tamarack Biotics

Founded in 2011, Tamarack Biotics produces TruActive™, a range of dairy-based protein ingredients ideal for sports bars, powdered nutrition and powder supplements. Derived from patented UV treatment and low-temperature technologies that achieve the same safety standards as traditionally pasteurized products, TruActive retains more immune active protei...

Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec (CIAQ)

CIAQ is the only A.I. centre for bovine in Québec. It has more than 310 full-time employees who are dedicated to meeting the genetic improvement needs of dairy and beef breeders. CIAQ is owned by three groups of Québec producers, the Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec (dairy breeders), the Conseil québécois des races laitières inc. (breed associations) and the Conseil provincial ...

Horizon BCBSNJ

Horizon believes the choice for a healthy family and a healthy planet should be an easy one. Horizon offers a delicious variety of certified organic dairy products to satisfy a broad range of consumer needs, and offers pantry staples such as Mac & Cheese. Horizon’s commitment to a healthier planet includes offsetting the energy used to produce its pro...

Nexia Biotechnologies Incorporated

Nexia Biotechnologies is one of the world's largest producers of authentic recombinant spider silk, and a leading North American animal transgenic company. Nexia manufactures biomaterials and therapeutic proteins in the milk of transgenic dairy goats. This technology combines the large scale, cost-effective dairy infrastructure with recombinant DNA technology to produce rare, complex proteins.

Geno Global Ltd.

GENO is a farmers’ co-operative owned and managed by Norwegian dairy farmers. In 2003 the number of members was approximately 18 000. GENO's main aim is to breed the NRF Norwegian Red in the most optimal way according to dairy farmers requests. The organization is responsible for both developing and managing breeding schemes, as well as reproductive techniques. This involves a close contact...

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