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Trellis Bioscience

Monoclonal antibody technology was the research breakthrough of the 1980’s. With the discovery by Milstein and Kohler in Cambridge, England, Hybritech became the first company dedicated to the production of monoclonal antibodies, commercializing the first diagnostic tests and leading to two subsequent companies that furthered monoclonal antibody development, GenProbe and IDEC. The use of monoclo...

Research & Diagnostic Antibodies

Research & Diagnostic Antibodies is a biotechnology company that develops new monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications by identifying novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for diseases with unmet clinical need. R&D Antibodies’ strategy is to target significant clinical market opportunities and to be the first-in-class with ...


HERMES Biosciences

HERMES Biosciences, Inc. was founded in 1998 to develop highly innovative targeted drug delivery technologies for therapeutic and other biomedical applications. The HERMES vision builds upon previous accomplishments by HERMES scientists and others in the development of both liposomes and antibodies as targeting agents. Liposomes have become an important drug delivery system, with several first- an...

Antibodies by Design

Antibodies by Design uses proven MorphoSys recombinant antibody technology to provide high quality monoclonal antibodies to its customers in record time. The HuCAL GOLD® library contains over 15 billion unique human antibody genes in Fab format. This wealth and diversity of sequences is coupled with proprietary automated screening techniques and advanced data management systems to quickly identif...

Abnova Corporation

Abnova is the world largest monoclonal antibody manufacturer. We have a capacity of generating 500 mouse monoclonal antibodies per month. Rather than the traditional method of monoclonal antibody production, Abnova is taking a genomic/proteomic approach for the antibody development. Our goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in human genome. We manufacture all our prod...

Abnova Corporation

Abnova is the world largest monoclonal antibody manufacturer. We have a capacity of generating 500 mouse monoclonal antibodies per month. Rather than the traditional method of monoclonal antibody production, Abnova is taking a genomic/proteomic approach for the antibody development. Our goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in human genome. We manufacture all our prod...


DIATEC AS is a Norwegian company producing and selling monoclonal antibodies for world wide distribution.(IS0 9001) monoclonals antibodies for in vitro research. Antibodies (unconjugated and conjugated with FITC, PE, biotin, and APC.

QED Bioscience Inc.

QED Bioscience has been designing and manufacturing antibodies for over 20 years, and throughout our history, our goals have remained unchanged: provide the best antibody products and services on the market and support our clients with the expertise and assistance they should expect from a full-spectrum antibody company like QED.QED Bioscience develops novel monoclonal and polyclonal antibody prod...

OEM Concepts Incorporated

OEM Concepts is a manufacturer of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and their related antigens and conjugates. OEM offers contract ascites production as well as bioreactor production of monoclonal antibodies. Our ISO Certified Manufacturing and Research Facility is ideally positioned to offer high quality, cost effective outsourcing of your production and hybridoma maintenance requirements.

Rincon Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Rincon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a San Diego based biopharmaceuticals company focused on the novel use of eukaryotic algae as a production system for recombinant proteins, especially monoclonal antibodies.Monoclonal antibodies are the fastest growing class of molecules in drug development. However, the capital requirements, production costs, and time constraints in developing and producing monoclon...

Seramon AS

Seramon provides services and antibodies for research and diagnostic applications. We have been producing monoclonal antibodies and designing diagnostic assays for more than 15 years, creating a wide range of speciality antibodies of rodent and human origin.

Biogenesis Ltd

Biogenesis is a recognized leader in the supply of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and custom manufacturing services to IVD manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and life science researchers around the globe. For more than 20 years, these customers have chosen Biogenesis for its quality, reliability, and innovation. Our ongoing commitment to quality products and services is demonstrated by ...

Leinco Technologies Incorporated

Leinco Technologies is a leading biotechnology company specializing in the development and manufacture of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, secondary antibodies, growth factors and cytokines for use in basic and applied life science research. In addition, we provide custom development and contract manufacturing services with expertise ranging from newly engineered cell lines to large scale ant...

MitoSciences Inc.

MitoSciences is the leading developer of monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays for understanding the role of mitochondria and metabolism in drug discovery and disease research. MitoSciences' products are used by hundreds of labs and thousands of researchers worldwide, and by all ten of the world's largest drug developers.

Sino Biological Inc.

Sino Biological provides one-stop contract services for recombinant protein expression and antibody production at scales from mg to 100 gram in just a few weeks. Its speed of protein and antibody production is unmatched in the industry. It also provides customer rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibody services to generate antibodies with the highest affinities. It currently serves multiple top-10 glo...


Welcome to Medix Biochemica, a growing and innovative company that develops, produces and markets globally in vitro immuno-diagnostic raw materials and tests for human health care. Monoclonal antibodies used by over 150 companies worldwide. Quick, clear and convenient tests utilizing our own high quality monoclonal antibodies.

Antisoma plc

Antisoma is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel products for the treatment of cancer. Antisoma's particular focus is the use of monoclonal antibodies to target tumour cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Monoclonal antibodies are coming of age as novel, effective cancer therapies and several products have reached the market.

VIROGEN Corporation

VIROGEN Corporation is a leading provider of antigens and antibodies to the research and diagnostics markets. We are located in Greater Boston, a world center of science and technology. Founded in 1995 by scientists from Harvard and M.I.T., the Corporation offers products for manufacturing and research in the fields of: Apoptosis HIV Hepatitis Rotavirus Signal transduction Reagents include viral ...

Enzyme Research Laboratories

For over 24 years Enzyme Research Laboratories has been manufacturing and distributing a variety of enzymes and cofactors used in basic coagulation research. By constantly striving for products of utmost quality, ERL has earned the trust of coagulation research communities worldwide. ERL is dedicated to serving the research and diagnostic communities by offering a complementary line of monoclonal ...

Viventia Biotech Inc

Viventia Biotech Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company advancing a new generation of monoclonal antibody therapeutics designed to offer safer, more beneficial therapies for cancer patients. Viventia’s lead product candidate Proxinium™ continues on an aggressive clinical development schedule. Viventia has initiated a Phase II North American clinical trial and concurrently commenced a pivotal Phas...

NewEast Biosciences

NewEast Biosciences are specialized in generating protein configuration-specific monoclonal antibodies that recognize active (GTP-bound) G proteins (including Ras-superfamily small GTPases and heterotrimeric G proteins). These unique antibodies do not recognize the inactive (GDP-bound) G proteins. These monoclonal antibodies have been successfully used to immunoprecipitate active G proteins...

Cell Signaling Technologies

Founded by research scientists in 1999, CST is a private, family-owned company with over 400 employees worldwide. Active in the field of applied systems biology research, particularly as it relates to cancer, CST understands the importance of using antibodies with high levels of specificity and lot-to-lot consistency. We produce all of our antibodies in ho...

Rockland Immunochemicals

Rockland Immunochemicals is a global biotechnology company manufacturing leading edge research tools and cGMP grade proteins for basic, applied and clinical research in functional genomics, gene therapy and drug discovery markets. Rockland operates outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. European and Asian markets are supported through a highly specialized network of key distributors. Technolo...

A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc.

A&G was incorporated in Delaware as a “C” Corporation on June 6, 2000. The company is located in Columbia, Maryland and has 12 employees occupying 6,725 square feet of lab space. A&G has raised $3.5 million in capital to date and is looking to finish clinical trials and FDA submission for 2 diagnostic kits for breast cancer. Besides our own theranostic product development, A&G has a unique pro...

Primorigen Biosciences LLC

Primorigen develops, manufactures, and distributes laboratory products for cell charaterization, quantitative protein detection, and basic biochemical research. These products include thin-film nitrocellulose slides and kits, well-characterized monoclonal antibodies, target protein standards, and other laboratory reagents. The company is developing new multiplexed immunoarray products for severa...

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