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ChemSilico LLC

The company was founded in January 2002 to develop and market robust in silico predictors for ADMET properties to service professionals working in the drug discovery area.Founders of ChemSilico have a long history in QSAR modeling, neural net analysis and data mining techniques, and in scientific application software development culminating in award winning products. Our primary focus is the devel...


KIYATEC is changing the future of cancer care by accurately predicting patient-specific response and non-response to chemotherapy drugs before treatment begins. Wasted time is the enemy of cancer patients and there is currently no way to accurately predict which cancer patients will respond to standard oncology treatments. KIYATEC has developed a validated...

Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.

Church and Dwight, Co., Inc., headquartered in Princeton, NJ, distributes First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test and other First Response products, including First Response Gold Digital, First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test, First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test, First Response Daily Ovulation Test, First Response Fertility Test for Women, and Answer Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests.

Squeeze Report Inc.

The short data is downloaded from Finras’ Reg SHO Daily Files and the quote data is downloaded from Quote Media daily. The Estimated Shares Shorted is the amount of shares our algorithm estimates is still short. The Estimated Shares Covered is the amount of shares our algorithm estimates has been covered. The Estimated Shares Still Short is the differ...

Auxogyn, Inc.

Auxogyn – Advancing women’s reproductive health through novel scientific and clinical knowledge of early human developmental biology auxology (from Greek αὔξω, auxō, or αὐξάνω, auxanō, "growth") is a meta-term covering the study of human growth and biology gynaecology or gynecology (from Greek gynaikos meaning woman) is the medical...

Response Mine Health

Response Mine Health is a premier, fully HIPAA compliant digital agency that helps health and wellness clients acquire more customers and patients using direct response digital marketing. For the past 15 years, Response Mine Health has generated millions of dollars in new revenue across healthcare companies including Liberty Medical, Hoveround, North Ameri...

Church and Dwight, Co., Inc.

Church & Dwight, Co., Inc., headquartered in Princeton, NJ, distributes First Response(R) Early Result Pregnancy Test and other First Response(R) products, including First Response(R) Rapid Result Pregnancy Test, First Response(R) Easy Read Ovulation Test, and Answer Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests.

Dafra Pharma nv

Dafra Pharma started activities in December 1996. Dafra is a privately owned Belgian pharmaceutical company, established by Mr. Bruno Jansen (Chief Executive Officer). From the beginning, the company is dedicated towards identifying and developing antimalarial treatment products. Dafra has always been on the forefront of the artemisinin based therapies for treatment of malaria.

Supportive Solutions, Inc.

Supportive Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is dedicated to setting the standard for providing crisis response services to the business community while providing ongoing support and services to crisis consultants. Our approach to crisis response combines leading-edge practices with a commitment to excellence.To create standards of practice and deliver crisis response services that will be held up as a benchm...


The single-group, multi-dose study examined the ability of the Rx Guardian(SM) algorithm to differentiate among low, medium and high daily doses of OxyContin®. Oxycodone levels were detected in the urine of 36 healthy volunteers using a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) assay. Participants were randomized to receive 80mg, 160mg or 240mg of daily OxyContin® to steady state cond...


Camallergy (Cambridge Allergy Ltd) is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to providing innovative, patient centric treatments to address the millions of patients suffering worldwide from food allergies. Camallergy’s lead product, CA002, is a novel oral immunotherapy for the treatment of peanut allergies designed to offer “bite-proof” protection ...

Response Mine Interactive

Response Mine Interactive (RMI) is a premier digital agency that helps health and wellness clients acquire more customers using direct response digital marketing. For the past 15 years, RMI has generated millions of dollars in new revenue across healthcare companies including Liberty Medical, Hoveround, North American Spine and MedExpress. For more informa...

Boston Heart Lab

Boston Heart Lab enables cardiologists and other clinicians to prescribe personalized treatment plans for cardiovascular disease and lipid disorders that offer patients the best opportunity for improved health outcomes, based on a panel of tests that provides the most comprehensive assessment available detailing the cause and state of the patient's disease. The company's proprietary two-dimensiona...

Gemmus Pharma Inc.

Gemmus is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of infectious diseases by modulating the host response to the disease. Gemmus was founded in 2007 to develop EP2 and EP4 agonists for the treatment for the treatment of influenza and in-licensed technology from a major pharmac...

DySIS Colposcopy

The DySIS colposcope differs from traditional colposcopes by measuring the cervical epithelium automatically, producing a map of the cervix which assists the clinician with assessing the cervix, identifying biopsy locations and performing treatment if needed.


Ansaris is a division of Locus Pharmaceuticals, a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on solving today’s small molecule drug discovery challenges, has been the leader in fragment based drug design (FBDD) since its inception in 1999. Ansaris’ proprietary technology platform combines a torsion-space algorithm for building better protein ...

ImmunoBiology Limited (ImmBio)

Limited [ImmBio] is a biotechnology company specialising in the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. ImmBio's approach is to apply advances in the emerging science of Immunobiology to the development of treatments for infections diseases and cancer. Immbio is developing a proprietary vaccine technology based on these advances. The platform technology is called HspC™ vaccination. HspC...

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Merkle Response Management Group

Founded in 1983, Merkle’s Response Management Group is dedicated to providing complete response processing and fulfillment solutions, including lockbox/caging, scanning, data capture and integration, imaging, inbound call center, email management, acknowledgment printing and mailing, and premium/product fulfillment services. Merkle RMG serves more tha...

Flashback Technologies, Inc.

Flashback Technologies, Inc. is a privately held data analytics software company whose proprietary technology platform called CipherSensor™ is initially being applied to develop products addressing unmet needs in the medical monitoring, diagnostic and treatment marketplace. Clinical decision making is often compromised due to ineffective processing of ...

ChemDiv Inc.

ChemDiv Inc. (Chemical Diversity) is a global chemistry-driven contract research organization focused on identifying and delivering discovery opportunities and services for life science partners, and merging industrial and academic efforts to bring new approaches to the treatment of life-threatening diseases. For further information please visit


Polarean, Inc. launched in 2012, after securing all assets and intellectual property for hyperpolarized gas MRI from GE Healthcare. Located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, Polarean designs and manufactures equipment for production of hyperpolarized xenon or helium gas. When used in conjunction with MRI, these gases offer a fundamental...

The Immune Response Corporation

The Immune Response Corporation (OTCBB: IMNR.OB) is an immuno-pharmaceutical company focused on developing products to treat autoimmune and infectious diseases. The Company’s lead immune-based therapeutic product candidates are NeuroVax™ for the treatment of MS and IR103 for the treatment of HIV infection. Both of these therapies are in Phase II clinical development and are designed to stimula...

ApoCell, Inc

ApoCell, Inc. is a biomarker discovery and development company dedicated to accelerating drug development and predicting patient response to improve the quality of treatment decisions for patients with life-threatening diseases.


BryoLogyx is developing a new class of drugs to enhance the response rates and treatment durability of cancer immunotherapies and anti-HIV agents. The company’s initial focus is on cancer, where it capitalizing on two recent scientific advances: the discovery that a complex natural product, bryostatin, stimulates tumor antigen production to amplify the ...

Molecular Response LLC

Molecular Response is a leader in advancing targeted therapeutics through intelligently designed, clinically validated companion diagnostics. Our goal is to reduce risk and cost of therapeutic drug development for our partners by translating clinically relevant molecular response marker data into high-value knowledge while fully integrated into existing ...

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