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ImmunoGen, Inc.

ImmunoGen, Inc. develops targeted anticancer therapeutics using its expertise in cancer biology, monoclonal antibodies and the creation and attachment of potent cell-killing agents. The Company’s TAP technology uses antibodies to deliver one of ImmunoGen’s proprietary cancer-cell killing agents specifically to tumor targets. In addition to the Co...


ImmunoGen, Inc. develops pharmaceuticals, primarily for the treatment of cancer. The Company's product candidates arecalled tumor-activated prodrugs ("TAPs") and are based on its proprietary immunoconjugate technology platform. Unlike conventional chemotherapeutic agents, TAPs are intended to deliver potent chemotherapy specifically to a tumor. Each TAP immunoconjugate comprises a small-molecule d...

Art of Possibility Studios

Art of Possibility Studios is the only for-profit art publishing and licensing brand exclusively representing physically disabled artists whose work represents hope, opportunity and transcendence over adversity. Founded by award-winning blind painter Ketra Oberlander, the agency locates and develops art and artists who seek to share their work and experiences with others to uplift, encourage and i...

Canyon Ranch Institute

Canyon Ranch Institute (CRI) is a non-profit organization that catalyzes the possibility of optimal health for all people by translating the best practices of Canyon Ranch and our partners to help educate, inspire, and empower every person to prevent disease and embrace a life of wellness. Canyon Ranch Institute and our partners believe in the power and possibility of a healthy world. More informa...

Turnaround Management Association

Coagulation Diagnostics Incorporated

Coagulation Diagnostics, Inc. (CDI) develops proprietary diagnostic tests for hypercoagulability, or the tendency to form blood clots. The primary applications for the Company's diagnostic tests include monitoring of novel anticoagulants, assessing the risk of acute myocardial infarction, diagnosing possible reactivation of ischemia, and assessing the risk of clotting following invasive cardiovasc...

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Triangle Economic Research

TER is a nationally recognized economic research firm founded in 1994.TER provides a variety of economic research services related to environmental issues. Drawing upon a wide array of skills and experience in econometrics, applied economics, and survey design and administration, TER provides research services for diverse projects. TER has more experience in assessing natural resource damages than...

DySIS Colposcopy

The DySIS colposcope differs from traditional colposcopes by measuring the cervical epithelium automatically, producing a map of the cervix which assists the clinician with assessing the cervix, identifying biopsy locations and performing treatment if needed.

Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology, Inc. (APT

Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology, Inc. (APT) is a consulting firm that specializes in assessing the pharmacological and toxicological effects of chemicals on living systems.

Industrial Research Limited - UK

IRL Biopharm is a highly skilled contract manufacturing business focused on developing and manufacturing novel secondary metabolites for our growing number of biotech and pharma clients around the globe.The majority of our clients are US-based innovative biotech/pharma companies.The company had focused over the past two years on developingand manufacturing toxic molecules for attachment to tumour-...


PSYCHOLOGIX® is a research organization formed in 1985. Goals of the company, then and now, are to develop advanced technologies for assessing psychological abilities and to apply these technologies in developing drugs, nutraceutical products, and behavioral techniques for improving psychological performance.

Immunitor Corporation Co., Ltd

Immunitor Corporation Co., Ltd., is the first private biotech company formed in Thailand Technology developed by Immunitor allows to formulate any desired immunogen or antigen as an oral tablet.Such antigens are formulated into an ordinary appearing pill in such a way that they can withstand the digestive degradation in the stomach but are capable to trigger immune response once pr...


Sygertech helps ambitious executives take their technology ventures to the next level. We tackle critical challenges where external analysis, fresh insights and fast turnaround have the biggest impact on performance.Since our inception in 1992, we have w

Debiopharm Group

Debio 025 is an oligopeptide that has some chemical features in common with cyclosporine A, but is devoid of its immunosuppressive pharmacological effects. It has a very potent inhibitory effect on HCV replication both in vitro and in vivo. Debio 025 has excellent antiviral activity against a broad range of genotypes (1, 2, 3 and 4); a high barrier to the development of resistance; and the pos...

Biomonitoring Info

What: An expert specializing in communications to the general public on the scientific techniques for assessing and interpreting the significance of human exposure to natural and synthetic chemicals is available to provide comment and analysis on the upcoming report on biomonitoring by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For information o...


Daxor Corporation is an innovatove medical instrumentation and biotechnology companyDaxor designed and developed by the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer. It is the first instrument approved by the FDA to provide rapid direct measurement of a patient's trie blood volume. We believe that the BVA-100 Blood volume Analyzer has the potential to transform therapy in a broad range iof surgical and medical c...

Optikos Corporation

Optikos is an optical engineering firm that provides innovative applications of optical technology to a range of government, commercial and consumer organizations worldwide. The Company provides design and manufacturing services for optically-based product development as well as metrology products and services for assessing the performance of lenses and ca...

Spectral Data Services, Inc.

Spectral Data Services, Inc. was founded in 1985, in order to provide rapid, first class NMR data acquisition capabilities and data analysis to industrial, university, and governmental clients who either do not have modern Fourier transform NMR spectrometers, or who are plagued by extremely long in-house turnaround times, or who require strict adherence to Federal regulations.We have capabilities ...

Select Biosciences LLC

Select Biosciences provides focussed market reports, custom consultancy, training courses and conferences to the biomedical marketplace. Our staff have many years of experience in analyzing cutting edge technologies and assessing their role in biotech and pharmaceutical markets. Both established companies and start-ups can benefit from our experience. Select Biosciences is the ideal partner to fi...

Biocare Medical LLC

Biocare Medical LLC is an innovator in developing and supplying world class automated immunohistochemistry instrumentation, and the full range of reagents for IHC lab testing. Biocare is the market leader in simultaneous multiplex stain IHC and antibody cocktail development which solves difficult clinical problems and accelerates turnaround time.

TeleHealth Solutions

TeleHealth Solutions supports every aspect of adding or enhancing telemedicine programs for healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices. The experts at TeleHealth Solutions serve as a vendor-agnostic collaborative partner for organizations implementing a new telehealth network, assessing opportunities, updating technology, leveraging exi...


ValveXchange, Inc. is an emerging technology company based in Colorado. Calling itself "The Lifetime Tissue Valve Company." ValveXchange® is developing the first-of-its-kind "serviceable" bioprosthetic heart valve. By offering the possibility of periodic, minimally invasive exchange of the worn-out leaflet set, young and physically active patients ca...

Elemental Analysis, Inc

Elemental Analysis Inc. is a privately held company and is affiliated with our sister company, Element Analysis Corp (EAC), which provided industry with the first commercially dedicated PIXE laboratory in the world. EAI was started due to the recognition and increasing requests by clients to provide lower limits of detection and higher levels of accuracy without compromising customer service and t...

BioSignia, Inc

We Serve the Healthcare IndustryWe recognize physicians and healthcare professionals as caring and dedicated individuals who use their knowledge and special skills to promote and help maintain good health. Our services augment these efforts by assessing chronic disease health risks in individuals while promoting awareness, proactive intervention and motivation. We partner globally with healthcare ...

AlixPartners LLP

AlixPartners LLP is a global business-advisory firm offering comprehensive services in four major areas: enterprise improvement, turnaround and restructuring, financial-advisory services and information-management services. The firm has more than 900 professionals and 15 offices around the world, and can be found on the Web at

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