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N of One: Autism Research Foundation

N of One: Autism Research Foundation was founded in 2014, with a mission to facilitate and sponsor breakthrough autism medical research. N of One emphasizes research that treats the observations of parents and doctors as potential clues to how autism works. Founder, John Rodakis, a Harvard MBA with a background in molecular biology, is a parent of an autistic ...

Nuvo Group

Founded in 2006 by Oren Oz, Nuvo Group, Inc., is comprised of full-time parents, who also happen to be internationally recognized engineers, award-winning designers, and entrepreneurs. Nuvo creates and manufactures innovative developmental products that are designed to create shared experiences between parents and their children. Acclaimed for using imaginative designs, cutting-edge technologies, ...

Becoming Parents Program, Inc.

Seattle-based Becoming Parents Program, Inc. ( (BPP) is a private organization committed to translating promising research into practical tools to strengthen the health and stability of families. Founded in 2005 by University of Washington professor and nurse researcher Pamela Jordan, PhD, RN, the organization’s programs equip ...

L-Nutra, Inc.

L-Nutra’s team of researchers and collaborators are leaders in the field of nutrition related to longevity and healthspan. L-Nutra has the exclusive rights from the University of Southern California to market ProLon® and other FMD®s, which mimic and enhance the effects of fasting, unleash the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself, and promot...

As the Facebook for caregivers, lets those caring for aging parents communicate with each other and get the information they need to take care of their elderly parents. For more information, visit

Elixir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Elixir is a pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel pharmaceuticals for the treatment of metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. Elixir's scientific founders determined that modulation of specific genes can slow the aging process and increase longevity. Elixir is developing small molecule drugs that mim...

Juvenescence Limited

Juvenescence Limited is an investment company focussed on therapies to increase human longevity and complementary investments in related sectors. It was founded in 2017 by Jim Mellon, Greg Bailey,Declan Doogan, Anthony Chow, and Alexander Pickett. The Juvenescence team are highly experienced entrepreneurs and investors with a significant focus on the life ...

Stanford Center on Longevity

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

Institutional Longevity Markets Association (ILMA)

Gryphon House, Inc.

Gryphon House, Inc., is an award-winning publisher of resource books for parents and teachers of children from birth through age eight. Developmentally appropriate and easy to use, Gryphon House books provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to bring the joy of learning to young children. To learn more, or to check out the entire collec...

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Relate for Parents

Northeast PANS/PANDAS Parents Association

The Northeast PANS/PANDAS Parent Association is a group of parents living in the northeast whose children are living with PANS/PANDAS. The Association is focused on raising awareness of PANS/PANDAS in their community and beyond, to support the medical community in their mission to heal children suffering from PANS/PANDAS, to look for ways to expand the med...

Those Picked Last

Those Picked Last Foundation was created to educate and bring together parents, children, clinicians (psychologists, nutritionists, nurses), educators, politicians, and businesses in open forums to discuss the challenges of adolescent and childhood obesity. Those Picked Last believes that the Clinicians do not care about the politics of Obesity, the Politicians do not understand the science of Obe...

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)


ParentLink is dedicated to helping educators increase student achievement through superior school-to-home communication technology. ParentLink has exclusively served the K-12 market for over 20 years, providing schools with the technology needed to link principals, teachers, parents, students and the community together through our web portal and messaging services. Every week, thousands of educato...

Caregiver Action Network

The Caregiver Action Network is the nation’s leading family caregiver organization working to improve the quality of life for the more than 90 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the frailties of old age. CAN serves a broad spectrum of family caregivers ranging from the parents of children with ...


Citibabes ( is the leading family lifestyle brand offering best-in-class education, amenities, information, and family membership clubs in SoHo and Scarsdale, NY. Their goal is to be the ultimate resource for modern families by providing a nurturing and dynamic environment where children and adults can flourish together. By giving parents access to top notch parenting informati...

Vitalyze Me

For savvy individuals seeking guidance and results in regaining performance, youthfulness and longevity, Vitalyze Me empowers them through unparalleled, customized care via teleconsults with a team of top anti-aging and regenerative medical experts 24/7.


RevGenetics is focused on providing and developing the highest quality science-based small molecule supplements for the general public. Its products are designed to activate specific genes, resulting in anti-aging and longevity benefits.

Charles & Phyllis Newman Foundation

The Newman Foundation supports programs of National and International significance that promote medical research and discovery in humans and animals that add to the quality of life and longevity of their lives.

HealthMedica Inc.

Founded by technology inventor and health science innovator Nathan Sassover, HealthMedica Inc. and its evolving Longevity Medical Centers unify Age Intervention Medicine™ and evidence-based personalized programs within a physician administered clinical setting.

Health & Wellness Channel

Health & Wellness Channel is the only one-stop television cable outlet for all things life, love and longevity™ to begin airing first quarter 2012.

Bioclues is a non-profit organization Of, By, and For the Bioinformaticians in India. It aims at bringing together research scientists interested in Bioinformatics, the inter- and multi- disciplinary science to understand biological systems at the molecular and cellular level using informatics and computational algorithms, approaches, and models.The principal goals and driving force for Biolcues a...

Ethno Botanical Resources Ltd

Parents would give anything to help and see their child's hair return. Unfortunately all too often the first visit to the GP can lead to tears, it seems that most GP's are inadequately prepared to cope with children's AA cases, they would dismiss the sufferer with "your hair will grow back" or at worst possible scenario will look at them as time wasters. In a few cases would tell the parents "buy ...

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