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Q Chip Ltd

Q Chip was formed in 2003 to exploit breakthrough microparticle and microfluidic technologies developed at Cardiff University. The company has rapidly established itself as one of the leading developers of delivery systems for the new advanced therapeutics of the post-Genomics age. These systems revolve around proprietary PolyQules, combining drug with polymer to form solid microparticles which ca...


Dolomite is a world leader in microfluidic applications. We work with instrument manufacturers around the world providing the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices and microfluidic based instruments and systems. The company was formed to bring together experts in microfluidics, automated flow-chemistry, instrument design and product development and has its headquarters in Royston (near Ca...

Hesperos, Inc.

Hesperos, Inc, is a leader in efforts to characterize an individual’s biology with human-on-a-chip microfluidic systems. Founders Michael L. Shuler and James J. Hickman have been at the forefront of every major scientific discovery in this realm, from individual organ-on-a-chip constructs to fully functional, interconnected multi-organ systems. With a...

RAN Biotechnologies

Based in Beverly, MA, USA, RAN Biotechnologies, Inc.,, provides chemicals specially optimized for microfluidic and biotechnological applications. Particularly, RAN Biotechnologies provides materials and solutions, such as fluorosurfactants and surface coatings, for microfluidic applications. RAN Biotechnologies is also developing...

Blue Chip Patient Recruitment

Blue Chip Patient Recruitment, a specialized practice of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, is a global, full-service strategic marketing patient recruitment and retention agency dedicated to accelerating clinical trial enrollment. For more than 20 years, Blue Chip Patient Recruitment has integrated its scientific approach to clinical trials with ...

Purigen Biosystems, Inc.

Purigen Biosystems is redefining nucleic acid sample preparation with an innovative platform based on the highly efficient isotachophoresis technology invented by Juan Santiago, PhD, and his team at Stanford University. Purigen’s automated benchtop instrumentation and accompanying microfluidic chip purifies and quantitates nucleic acid samples from a ...

Chip Supply, Inc.

Chip Supply is a global provider of semiconductor die and specialized packaging solutions for military, space, medical, and high-reliability industrial applications. Offering a complete range of interconnect solutions, spanning bare die and wafer processing, complementary engineering and test services, advanced and custom packaging via SiliconPlus(TM), and obsolescence management, Chip Supply is T...

Caliper Technologies Corporation

Caliper is a leader in lab-on-a-chip technologies. We develop, manufacture and sell our proprietary LabChip® systems to pharmaceutical and other companies. We believe our LabChip systems can assemble the power of entire laboratories full of equipment and people. Our LabChip systems miniaturize, integrate and automate many laboratory processes, and put them on a chip that can fit in the palm of a ...

Microfluidic Systems

Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide (, this year celebrating its 30th anniversary, is an independent, full-service global marketing agency that delivers results by uniting brands to sales for clients in the retail, healthcare and branding sectors. Named to the Crain’s Fast Fifty and Promo 100 for the past two years, Blue C...

Silicon Biosystems

Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A. is based in Bologna, Italy and has developed a set of proprietary solutions called lab-on-a-chip technologies, targeted at miniaturized cell-biology testing. Silicon Biosystems is one of the most innovative start-ups in the field of "lab-on-a-chip," based on active substrates, as testified by a number of awards and recognitions. ...

DNA Microarray (Genome Chip)

Welcome to the DNA Microarray (Genome Chip) Web site! This simple, printer-friendly site has been created and maintained by Leming Shi, Ph.D. You'll find the basics on DNA microarray technology and a list of academic and industrial links related to this exciting new technology. Your comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. Please help me make this site more useful to you and many other ...

GeneQuest Diagnostics™

GeneQuest Diagnostics™ provides state-of-the-art analysis of DNA based forensic and paternity procedures.We are in the process of developing chip (Gene Chip™) and micro array (Gene Array™) based genotyping methodologies for use in clinical and diagnostic molecular genetics as well as expression level screening for oncology-based genetic markers and related GeneQuest onco marker systems

Chip-Man Technologies Ltd

Chip-man Technolgies was formed in 2002 from researchers from the University of Tampere, Technical University of Tampere and the Finnish Research Organisation, VTT. The founders combined expertise to produce practical solutions for the real time analysis of living cells and tissue models for biomedical research. The first product resulting from this collaboration is Cell IQ, a system biology platf...

Indee Labs

Indee Labs is developing hardware for gene delivery using microfluidic vortex shedding (µVS).

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Chip Wilson

Epic Sciences, Inc.

Epic Sciences, Inc. ( is a privately held diagnostics company committed to improving cancer management by providing easily accessible and real-time biopsy material to guide personalized medicine. Epic is founded on a powerful platform to identify and characterize rare cells including circulating tumor cells (“CTCs”). Epic is ...


GeneFluidics was incorporated in 2000 to develop a fast, accurate, and simple testing system for improving worldwide health. By integrating novel bionano and microfluidic technologies, the Company's revolutionary platform will enable complex tests that are currently performed by skilled technicians in a laboratory to be performed by anyone, anywhere

The Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission

Rheonix, Inc.

Rheonix has created a powerful microfluidic platform for the evolving molecular diagnostics industry. This system incorporates low cost disposable Rheonix CARD™ technology to analyze single or multiple clinical raw samples. The Rheonix CARD™ system provides multiplexed endpoint analysis and can be rapidly customized for a wide breadth of diagnost...

Immunicon Corporation

Immunicon is developing and commercializing diagnostic and research products for rare cell analysis and molecular research, with an initial focus on cancer. Our instruments and reagents are used to capture, count and characterize rare cells including circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in cancer patients or circulating endothelial cells (CECs), which are elevated in a variety of diseases. Our goal is t...

RareCyte Inc.

RareCyte is a life science research and diagnostic development company focused on characterizing and isolating rare cells in the blood. RareCyte is dedicated to bringing its innovative technology to the Life Sciences research, drug development, and diagnostic markets providing new tools to answer difficult questions related to cancer and cardiovascular dis...

FIAlab Instruments

Flow Injection Analysis is an analytical technique based on microfluidic manipulation of samples and reagents. Samples are injected into a carrier/reagent solution which transports the sample zone into a detector while desired (bio)chemical reactions take place. Detector response (absorbance, fluorescence, mass spectra, etc) yield a calibration curve quantifying the target analyte

dorsaVi Ltd

dorsaVi Ltd (ASX: DVL) is an ASX company focused on developing innovative motion analysis device technologies for use in clinical practice, elite sports, and occupational health and safety. dorsaVi believes its wearable sensor technology enables – for the first time – many aspects of detailed human movement and position to be accurately captured,...

Hurel Corporation

Hurel Corporation is the world leader in developing microfluidic, multi-tissue cell cultures and assay platforms which provide in vitro alternatives to animal testing while offering improved human-relevance of toxicological and metabolic prediction to scientists in the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics, consumer products and industrial products industries. More information is available at http:/...

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