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Glow Habit

Glow Habit is a wellness and beauty company designed to support a healthy lifestyle and beauty routine. Glow Habit’s collection of vegan gummy supplements include key quality ingredients that support wellness for your hair, skin, sleep and digestion. Glow Habit’s debut collection includes: Good Skin Habit, Sleep Well Habit, Happy Hair Habit and Probiotic Habit, and starts at $9 for a mo...


Simple Habit

Simple Habit makes reducing stress as easy as five minutes per day. Busy people rely on short meditations and audio therapy sessions from world-class experts to reduce daily stress. With more than 1,500 sessions based on situations like sleeping, morning anxiety, and getting over a breakup, Simple Habit offers a practical solution for modern lifestyles. Fo...

Habit Changer

Habit Changer is a set of online programs that is recognized by third party experts and designed to help participants, from all walks of life—different age groups, incomes and lifestyles—recognize the underlying behavior of their bad habits and work to replace them with good behavior.

Signal Patterns

Signal Patterns develops social web applications that characterize and connect users to each other based on their interests, personality and preferences. With these scientific-based applications, consumers can discover more about themselves and make valuable connections to like-minded individuals, while publishers, advertisers and social networks can increase their own user engagement. Signal ...

Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling

The Binge Eating & Compulsive Overeating Workbook


WellRight delivers complete corporate wellness programs that address the six key dimensions of holistic health: physical, emotional, financial, social, occupational, and purpose. The program is easy to access via the WellRight online portal, smartphone apps (both Android and iOS), or text messaging, with integrations available for most wearables, fitness apps, ..., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, is throwing a VIP Party at their partner Dave & Busters on August 12th to Kick-Off their 5K Run & Walk Fundraiser at Philadelphia Zoo on August 27(th) 2011

Biomics, LLC

Biomics develops software for identifying interesting patterns in complex data. Its core proprietary techniques are designed to be as general as possible, allowing their application to data drawn from diverse domains, including biomedicine, engineering, finance, and web/text content. The particular expertise of Biomics is the sophisticated analysis of biological data. The company is currently focu...

Arlington Medical Resources

AMR's Hospital Anti-Infectives Insight Series: Gram-Negative Infections analyzes hospital antifungal prescribing patterns using AMR's comprehensive and highly detailed clinical data in conjunction with primary research and extensive understanding of emerging therapies and forecasts. This report contains U.S. data and examines the reasons behind physicians' product preferences, factors driving hosp...

Leman Micro Devices

Founded in 2010, Leman Micro Devices (LMD) is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the heart of the “Health Valley” and close to EPFL University and major phone sensor companies. Funded by Business Angels, Venture Capital, and two major players in the smartphone sector, the ISO 13485 certified company’s first product is a unique sensor and software ...

Wellstar International

Trillennium Medical Imaging (TMI) provides functional imaging systems through the use of infrared detection. This technology blends proprietary software with a highly durable and fully calibrated thermal detection device to record variances in body temperature. Infrared thermal imaging is a non-invasive, imaging procedure involving the detection and recording of skin thermal patterns, providing v...

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Chemie-Kontor GmbH

Chemie-Kontor GmbH trades with chemical specialities for customers in Pharma-, Agro-, Cosmetics and Nutrition Industries and offers a broad range of services. Chemie-Kontor GmbH is agent for: Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH&Co.KG, Biovian, Chemilyl, Inovalab AG, Micronisierungs-Kontor-Oberrot GmbH, Pharma-Quick-Development AG PQD, SP-Chemicals GmbH, Symrise GmbH & Co. KG, Synkem

Humana IT Support.

Welcome to Humana IT Support. The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to you. We've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products and service

GMP Genetics

GMP Conversion Technology™ is a diploid to haploid sample preparation process that separates genes into two differing natural forms as inherited from each parent. Published studies suggest that genetic testing on haploid samples detects abnormalities associated with certain hereditary diseases nearly 100% of the time

Founded by Vanity Fair Contributing Editor, Kate Reardon, is a community website featuring user-generated content. It allows people to post their problems and others to suggest solutions - it's a direct backlash against all those up-tight, celebrity lifestyle gurus who can't remember the last time they did their own laundry.

The Quit Company

Based in Greenwich, Conn., The Quit Company, LLC develops products designed to help people quit smoking for good, based on behavioral modification principles of quitting smoking. Quit Tea is an herbal supplement intended to help replace the habit of smoking with drinking herbal tea by temporarily supporting willpower, detoxifying the body, improving lung h...


We become what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act but a habit!” -Aristotle, 384-322 BC, Greek Philosopher I want to thank you for visiting our web site. My name is Ted Roman and my company is Roman Financial Advisors. I am a fee-only personal advisor with over 15 years experience, actively serving the financial needs of middle America. My professional designations include Cer...

Push Doctor

Push Doctor was the UK's first platform to offer video consultations with patients online and via smartphone.


Kick-started in 1987, Delmer has been offering innovative and unbeatable solutions in the field of E-weighing. Since 1995, Delmer is manufacturing 100% indigenous E-weighing scalesA true multi-product Company, DELMER caters to extensive market sectors and has collaborated with various international companies like Bizerba, Otec, DPS - Promatic and Austik. An accelerating customer base of over 50,00...

Lanza Group, LLC

Lanza Group LLC is an Atlanta-based Hispanic marketing, public relations and events firm that provides bi-cultural marketing solutions--connecting marketers to Hispanics throughout the United States and beyond. Lanza Group produces Atlanta's official Cinco de Mayo celebration - Fiesta Atlanta, as well as Fiesta Georgia - Georgia's Hispanic Heritage Month kick-off celebration as well as the HABLA a...

LabStyle Innovations Corp.

LabStyle Innovations Corp. is developing and commercializing a patent-pending technology that is seeking to bring laboratory testing capabilities to consumers in a distinctive, easy to use and affordable way through the use of smartphones such as iPhones. LabStyle’s initial product is Dario™, a stylish, easy-to-use device and software system t...


Cangrade’s team of psychologists analyzed the personality, skills, motivation and performance of over 200,000 employees from over 500 companies and developed a breakthrough platform to organize, track and evaluate your candidates, collaborate with co-workers, set-up intelligent hiring criteria and use it all on your computer, smartphone or tablet. ...

Stealth Peptides Inc.

Stealth has a rich and promising pipeline of preclinical and clinical compounds from a unique class of short peptides (500–700 Daltons each) that target mitochondria. Published, peer–reviewed data for these compounds suggest significant in vitro and in vivo efficacy for metabolic, ophthalmologic, neurologic and cardio–renal related diseases....

Vantage Health, Inc.

Vantage Health Inc. - a leading mobile health technology company - is developing personalized and point-of-care screening using Apps based upon chemical sensing residing within a small device attached to a smartphone.

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