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Macrolide Pharmaceuticals

Macrolide Pharmaceuticals focuses on the discovery and development of novel macrolide antibiotics for the treatment of life-threatening bacterial infections caused by drug resistant pathogens. Using novel technology, Macrolide Pharmaceuticals can synthesize a broad range of macrolides, and initial compounds show promising anti-bacterial activity. The compa...

Athelas SA

Athelas is a drug discovery company developing a novel class of drugs to treat bacterial infectious diseases. Contrary to conventional antibiotics, Athelas’ drugs treat bacterial infections by targeting mechanisms that are essential for bacterial colonization, invasion and survival only when bacteria are within the host’ environment. "

Entasis Therapeutics Inc.

Entasis Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of innovative cures for serious drug-resistant bacterial infections, a global health crisis affecting the lives of millions of patients. Our deep pipeline of novel clinical and preclinical antibacterial programs is designed to revolutionize the way physicians treat serious bacterial diseases.

GangaGen, Inc.

GangaGen, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development of proprietary, bacteriophage-based products for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections, particularly infections that are resistant to antibiotics, through the application of contemporary molecular and clinical sciences. The Company's bacteriophage, both natural and engineered, can be applied broadly to kill bacteri...

Protez Pharmaceuticals

Protez Pharmaceuticals develops new antibiotics to combat the growing problem of drug resistance, as well as agents that improve the efficacy of current antibiotics.Our focus is difficult-to-treat hospital-based infections. In the United States alone, over eight million people are hospitalized with bacterial infections each year, accounting for greater then 90 million days of therapy. Many of thes...


Based in Longmont, Colorado, and privately held MicroPhage, Inc. is working to be a global leader in developing rapid diagnostics products for bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility/resistance testing. Using its proprietary Bacteriophage Amplification platform, the Company has developed a patented process that is a product platform for rapi...

AmpliPhi Biosciences Corporation

AmpliPhi Biosciences Corporation is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative anti-bacterial solutions to improve human health through the application of its proprietary bacteriophage platform. The Company’s lead product development programs are targeting gram negative bacterial infections that are often resistant to existing ...

Telephus Medical LLC

Telephus Medical, located in San Diego, California, is developing a suite of monoclonal antibody products designed to neutralize key staphylococcal enzymes used to attach to host tissues, replicate and evade immune attack. These enzymes, are central components of the bacterial machinery staphylococci utilize to invade host tissues, evade the immune respons...

Insmed Incorporated

Insmed Incorporated is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of patients battling serious lung diseases. Insmed is focused on the development and commercialization of ARIKACE®, or liposomal amikacin for inhalation, for at least two identified orphan patient populations: CF patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections and p...

Procarta Biosystems

Procarta Biosystems is developing a new class of DNA-based therapeuticals, snare™ antibacterials, capable of combating drug-resistant bacterial infections. snare™ antibacterials act on novel genomic targets by capturing key regulatory proteins to block essential bacterial genes and defeat infection. Procarta is creating an extensive pipeline to tackle some of the most challenging b...

Basilea Pharmaceutica AG

Basilea Pharmaceutica AG is an independent biopharmaceutical company actively engaged in the discovery and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of bacterial infections, fungal infections and skin diseases associated with high unmet medical needs. Basilea focuses its resources and capabilities on the discovery, development and eventual marketing of innovative medicines. The company is ...

Special Phage Services

Few inventions in science and medicine have had such a profound effect on human health as the discovery and subsequent development of antibiotics. Following their introduction during World War II many dreaded infectious diseases such as diphtheria, pneumonia, syphilis, and tuberculosis disappeared almost overnight. However all is not well with the antibiotics story. The bacterial pathogens are f...


Discuva aims to revolutionise the treatment of disease caused by bacterial infection by discovering and developing new antibiotics against highly drug-resistant pathogens. The company’s innovative proprietary technologies both identify new small molecule drugs against novel bacterial targets and facilitate their progression through to drug candidates ...

International Association of Fire Fighters

Allecra Therapeutics GmbH

Allecra Therapeutics Allecra is a biopharmaceutical company established in 2013 focussed on the development of novel treatments to combat multi drug-resistant bacterial infections. Allecra’s Mission Allecra’s mission is to contribute towards the global effort to combat antibiotic resistance by developing new treatments which overcome emerging resistance mechanisms thereby saving ...

AmpliPhi BioSciences Corporation

AmpliPhi Biosciences Corporation (AmpliPhi) is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative antibacterial solutions to improve human health through the application of its proprietary bacteriophage platform. Our lead product development programs target Gram negative bacterial infections that are often resistant to existing antibiotic treatments. They include BioPhage-PA f...

Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association

International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

nanoMR Inc.

nanoMR is an early stage life sciences company developing novel diagnostic systems for rapid and sensitive identification of pathogens in whole blood and other samples. nanoMR’s system couples immunochemistry with analytical methods such as PCR or DNA hybridization to identify bacterial and fungal infections at clinically-relevant levels. The company...

NovaCal Pharmaceuticals, Inc

NovaCal Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a new class of compounds: The Aganocideâ„¢ compounds. They are novel, safe and effective non-antibiotic antimicrobial molecules. Our goals are two-fold: 1) to reduce the threat of hospital-based infections, and 2) to provide better treatments for conditions where current therapies are not effective. The Aganocideâ...


GlycoVaxyn is developing a broad portfolio of novel conjugate vaccines against common severe bacterial infections based on its unique, proprietary in-vivo glycosylation platform. With this platform, the company can develop and produce immunogenic glycoproteins in a simplified biological process that circumvents many of the difficulties involved in current ...

Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Lupin is one of the world's largest manufacturers of drugs that combat tuberculosis,bacterial infections,and cardiovascular disease.Our portfolio of drugs, manufactured in global-scale USFDA and UKMCA approved plants,also includes NSAIDS,Cox2 inhibitors and herbal-based phytomedicines.

UTILITY therapeutics Ltd

UTILITY is focused on developing and commercialising antibiotics in the US, to address the significant threat faced by healthcare systems and patients from multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. The World Health Organisation has stated that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today.

Paratek Pharmaceuticals

Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is engaged in the discovery and commercialization of new therapeutics that treat serious and life-threatening diseases, with a particular focus on the growing worldwide problem of antibiotic resistance. Paratek is advancing novel compounds that can circumvent or block bacterial resistance involving technology initially developed by Paratek co-founder Dr. Stuart Levy's...

ICN Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

ICN Pharmaceuticals distributes and sells a broad range of prescription (or "ethical") and OTC pharmaceutical and nutritional products in over 90 countries. These pharmaceutical products treat viral and bacterial infections, diseases of the skin, neuromuscular disorders, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and psychiatric disorders.

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