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De Dutch Vaccines Group (DVG

De Dutch Vaccines Group (DVG) is de belangenvereniging voor de vaccin industrie in Nederland. De DVG is meer dan een belangenvereniging alleen. Bedrijven, Instellingen en onderzoeksgroepen vormen het "vaccin" netwerk de DVG. Onze insteek is: bundel de krachten en doe dat waar je goed in bent.

Synergys Biotherapeutics

Synergys is an early stage company developing multifunctional anti-vascularization antibody drugs targeting VEGF-alternative pathways. The Company’s most advanced product candidate, Anti-EGFR‐TAP (SYN001) was derived from its platform technology termed A‐TAP (Antibody-Targeted Anti-Vascularization Payload). SYN001 is currently in preclinical ...

Centre québécois d'innovation en biotechnologie

Le Centre québécois d'innovation en biotechnologie (CQIB), un organisme privé sans but lucratif fondé en 1995, est un incubateur d'entreprises spécialisé en biotechnologie. Accompagner, Innover, Développer, tel est notre métier. Accompagner les entreprises en démarrage, qui portent vers les marchés des technologies innovantes, contribuant ainsi au développement de la nouvelle économie.


SBL Vaccines (SBL) is a Swedish registered company with in-house research, development and manufacturing capabilities, marketing our specialist vaccines internationally. A complete vaccine portfolio sourced from global vaccine companies is marketed in the Nordic region by our distribution division based in Stockholm.Our core product Dukoral is an oral vaccine that protects against cholera and trav...

World of Health Biotech Co.Ltd

Anti HBV Specific Active Immunotherapy (Anti HBV Therapeutic Vaccine) using recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (standard HBV vaccine) as an immunogenic specific antigen and several cytokines as an immune adjuvant is a new antiviral approach for chronic HBV infection. The first and most critical setp in the design of an anti HBV therapeutic vaccine is the selection of the specific antigens that will b...

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Applied DNA Sciences Inc.

Applied DNA is a provider of molecular technologies that enable supply chain security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and DNA mass production for diagnostics and therapeutics.


CytoGenix, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and markets innovative compounds and services based on its proprietary gene regulating technology. CytoGenix has products in pre-clinical development including an antimicrobial compound, DNA vaccines and, anti-herpes, anti-psoriasis and anti-inflammatory topical creams. The Company has also developed a cell free process for synthesizing ...

eb5 Corporation

A family-owned business dating back more than a century, eb5 Corporation introduced its popular “five creams in one” anti-wrinkle cream in the 1960’s. More than five decades later, the company is a leading provider of highly effective and affordable anti-aging solutions for men and women. eb5 is headquartered in Portland, OR, and can be foun...

Helix BioMedix, Inc

Helix BioMedix, Inc. was founded in 1988 with the mission of developing and commercializing small proteins known as bioactive-peptides. We are headquartered in Bothell, Washington and shares of our common stock trade over-the-counter under the symbol “HXBM.OB”. We have developed a proprietary library containing a broad and diverse array of synthetic bioactive peptides. Our patent estate covers...

Vida Labs

Vida means Life in Latin. The motto of the company is ‘Injecting Life into the hearts of people through innovative quality pharmaceutical products creating a healthier world to live' Vida Laboratories has its corporate office in Bangalore , which is the silicon valley of India . Vida Laboratories is formed by young entrepreneurs. It is a 100% export oriented company focusing primarily in Asia Pa...

Active Biotech AB (publ)

The Active Biotech of today originated from a research project at Pharmacia now known as the TTS project. In 1991, Pharmacia set up a new research facility in Lund to focus on this work. When Pharmacia merged with Upjohn in 1997, the Lund department was threatened with closure. This was when Active Biotech bought both the facility and the operations, including the 165 or so researchers. The resear...

Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm Co.,Ltd

Twisun pharm is a professional manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. We are specialized in R&D and custom manufacturing. Supported by our highly qualified team of professor and technicians, we have rich experience on a wide range of chemical reactions and fermentation from multi gram scale to hundred tons scale according to customers' requirement. Moreover, Our produ...

AlterG, Inc.

AlterG, Inc. manufactures and distributes the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, a revolutionary technology for rehabilitation and athletic training. AlterG is great for anyone who wants to reduce impact during exercise or have a smooth rehabilitation after surgery or injury, and is preferred and used by leading medical professionals and the world's best athletes and teams. AlterG's unique anti-gr...


Anavex Life Sciences Corp. ( ) is an emerging biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of novel drug targets for the treatment of cancer and neurological diseases. The company's proprietary SIGMACEPTOR(TM) Discovery Platform involves the rational drug design of compounds that fulfill specific criteria based on unmet market needs and new scientific advances....

Fountain Healthy Aging Inc

Fountain Healthy Aging is a company specifically focussed in the anti aging industry, which is one of the quickest growing industry sectors worldwide. We have a range of products targeted at the anti aging market, including our revolutionary flagship product Vitalife, which

AiCuris GmbH & Co.KG

"AiCuris (name derived from 'anti-infective cures') is a pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, research and development of novel antiviral and antibacterial agents for the treatment of severe and potentially life-threatening infectious diseases. AiCuris has its roots in Bayer's long history of successful anti-infective drugs. Spun out in 2006 AiCuris owns a broad portfolio of R&D progra...

Tetra Link International

Antibodies for ImmunohistochemistryOX-2 Antibodies (human, mouse, rat)rProtein L and rProtein LAanti-human, anti-mouse, and anti-rat OX-2 antibodies which play a role in immunomodulation. Several other immunomodulating antibodies against dendritic cells.

Lupin Limited

Lupin is an innovation led transnational pharmaceutical company developing and delivering a wide range of branded & generic formulations, biotechnology products and APIs globally. The Company is a significant player in the Cardiovascular, Diabetology, Asthma, Pediatric, CNS, GI, Anti-Infective and NSAID space and holds global leadership position in the Ant...

New You Magazine

New You is a national consumer magazine published quarterly by Miami Beach-based New You Publishing, LLC. It's mission is to inform readers about the latest cosmetic and anti-aging procedures available, to educate them about the issues of safety, cost and personal experience, and to help them locate the best cosmetic and anti-aging doctors. For more information visit:, or ...

Gibson Oncology, LLC

Gibson is a private oncology drug development company dedicated to bringing its novel, cost-effective, and very well-tolerated Indeno anti-cancer treatments to market. Gibson intends to develop these novel anti-cancer drugs in advanced-stage cancer patients as single agent and in combination treatments with both immunotherapy and targeted therapies.


Lpath, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, is a theranostics company focused on bioactive signaling lipids as targets for treating and diagnosing important human diseases. Lpath's lead product candidate, Sphingomab™, is a monoclonal antibody (mAb) against a validated cancer target, sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P), and has demonstrated compelling results against six different forms of sol...

Laval Lab

Laval Lab was founded in 1982.With its strong customer-oriented approach, Laval Lab commands attention as a central resource for advice regarding appropriate scientific instruments.Product Catalogue - Browse through our catalogue to find the product(s) of interest. Contact us for more details or a quotation.Laval Lab a été fondé en 1982.Distributeur d'instruments scientifiques, Laval Lab s'impo...

Splash Pharmaceuticals

Splash is a privately held company that is developing novel cancer therapies with a goal to provide dramatic and durable responses in many solid tumors. Splash has developed a pipeline of novel agents that target CD44 with demonstrated anti-angiogenic and anti-metastatic activity as well as synergistic cytotoxicity with other chemotherapy agents. Splash is...

Splash Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Splash is a privately held company that is developing novel cancer therapies with a goal to provide dramatic and durable responses in many solid tumors. Splash has developed a pipeline of novel agents that target CD44 with demonstrated anti-angiogenic and anti-metastatic activity as well as synergistic cytotoxicity with other chemotherapy agents. Splash is...

Bacterin International, Inc

Bacterin International develops novel anti-infective coatings based on proprietary knowledge of the physiological changes made by microbes as they sense and adapt to changes in their environment. We manufacture and license bioactive coatings for medical applications. As an early-stage, rapidly growing company, our current priorities are biofilm inhibition, drug delivery and anti-thrombotic factors...

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