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Gene Therapy Systems (GTS)

Gene Therapy Systems, Inc. (GTS) designs, develops and commercializes gene therapy products along with other molecular biological reagents for scientists specializing in gene therapy research. GTS is the only company in the biotechnology reagent business that primarily focuses on gene therapy related products.


ADVANCED CELL & GENE THERAPY, LLC, is a consulting firm serving biotechnology companies, clinical laboratories, and biotechnology investors. We provide practical, experienced guidance in development, GMP/GTP manufacturing, and regulatory compliance, as well as comprehensive scientific and technical strategic analysis of business opportunities in cell, gene and tissue therapies.

Cell Therapy Foundation

The Cell Therapy Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the treatment of disease using adult stem cells. Emerging as a leader in raising funds for adult stem cell research, Cell Therapy Foundation strives to increase awareness about adult stem cells, to fund adult stem cell research addressing several specific diseases, and to accelerate the rate of research and clini...

Cell Genesys

Cell Genesys is a leader in the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutic products for cancer based on gene therapy technologies. The company has a broad portfolio of clinical stage product development programs, the largest patent portfolio in the gene therapy field, proprietary gene delivery technologies, and a strong balance sheet, all of which have helped position Cell Genesy...


Cell Medica Limited

Cell Medica is a cellular therapeutics company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of T cell immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of infections and cancers related to oncogenic viruses. The Company’s lead cell product, CytovirTM CMV, for the treatment and prevention of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections in patients following al...

Karolinska Institute

The primary objectives of the European Society of Gene Therapy (ESGT) are to promote basic and clinical research in gene therapy, to promote education and the exchange of information and technology related to gene transfer and therapy and to serve as a professional adviser to the community and to the regulatory bodies in Europe.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Established in 2001, ACGT is the nation’s only nonprofit dedicated exclusively to funding cell and gene therapy research for all types of cancer. One hundred percent of contributions go directly to research. Since its inception, ACGT has funded some of the underlying science that has resulted in the formation of either licensing agreements or biotech ...

Myonexus Therapeutics

Myonexus Therapeutics is a clinical stage, rare disease gene therapy company developing first ever treatments for limb girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMDs) based on research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a leader in neuromuscular gene therapy discovery and translational research. Myonexus Therapeutics’ pipeline includes three clinical stage g...

VirRx, Inc.

VirRx, Inc., is a biotechnology company with a primary interest in cancer gene therapy. Its broad mission is to develop genetically modified "smart bomb" adenoviruses for use in treating human cancers. Adenoviruses are ubiquitous, benign viruses that are one of the causes of the common cold.VirRx scientists are experts on human adenoviruses, including construction of human adenovirus vectors for c...

RheoGene Inc

RheoGene is developing the RheoSwitch® Therapeutic System (RTS) for cell and gene therapy. RTS delivers therapeutic gene products in the patient to the right place, at the right time, and at the right dose. Despite advances in the understanding of the genetic and molecular basis of disease, there are no approved gene therapy products on the market today, in part because of the unmet need for effi...

Oxford BioMedica plc

Oxford BioMedica (LSE:OXB) is a leading gene and cell therapy group focused on developing life changing treatments for serious diseases. Oxford BioMedica and its subsidiaries (the "Group") have built a sector leading lentiviral vector delivery platform (LentiVector®), which the Group leverages to develop in vivo and ex vivo products both in-house and wi...


INHERINET (Gene Therapy of Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Inherited Diseases), an initiative founded by seven European research institutions, accumulates the expertise of biomedical scientists who have a strong background in the development of all platform technologies required for successful gene therapy:State-of -the-art design and production of retroviral and lentiviral gene transfer vectors Basi...


AVROBIO is a clinical stage company developing transformative ex-vivo gene therapies targeting cancer and rare diseases. The catalyst for creating AVROBIO is to accelerate scientific breakthroughs related to the convergence of cell and gene therapies. The patient’s own cells can be effectively modified to deliver novel genes to treat serious debilitat...

Vybion Inc.

Vybion is a development stage private company operating virtually by contracting work to laboratories that provide the best expertise for filling preclinical and/or clinical research needs. The Company is focused on neurodegenerative disease using a gene therapy approach for delivery of Intrabody genes subsequently made by the cell to which the gene is del...

Welgen Incorporation

Welgen, Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide the fastest, most reliable technology available for the construction of recombinant adenoviruses and other research tools. We are currently located in a facility managed by the Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative to foster the development of new biotechnology companies in Massachusetts. We are located in Worcester, the second largest city in New England,...

Blu Genes Foundation

Blu Genes Foundation was established to advance research in gene therapy for genetic disorders, offering hope where currently there is none. This need is the driving force behind Blu Genes Foundation’s mission. Gene therapy research takes dedicated time and funding support to bring treatments from bench to bedside.

Talee Bio, Inc.

Talee Bio is a development stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing gene therapy products for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. The company is developing two inhaled gene therapy drug candidates to treat all cystic fibrosis patients: TL-101, a recombinant AAV-based gene therapy, and TL-102, a lentivirus gene therapy. The company was founded by...

Vor Biopharma

Co-founded by PureTech Health (LSE: PRTC) and based on the pioneering work of Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., D.Phil, as well as Vor’s own intellectual property, Vor is developing a proprietary pipeline of best-in-class immunotherapies for patients. The Company is working with some of the world’s leading oncologists and immunologists including Hans-P...


Neurologix, Inc., a leader in the development of innovative therapies for the brain and central nervous system, utilizes gene therapy and other novel technologies. The central nervous system ("CNS") is a new and particularly exciting target for gene therapy because its unique properties prevent the successful treatment of many neurological disorders by conventional means such as drug therapy and s...

Louisiana Gene Therapy Research Consortium's

The Louisiana Gene Therapy Research Consortium is a partnership among Louisiana’s public and private health sciences centers including: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Centers in New Orleans and Shreveport, and Tulane University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.The Consortium was created by a visionary legislative task force which found that it was in Louisiana's best economic in...

REPLICor Incorporated

REPLICor is focused on discovering and developing a technology based upon the biological mechanisms of the initiation of DNA replication. Notwithstanding its focus, the company has access to a broadly applicable technology for the fields of gene therapy vectors, novel therapeutics and drug discovery tools. The company is currently working in three programs: i) Gene Therapy involving a platform tec...

SIRION Biotech International Inc.

SIRION Biotech International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIRION Biotech GmbH providing custom engineering and manufacturing services of viral vectors for the life sciences industry. Its unique focus on improving transduction efficiencies and safety make SIRION Biotech a valuable technology partner for gene and cell therapy trials. LentiBOOSTTM transduc...

Genprex, Inc.

Genprex, Inc. is a clinical stage gene therapy company developing a new approach to treating cancer, based upon a novel proprietary technology platform, including Genprex’s initial product candidate, Oncoprex™ immunogene therapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Genprex’s platform technologies are designed to administer cancer fighting genes ...

Viroblock SA

Viroblock is dedicated to developing and commercializing a new generation of anti-viral products with a novel mechanism of action against enveloped viruses. Enveloped viruses represent more than 60% of all existing viruses and include major human pathogens such as human and avian influenzas, the hepatitis B and C viruses and the AIDS virus.


MOLOGEN is specializing in selected areas of Molecular Medicine. Our areas of competence are gene expression, gene therapy and bioinformatics. We are dedicated to the development of DNA expression and delivery technologies for human and veterinary applications, leading to products for gene therapy, and prophylactic and therapeutic DNA-based vaccines

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