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AsclepiX Therapeutics, Inc.

AsclepiX Therapeutics is transforming the treatment of ocular diseases and cancer with a singular focus on a novel peptide platform with the power to inhibit and potentially even reverse disease progression. The mechanism of action of AXT107 targets multiple pathways, including vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) and Tie2, two factors that promot...

AVEO Oncology & Astellas Pharma Inc.

In February 2011, AVEO and Astellas entered into a worldwide agreement to develop and commercialize tivozanib outside of Asia for the treatment of a broad range of cancers. Tivozanib, AVEO's lead investigational drug, is a potent, selective, long half-life inhibitor of all three vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptors that is designed to optimi...

Globe Laboratories

Globe Labs manufactures and sells high quality, low cost human therapeutic proteins, human growth hormones, enzymes, research laboratory cytokines, chemokines & their respective inhibitors/antagonists for research and veterinary use. We are also manufacturers of bulk quantities for other pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Globe Labs is proud to have the largest antagonist product list in the worl...

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS)

National Brain Tumor Society is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States. We are fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and those who will be diagnosed tomorrow. This means aggressively driving strategic research and advocati...


Ocular Therapeutix™, Inc.

Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative therapies for diseases and conditions of the eye using its proprietary hydrogel-based formulation technology. Ocular Therapeutix’s lead product candidate, DEXTENZA™ (dexamethasone insert) 0.4 mg for intracanalicular ...

SibTech, Inc

SibTech, Inc. (Newington, CT) is a biopharmaceutical company that develops new protein-driven therapeutics and diagnostics. Our work is based on a novel technology for attaching payloads to targeting proteins. This technology relies on standardized procedures that do not affect functional domains of a targeting protein. Using this technology and an engineered single-chain vascular endothelial grow...


BTI has been manufacturing growth factor (GF) and attachment factor (AF) products since 1981. Our extensive product line includes receptor-grade, aseptically packaged GFs and AFs. These are highly purified proteins that have been membrane filtered, aseptically filled and lyophilized. Most BTI GFs have been tested in cell culture, receptor binding studies and in immunoassays. Some GFs are availa...

AdnaGen AG

AdnaGen's diagnostics detect circulating tumor cells in tumor patients. Because tumor cells survive only hours in the bloodstream, there must be an active source, e.g. a relapse or a metastasis. Therefore, the presence of circulating tumor cells is an unfavorable indicator for the progress of the tumor disease. AdnaGen's proprietary 'combination-of-combinations-principle' allows the reliable and v...

Synaptive Medical Inc.

“Inoperable means we don’t know how to take it out,” said Dr. Michael Sughrue, Associate Professor, founding member, and current director of the Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center at OU Medicine. “For years we have been operating on the brain the way it looks, now we can operate on the way it really is.”


Oncomatrix is focused on the development of new biopharmaceuticals targeting the tumor stroma. This innovative approach aims not to attack the tumor cells directly but rather the cells supporting the growth and invasiveness of the tumor.

Biomed Comm Incorporated

Biomed Comm TM (BMC) was founded in May 1996 to manufacture Dr.Brewitt's proprietary growth factor products known as Cell Signal Enhancers® (CSE®). The company's homeopathic growth factors represent a new class of medicines combining today's advanced biotechnologies, electro-magnetic field theory and basic homeopathic principles formed over two centuries ago. Biomed CommTM currently manufact...


Deplin is a prescription medical food for the dietary management of suboptimal L-methylfolate levels in patients with depression. Up to 70 percent of people who suffer from depression may have a specific genetic factor that compromises their ability to convert folic acid into L-methylfolate. L-methylfolate is the only form of folate that can cross the blood brain barrier and regulate serotonin, ...

ibt - immunological & biochemical testsystems GmbH

ibt - immunological and biochemical testsystems GmbH is a company dedicated to supply the scientific community with reagents and assays. Our reagents are recombinant proteins (viral and bacterial antigens, cytokines and chemokines, growth factors, hormones, transcription factors, tumor markers, enzymes and others) and polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Our main interest is in insulin-like grow...


ibt develops, manufactures and distributes reagents (monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, proteins, peptides, antigens) for infectious disease research, transcription, growth factor and cytokine research and assay kits for the detection of growth factors, e.g. insulin-like growth factors (IGF´s) and insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBP´s).

Vascular Solutions Incorporated

Vascular Solutions is a medical device company committed to providing superior clinical solutions for diagnostic and interventional vascular procedures. Founded in 1997, Vascular Solutions is a publicly held company that trades on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol VASC. Our rapidly growing product line consists of innovative devices across established and emerging areas of coronary and...

The Brain Tumor Foundation

Brain Tumor Foundation

M3 Biotechnology, Inc.

M3 Biotechnology is a clinical stage company with a novel platform of disease-modifying regenerative therapies particularly relevant to neurodegenerative diseases, with a focus on Alzheimer’s. M3’s lead asset, NDX-1017, modifies growth factor systems and is advanced as a first-in-class, disease-modifying treatment with the potential to restore lo...

National Brain Tumor Society

American Brain Tumor Association

Florida Brain Tumor Association

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

Brain Tumor Funders' Collaborative

Angiocrine Bioscience, Inc.

Angiocrine Bioscience is a privately held biotech company focused on applying vascular biology to new therapeutic applications. Angiocrine’s VeraVecTM technology platform is based on endothelial cells that have been genetically modified such that they can be rapidly and durably expanded in culture. Because these cells secrete and display factors essential ...

The Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation

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