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ViewRay, Inc.

ViewRay, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, is a privately held medical device company developing advanced radiation therapy technology for the treatment of cancer. Using MRI-guided radiotherapy, the ViewRay system is intended to provide continuous soft-tissue imaging during treatment. The system is designed so that clinicians -- for the first time -- will be able to see the actual radiation dose being del...


ViewRay Incorporated

ViewRay Incorporated is developing an advanced system to treat cancer patients: the world's first real-time MRI guided radiation therapy device. The Renaissance(TM) System technology will continuously image the patient in three dimensions during radiation therapy delivery. This real time imaging will control the delivery of the radiation therapy and record the dose delivered to the patient, allowi...

Powers Scientific, Inc

Powers has been manufacturing refrigerated equipment since the 1930s,in Bucks County,Pennsylvania. Powers Scientific Inc. was established in 1984 to design,develop,and market environmentally controlled chambers for scientific research throught the world.

Powers Taylor LLP

Williams Love O’Leary & Powers

Williams, Love, O’Leary and Powers

Williams, Love, O’Leary & Powers, PC

Cabinet of Madam Marie ARENA

Between 1830 and 1970, the structures of the Belgian State were those of a decentralised Unitary State.The choice of a Unitary State made by the constituting group of 1830 was based on the principle of one legislation and government for the whole country. The Constitution, which was promulgated in 1831, states, in fact, that all powers come from the Nation.Yet from the beginning there have been tw...

Powers Taylor, LLP

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NAHCA - National Association of Health Care Assistants

Debbie Pitts, CNA, Pinecrest Medicare Care Facility, Powers, Michigan

Box, Inc.

Box (NYSE:BOX) is the cloud content management company that empowers enterprises to revolutionize how they work by securely connecting their people, information and applications. Founded in 2005, Box powers 80,000 businesses globally, including AstraZeneca, General Electric, P&G, and The GAP. Box is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with offices ...

Mauli Ola Foundation

Mauli Ola Foundation (MOF) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases. Harnessing the healing powers of the ocean, MOF introduces surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies. MOF is honored to hare the knowledge of the ocean, family values and community. For more ...

INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications

Since its founding more than 40 years ago, INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications® - a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation operated by a joint powers authority of 31 California community colleges - has been a leader in the design, production and distribution of distance learning courseware and instructional media for post-secondary, secondary, adult basic ...

Zellweger Luwa AG

Zellweger Luwa is a globally active industrial group headquartered in Uster, Switzerland. Our main markets are the textile, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.The Zellweger Luwa Group comprises the Division:- Luwa, specializing in air engineeringThe Division is market leaders known for its customer proximity, innovative powers, flexibility and reliability.


Repair is never as good as preventation particularly in skin care.Tap into skin own self protective powers 24-hours a day with patened NIA 24 the first inside-out topicall niacin powered skin barrier builder.Inside thid patented Micronutrient Delivery system brings a continous release form of niacin to skin.Outside,skin barrier is restored and signs of damage dramatically reversed.

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH

We build the bridge between homeopathy and conventional medicine.We achieve the vision of our company founder with passion and expertise, making Heel the global leader in the field of scientifically-based modern homeopathy as an integral part of medicine.Our medications are easy to use and gently activate the body’s self-healing powers - as intended by nature and requested by health care profess...


Automic, a leader in business automation, helps enterprises drive competitive advantage by automating their IT and business systems - from on-premise to the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things. With offices worldwide, Automic powers over 2,600 customers including Bosch, Netflix, eBay, AMC Theatres, Silent Night, ExxonMobil, BT Global Services, Soci...

HealthPrize Technologies

Life science companies worldwide use HealthPrize’s technology to develop digital patient experiences that enhance revenue by improving adherence, increasing health literacy, and providing brand differentiation. The company’s gamification- and behavioral economics-based platform powers and advances patient engagement for branded and generic medications ...

InstaMed and DocuTAP

InstaMed powers a better healthcare payments experience on one platform that connects consumers, providers and payers for every healthcare payment transaction. InstaMed’s patented, private cloud-based technology securely transforms healthcare payments by driving electronic transactions, moving money and healthcare data seamlessly and improving consume...


Resonate lets advertisers and marketers better understand and reach audiences by revealing the motivation behind purchase decisions or support for a cause or candidate. Resonate allows marketers to build rich consumer profiles to power marketing and online advertising campaigns and gain actionable consumer insights before, during and after execution. ...

AdTheorent, Inc.

AdTheorent uses advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver impactful advertising campaigns for marketers. AdTheorent’s industry-leading machine learning platform powers its predictive targeting, geo-intelligence, proprietary relationship graph and in-house creative capability, Studio A\T. This product suite allows advertisers to ide... is a clinical trial supply chain logistics company. The company uses a modern, data-driven technology platform with predictive analytics to enable patient-centered, automated and end-to-end integrated services for clinical trial supplies. Trial data powers automated, just-in-time delivery of clinical supplies to study sites. For more information, ...


Spigit is the leading developer of social productivity software for enterprises to drive innovation and empower decision makers. Spigit's product offerings range from the intra-enterprise InnovationSpigit(TM) to its customer-facing IdeaSpigit solutions. Spigit currently powers innovation projects at numerous Fortune 500 companies and has been named Best of Software Interop 2008 and is listed on th...

Digvijaya Management Consultants

Knowledge in any form is the single most vital factor that powers the world towards progress & prosperity. The same knowledge is manifested in diverse forms, which synergizes to make this world a better place to live in. Health Care Industry specially the Pharmaceutical Industry is an invaluable sphere on whose rapid strides depends the world population's well being. The Pharma sector hence thrive...

Glowpoint, Inc.

Glowpoint, Inc. (OTCBB: GLOW) is a leading provider of advanced video communications solutions. Glowpoint's suite of robust telepresence and video communications solutions enables organizations to communicate with each other over disparate networks and technology platforms. Glowpoint supports thousands of video communications systems in more than 35 countr...

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