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Medarex is an integrated monoclonal antibody-based company with antibody discovery, development and manufacturing capabilities. Utilizing its HuMAb-Mouse(TM) system, Medarex has the ability to make fully-human antibodies in a transgenic mouse whose mouse genes for creating antibodies have been inactivated and replaced by human antibody genes. The Company has entered into ten corporate partnering a...

Communities for Clean Ports

Communities for Clean Ports (CCP) is non-partisan, and focuses on public education to maximize effective public support for policies that are consistent with our mission of significantly and immediately reducing port pollution. Ending port pollution -- and the unjustifiable health and economic tax it levies on innocent working people in port communities -- is a moral imperative. Cleaner technologi...

Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention

The Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention is a non-government, environmental organization that encourages actions that avoid or minimize the creation of pollutants—actions that foster a healthier environment and a sustainable society. C2P2’s core business is the transfer of P2 information and serves as a catalyst for behavioural change. C2P2 enriches the knowledge of others so that they can...


Into Filtration since 1972 Concern for environmental pollution was in its infancy, when our quest for pollution-control started. Beginning as a trader of filtration fabrics, we started Filter-bag manufacturing in 1985. Our problem solving approach in air pollution control has made our experience more relevant to Indian industry in particular & Global industries in general. We are involved in a wid...

California Protons Cancer Therapy Center

California Protons’ intensity-modulated pencil beam scanning technology is a highly precise form of cancer radiation treatment that enables doctors to selectively target tumors with high-dose radiation while sparing healthy tissue. California Protons’ pencil beam scanning technology precisely delivers proton radiation treatment within 2 millimete...

Immunological Resource Center

Polyclonal antiserum (mouse, rat, rabbit)Monoclonal antibody services (mouse, rat, hamster)Cell line cloningCryostorageCulture fluid productionAscites fluid productionELISA assayImmunoisotypingContract antibody manufacturer of monoclonals, polyclon

Tres Mares Group

Miler Lagos was born in Bogota in 1973. He has had solo shows in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bogota, and group shows all over Latin America, UK, France and Germany.

Rimbach Publishing Inc.

Rimbach Publishing Inc., has been associated with the publishing field since 1928. In 1967 we began publishing "Pollution Equipment News" the next year after the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts became law. The need for information on pollution control instruments, equipment and services in the water, wastewater and air pollution control industries was the reason "Pollution Equipment News" began. Ea...


KXBEVENTS was founded in 2007 and specializes in promoting, producing and recording stand-up comedy shows, corporate events and fundraisers. Their television shows are broadcast on Channel 19 Time Warner Cable San Diego every Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. For additional information about KXBEVENTS, contact Klaus Biegler, producer, at

Tetra Link International

Antibodies for ImmunohistochemistryOX-2 Antibodies (human, mouse, rat)rProtein L and rProtein LAanti-human, anti-mouse, and anti-rat OX-2 antibodies which play a role in immunomodulation. Several other immunomodulating antibodies against dendritic cells.

PolyGene AG

PolyGene is a privately held research institute, located in the area of Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2002, PolyGene is run by a team of scientists with academic and industrial backgrounds, having notable track records as well in mouse transgenesis as in business management.Since its inception, PolyGene has set up a fully functional production site for the establishment of transgenic mouse lines...

Applied StemCell, Inc.

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC) is a fast growing biotechnology company providing animal and cell line models as tools for drug discovery and diagnostics. Using our proprietary TARGATT™ gene modification technology, we make site-specific Knockin mouse, rat and human cell line models fast and efficient for pharmaceutical and academic community. Based on our Proprietary Technologies, we focus o...

Ab Peptides Incorporated

KlenTaq1TM is expressed from a 5' deletion of the gene, encoding Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase, leaving a highly active and even more heat-stable DNA polymerase activity. Repeated exposure to 98oC in reaction buffer PC2 does not seem to diminish the enzyme activity. Significant activity remains even after exposure to 99oC. The full length enzyme does not tolerate these treatments.

SENES Oak Ridge, Inc.,

SENES Oak Ridge, Inc., Center for Risk Analysis, founded in 1992, is committed to attaining the highest level of technical excellence and transparency in all its work. SENES Oak Ridge specializes in human health and ecological risk estimation, risk assessment, and risk communication.SENES offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary consulting services in areas related to human health and ecological ri...

Inland Waters Pollution Control


Radimetrics provides radiation dose monitoring and management software to hospitals and imaging centers. Radimetrics’ flagship product, eXposure™ is a single-system solution for tracking full body, organ-specific and cumulative radiation exposure across all imaging modalities. It provides crucial patient size-adjusted information to improve decis...


Nokad has developed a new technology allowing the inactivation in vivo of a self protein via an autoimmune reaction. This technology, which using recombinant adenovirus, allows the generation of functional knockout animals models in only 6 month versus 12 to 24 month with the genetics knockout technology. Another advantage of this technology is: your model is not limited to the mouse, you can ask ...


PhenomicDB is a multi-organism phenotype-genotype database including human, mouse, fruit fly, C.elegans, and other model organisms. The inclusion of gene indeces (NCBI Gene) and orthologues (same gene in different organisms) from HomoloGene allows to compare phenotypes of a given gene over many organisms simultaneously. PhenomicDB contains data from publicly available primary databases: FlyBase, F...

WEPS Technology

Quest Water’s proprietary atmospheric Water Extraction and Purification Systems, known as WEPSTM, can provide water scarce regions with an alternate, sustainable, pure source of water without exploiting current, limited freshwater resources. The WEPSTM technology operates by converting humidity into water; the atmosphere contains approximately 13,000 ...

Innovative NeuroTechnologies, Inc

The sequencing of the first draft of the entire Human Genome in 2001 has been a monumental scientific achievement. However, simple knowledge of the DNA sequence does not necessarily elucidate the particular function of a gene or its corresponding products, such as the mRNA or protein. Thus, functional genomic and proteomic technologies are required to understand the functions of genes and its pr...


CereScan® combines state-of-the-art brain imaging technologies with a patient-centered model of care to provide the highest level of neuro-diagnostics available. CereScan utilizes state-of-the-art gamma camera technology, new generation imaging software and a proprietary process to produce comprehensive medical reports including voxel level images of br...


UviCube (Kokirri, LLC) was created in 2012. UviCube eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Dry and store baby bottles, pacifiers and cups until you need them. Because UviCube uses UV light, mobile phones, electronics, toys and other items that cannot be exposed to moisture or heat can be conveniently sanitized. UviCube...

Mouse Specifics, Inc.

R&D Systems Incorporated

R&D Systems produces and markets cytokines and adhesion molecules, corresponding antibodies, human and mouse ELISAs, as well as genes and probes.R&D Systems produces and markets cytokines and adhesion molecules, corresponding antibodies, human and mouse E

AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd

ImmunoKontact (IK) is part of AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd having been spun out in 1996 to create its own brand. Prior to this AMS was commercialising the Pharmingen product range. When Pharmingen was sold to Becton Dickenson, AMS found themselves with a significant market that could not be servicedIK established itself as a premier provider of cytokine reagents through licensing deals with Dyna...

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