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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp.

Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Established in 1997, Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. manufactures SCRAM®, the world's only Continuous Alcohol Monitoring system, which uses non-invasive transdermal analysis to monitor alcohol consumption. SCRAM fully automates the alcohol testing and reporting process, providing courts and community corrections agencies with the ability to continuously monitor alcohol offenders, increase offend...


Fresh Start Private Management, Inc.

Fresh Start Private Management ( is an alcohol addiction, alcohol withdrawal, alcohol abuse treatment and alcohol detox rehabilitation company. The company has licensed a treatment that delivers target therapeutic levels of Naltrexone that reduce patients' cravings for alcohol.

TruTouch Technologies, Inc.

TruTouch Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and sells patented noninvasive biometric alcohol testing systems into both existing and emerging alcohol testing markets. Inspired by the potential to place its passive, durable systems virtually anywhere, TruTouch's vision is to create a world where intoxication is routinely intercepted before it does har...

BioScan Screening Systems, Inc

The web site is owned and operated by BioScan Screening Systems, Inc. Our corporate headquarters is located in Smyrna, Tennessee. BioScan is a customer focused organization that differentiates itself from other drug and alcohol screening companies by offering an unbeatable combination of innovative drug and alcohol screening products, competitive pricing, a knowledgeable staff and d...

Japan Alcohol Corporation Begins Business

The state monopoly of alcohol in Japan began in 1937 with the promulgation of the Alcohol Monopoly Law. This law, taking into account the domestic and international situation of the time, established the production and sales of alcohol as a state run enterprise in order to promote a stable supply of fuel, regional agriculture, and the development of chemical related industries. Following World War...

Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.

Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc. (HMSA) markets advanced diagnostic medical imaging systems of Hitachi Medical Corp., Tokyo, Japan. The company has more than 1,500 MRI systems installed throughout the United States and also markets multi-slice computed tomography and digital ultrasound. For more information on Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc. plea...

TransBioTec, Inc.

TransBioTec has developed and patented a non-invasive alcohol sensing system ‘SOBR’ which works as a type of ignition interlock that functions through transdermal, biometric feedback. The technology works by sensing ethanol alcohol via sweat secretion from the hands. The alcohol sensing system offers a unique solution to the national drunk driving epide...

Gateway Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Gateway Alcohol and Drug Rehab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides effective and efficient treatment to reduce the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, as well as frequently co-occurring mental health problems. Founded in 1969, the Chicago-based organization is the largest provider of substance abuse treatment services in Illinois, operating nine residential and outpatient treatment...

Seabook House, National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month

The goal of National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month is to bring together people with substance use disorders, their families and treatment providers to share stories and empower others to take the necessary steps toward recovery. The Recovery Month effort aims to promote the societal benefits of alcohol and drug use disorder treatment, laud the contributions of treatment providers and...

M.A.S.S. (Moms Advocating Safe Sanitizers)

Dr. Gancarz created M.A.S.S. to bring awareness, focus and to call upon a concerned public to help ban dangerous alcohol-based hand sanitizers. According to the National Poison Data System, in 2012 there were a reported 18,000-plus incidents of alcohol-based hand sanitizer poisonings. “There have been countless reports of fires, attempted poisonings o...

Sacramento Regional Youth and Alcohol Coalition

The Coalition meets on a bi-monthly basis to collect data, develop objectives and identify resources available to confront the problem of underage alcohol consumption in the Sacramento area. With a mission to improve the health and safety of adolescents through positive change of community response to underage alcohol use, it offers free membership to all organizations and agencies interested...

Mental Health Systems, Inc.

Mental Health Systems, Inc. (MHS) began in 1978 by providing psychiatric day treatment and alcohol recovery services to adults in North San Diego County. Today MHS operates more than 90 community-based mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation programs throughout California and in Utah.

Esterline Corporation

Esterline Corporation is a leading world-wide supplier to the aerospace and defense industry specializing in three core areas: Avionics & Controls, Sensors & Systems, and Advanced Materials. Operations within the Avionics & Controls segment focus on high-technology electronics products for military and commercial aircraft and land- and sea-based military v...

Cell Science Systems

Cell Science Systems. Corp. (CSS) based in Deerfield Beach FL, also maintains a wholly owned subsidiary in Potsdam, Germany. CSS provides preventive medical laboratory testing services in molecular diagnostics, immunology and other specialties, is CLIA certified, and is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, providing the Alcat Test® in over 25 ...





Precision Engineered Products LLC

Saraya Co., Ltd.

Saraya Co., Ltd. has a 50-year-long history of manufacturing liquid soaps and alcohol disinfectants for hand sanitizing. Saraya Co., Ltd. produces liquid soaps, alcohol solutions, detergents, gargling liquids, to the general consumer market, food sanitation market, healthcare market, and hospital market. Consequently, we have created a culture of cleanliness through a clean environment and sanitar...

Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc.

Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc. (HMSA) markets advanced diagnostic medical imaging systems of Hitachi Medical Corp., Tokyo, Japan. HMSA has more than 1,500 MRI systems installed throughout the United States and also markets multi-slice computed tomography and digital ultrasound.

Proniras Corporation

Proniras Corporation is a Seattle-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing tezampanel as a medical countermeasure for nerve agent-induced seizures. The development of tezampanel in this indication is being funded in whole or in part with federal funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Office of the Assistant Secretary for ...

USA Mobile Drug Testing

Established in 2007 in Tampa, USA Mobile Drug Testing ( is the only nationally branded franchise for mobile drug testing. USA Mobile Drug Testing provides drug and alcohol testing, breath alcohol and DNA testing, background checks and related services for corporations, government employers, athletes, schools and more. Using certified ...

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs

The International Center for Alcohol Policies

Giner, Inc. and Giner Electrochemical Systems, LLC

Giner, Inc. and Giner Electrochemical Systems, LLC (GES) are world-class research and development firms, specializing in the development of proton- exchange membrane (PEM) based electrochemical technologies. GES applies membrane technology to fuel cells for power generation, high-pressure electrolyzers for regenerative power, hydrogen fuel production, and oxygen production for life support. Gine...

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