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SAW Instruments GmbH

SAW Instruments GmbH designs, develops and sells biosensor-based laboratory instruments for life sciences research. The proprietary technology of SAW Instruments employs a Surface Acoustic Waves approach to biological measurement, rather than using traditional optical methods such as SPR. The technology is uniquely positioned compared to other biosensor technologies based on its ability to measu...

RI Research Instruments GmbH

Bruker Corporation and RI Research Instruments GmbH

Chemie-Kontor GmbH

Chemie-Kontor GmbH trades with chemical specialities for customers in Pharma-, Agro-, Cosmetics and Nutrition Industries and offers a broad range of services. Chemie-Kontor GmbH is agent for: Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH&Co.KG, Biovian, Chemilyl, Inovalab AG, Micronisierungs-Kontor-Oberrot GmbH, Pharma-Quick-Development AG PQD, SP-Chemicals GmbH, Symrise GmbH & Co. KG, Synkem

SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH

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OctreoPharm Sciences GmbH

OctreoPharm Sciences GmbH, located in Berlin (Germany) is a privately held clinical development company focusing on radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and therapeutic control of tumors. Current shareholder of OctreoPharm Sciences GmbH are Eckert & Ziegler AG, VC Funds Technology managed by IBB Berlin GmbH, KfW Mittelstandsbank, Eckert Life Science Acce...

Dixey Instruments

Dixey Instruments is a British surgical instrument company specialising in Ophthalmic micro surgical instruments in Titanium and Stainless steel. Dixey Instruments also offers a range of disposable products used in eye surgery including corneal trephines, micro surgical blades, eye spears, eye wicks and drains, sutures etc.Dixey Instruments has many years of experience in supplying both instrument...

Biometra GmbH i. L.

Founded in Göttingen in 1985, Biometra develops, manufactures and markets innovative products for molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories. Core technologies include the development and production of Peltier driven Thermocyclers and advanced Electrophoresis Instruments. Biometra has been a member of the Whatman group since 1993. Thanks to close contact to scientists all over the world we a...

C&L Instruments, Inc.

Incorporated in 1988, C&L Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells high quality instruments and accessories for fluorescence applications

Gigahertz-Optik GmbH

Gigahertz-Optik GmbH began as a representative for international electro-optics manufacturers in 1986. From inception, our main application areas have been the Measurement of Light and Optical Radiation Measurement with Light and Optical Radiation Electro-Optical and Optical ComponentsSoon our customers began requesting additional support for the products and instruments we were distributing. The ...

Advanced Instruments, Inc.

Founded in 1955, Advanced Instruments, Inc. ( is the world’s largest supplier of freezing-point cryoscopes and osmometers used in dairy, clinical, and pharmaceutical laboratories. The company is also a leading supplier of analytical instruments for the food and industrial microbiology markets. Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, U.S.A...

HWL Scientific Instruments GmbH

HWL is a german company, specialised in consultancy and customized solutions to overcome disturbing vibration problems.We are localized in the south-western part of Germany, closed to Tuebingen, a renowned old university town.

Campden Instruments Ltd.

Campden Instruments has sites in the UK and USA. Please contact us if you do not have our new address since moving our British factory in May 2000.You now have access to our 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of instruments and tools for the Life Sciences.

Anton paar graz

Anton Paar GmbH produces high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for research and industry.

Spectronex GmbH

We are the leading provider for analytical instrumentation in Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech and the Slovak Republic. Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography and Surface Science are our main domains. As exclusive representative for LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, HighResolution-GC/MS, FT Hybrids, IsotopeRatio MS, TIMS, HR-ICP/MS and Surface Science of Thermo Electron we offer the broadest range of scientif...


When founding the company GONOTEC GmbH in 1979, the electronics engineer Harald Göritz and the chemist Klaus Noack could not possibly imagine that their target to develop, produce and market analytical measuring instruments for the medical and chemical application would be as successful as it turned out to be.It all started with the nowadays GONOTEC’S “classical” : A cryoscopic osmometer fo...


Anthos Labtec Instruments GmbH, located in Salzburg - Austria - established in 1987 - designs and manufactures microplate readers, washers and luminometers, which are commonly used with liquid handling systems in the Life Science and Diagnostic Markets. Microplate readers are essential laboratory tools for detecting the absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence of molecules in gene assays and func...

Instruments of Mercy

Instruments of Mercy provides surgical instrument repair for volunteer medical teams working throughout the world. With the support of Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc. (IMS), Instruments of Mercy also sends repair technicians to the ship once each year to refurbish the instruments the ship's surgeons use to repair cleft palates, obstetrical i...

Applied Biosystems Applera Deutschland GmbH

business:Enabling technology for the life science marketTechnology:Genomic analysis systems,: Sequencer, PCR-Machines etc and applications,Protein analysis systems . MS- instruments and applicationsSoftware and Service

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc.

Kernco is the proud distributor for many different instruments. We carry a wide line of instruments which can be viewed on our product index page. We list our product categories with appropriate links so you can easily navigate our website to obtain prices and specifications.


Karl Storz began producing instruments for ENT specialists in 1945. His intention was to develop instruments which would enable the practitioner to look inside the human body. The technology available at the end of the Second World War was still very modest: The area under examination in the interior of the human body was illuminated with miniature electric lamps; alternatively, attempts were made...

Praher Beteiligungs GmbH

The vision of the company founder Ludwig Praher to produce better and better products of high-grade plastics was the basis for sound growth. Under the direction of Ing. Winfried Praher and Ewald Praher the family-owned business has become an internationally oriented group of enterprises.With a view to an increase in efficiency the core business divisions were split up into the companies Praher Kun...

Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments

Reichert is a world leader in diagnostic refracting and examining instruments. With a history dating back more than 100 years, Reichert is well known for the development of innovative ophthalmic instruments for the eyecare professional.

Ormecon GmbH

Ormecon GmbH, with its location in Ammersbek/Germany, is the headquarter of Ormecon International. Ormecon GmbH was originally founded as "Ormecon Chemie GmbH & Co. KG" in 1996, as a 100% subsidiary of Zipperling Kessler, with the goal to commercialize products based on the Organic Metal nanotechnology, ORMECONTM.Such products are the results of fundamental and applied research on conductive polym...

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments - fermenters, bioreactors, peristaltic and syringe pumps, dosers

LAMBDA develops innovative, high quality laboratory instruments with an excellent price to performance ratio: laboratory fermentors, bench top fermenters, bioreactors for cell culture, peristaltic and syringe pumps, fraction collectors, powder doser, mass flow gas controllers, fermentation softwarePersonal lab experience is essential for making good laboratory instruments. Our instruments are prac...

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