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TSI Particle Instruments Division/Amherst

TSI Particle Instruments Division/Amherst offers total system solutions for particle size, protein characterization, powder flow, and spray analysis. Our products are designed to improve our customers' competitiveness and growth in an ever changing market place. With powder sizing in the .2 to 700 micron range, the Aerosizer® compliments TSI's extensive line of particle size analysis instrument...

Particle Sciences

Particle Sciences Inc.

Particle Sciences, Inc.


PARTICLE ANALYTICAL is a dynamic company devoted to supporting customers within the field of particle science.We focus first and foremost on the pharmaceutical industry We offer a broad range of particle analytical methods We support the following areas; R&D, production and quality assuranceMalvern Instruments has approved PARTICLE ANALYTICAL as a third party independent analysis lab. Rea...

Malvern Instruments Ltd

Malvern Instruments is a global company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced analytical systems for the characterization of a wide variety of materials, from bulk powders to nanomaterials and delicate macromolecules. Innovative technologies combined with powerful software produce systems that deliver industrially relevant particle characterization, rheological and chemical composition ...

BS-Partikel GmbH

BS-Partikel GmbH is engaged in particle synthesis, particle size fractionation, particle analysis and sales of high precision particle standards.Knowledge, Experiences....Because of research and development work over many years at university and industry a lot of commercially applied particulate polymer products (e.g. ion exchangers, flocculation aids, GPC/SEC column beads, etc.) could successfull...

Particle Dynamics, Inc.

Particle Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) develops and globally markets specialty ingredient product lines for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, and personal-care industries. Its products include value-added pharmaceutical, vitamin, mineral, herbal, and specialty products that provide benefits such as improved taste, enhanced product stability, or more efficient manufacturing.

PowderSize, Inc

Powdersize, Inc. was established in November , 1993, and is a provider of contract dry powder sizing services to the Pharmaceutical and Food Ingredient Industries. The principals of the company have over 60 years combined experience with particle size reduction and pharmaceutical regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical actives, pharmaceutical excipients, and food grade chemicals are sized to Custome...

Compact Particle Acceleration Corporation

Compact Particle Acceleration Corporation (CPAC) is an independent privately held corporation in the proton therapy system business. The company is developing a very compact proton therapy system powered by the dielectric-wall accelerator (DWA). For more information, visit

Brightwell Technologies Inc.

Brightwell Technologies, the home of MFI (Micro-Flow Imaging). MFI is a particle characterization technology that integrates digital microscopy, micro-fluidics, and image processing into a single instrument for automatic analysis of particles or cells suspended in liquids. MFI is used for a broad range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cell biology, materials sciences, and environmental applicat...


The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is a multi-disciplinary research centre for natural sciences and technology. In national and international collaboration with universities, other research institutes and industry, PSI is active in solid state physics, materials sciences, elementary particle physics, life sciences, nuclear and non-nuclear energy research, and energy-related ecology.It is the larges...

MSP Corporation

MSP Corporation is a global, applied aerosol/particle technology company providing advanced instruments, products and services to the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and air pollution industries. We are known around the world for advanced aerosol particle control, offering ingenious solutions to complex aerosol problems involving the generation, deposition, sampling and/or measurement of nano parti...

DVS Sciences, Inc.

DVS Sciences is a life sciences technology company that has developed and manufactures a novel technology for highly multiplexed analysis of single cells. DVS Sciences has an R&D and manufacturing facility near Toronto, Canada, and will soon open its global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. For information please visit

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Origin Sciences Limited

Origin Sciences is a medical technology company developing innovative devices and tests to aid the detection and diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases. Origin Sciences is based in Cambridge and London, UK and was established in 2004. Origin Sciences has recently launched the OriCol™ device for reliable and superior clinical sampling of mucocellular r...

Duke Scientific Corporation

Established in 1971, Duke Scientific Corporation was the first company to design and produce particle size standards for industrial laboratories. These measurement standards enable laboratories to control processes by comparing their output against accurately defined dimensions that are traceable to primary standards of measurement. Particle dimensions from Duke Scientific are in the form of hi...

T.A. Sciences

T.A. Sciences is the first company in the world to offer its clients the ability to fight aging through the emerging science of telomere biology. T.A. Sciences was founded by Noel Thomas Patton in 2002 based on advanced technology licensed from the Geron Corporation. In 2007, after 5 years of development and safety testing, T.A. Sciences began selling TA-65, the first commercial...

Whitehouse Scientific Ltd

Whitehouse Scientific has been producing precision glass microspheres for calibration for 22 years and is the highest ranking European certification laboratory for primary methods of particle size analysis. Having filled over 1 million bottles using a unique 100 stage spinning riffler system, we are now the world's leading manufacturer of single-shot glass microsphere standards. The references, ne...

Life Sciences Pennsylvania

Life Sciences Pennsylvania is the statewide trade association for the life sciences in Pennsylvania and serves as a catalyst to ensure Pennsylvania is a global leader in the life sciences by developing a business and public policy environment which fosters life science growth and success. More information is available at

Vision-Sciences, Inc.

Vision-Sciences, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets unique flexible endoscopic products utilizing sterile disposable sheaths, the Slide-On EndoSheath System, which provide the users quick, efficient product turnover while ensuring the patient a contaminant-free product. Vision-Sciences owns the registered trademarks Vision Sciences®, Slide...

California Life Sciences Institute

California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) supports the foundations of innovation that have made California home to the world’s most prominent life sciences ecosystem. With a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area, CLSI’s mission is to maintain California’s leadership in life sciences innovation through support of entrepreneurship, education and career...


Novavax Inc. is a biotechnology company committed to leading the global fight against infectious diseases by creating novel, highly potent vaccines that are safer and more effective than current preventive options. Our world-class scientific team is using virus-like particle (VLP) technology to tackle influenza viruses – including avian strains that have the potential to cause a pandemic outbrea...

Clemson University

Departments in CAFLS - The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences has a total of 10 departments with various academic programs: Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Applied Economics and Statistics, Biological Sciences, Biosystems Engineering, Entomology, Soils and Plant Sciences, Environmental Horticulture, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Forestry and Natural Resources, Genetics and Bioc...


In the early 1960’s, a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology named Warren Hendrix and his advisor, Dr. Clyde Orr, built what is believed to be the first all-metal, transportable gas adsorption analyzer. Their vision was to provide a commercially available instrument that would allow anybody (with just a small amount of training) to measure the surface area of materials and...

Central Life Sciences

Central Life Sciences is a strategic business unit of Central Garden & Pet (NASDAQ: CENT). Central Life Sciences is dedicated to creating healthier environments and making life better for people, plants and companion animals around the world. As inventors of insect growth regulator (IGR) technology more than 30 years ago, the founders of Central Life Sciences pioneered biorational pest control...

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