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Mount Sinai Hospital

Added: 04:08 EDT 27 Aug 2014

The Mount Sinai Hospital Web site provides you with the tools necessary to contact our leading-edge programs and services.As an internationally recognized health care centre affiliated with the University of Toronto, our centres of excellence focus on the following priority programs: Women's and Infants' HealthSurgical Subspecialties & Oncology (Surgery and Cancer Care)Internal Medicine & Subspeci...

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Added: 04:10 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Miracle-Gro is founded in 1951, he couldn't have envisioned how the consumer lawn and garden industry would grow into a leading outdoor leisure activity and a nearly $7 billion global business. That's probably even more true for O.M. Scott, who started The Scotts Company in 1868. Neither could they have imagined the future success of this company. Today, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is the world...

Syncor International Corporation

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Syncor is a 2,500-strong team of people dedicated to unparalleled customer service. We are nuclear pharmacists, customer service assistants, accountants, Information Technology specialists, sales consultants, regional sales managers, administrative assistants and marketing professionals committed to anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of our customers. Together we are a company focused...

Ansell Limited

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Ansell Limited is the new name of the Company formerly known as Pacific Dunlop Limited.The Company's name was changed in April 2002 as a result of a strategic repositioning of the Company to concentrate on its core business, protective products and services in a broad healthcare context, and following the disposition of a series of other business units that did not fit within the strategy.The new ...

Cellgate, Inc

Added: 23:24 EDT 23 Jul 2014

Cellgate is rapidly advancing a portfolio of novel anti-proliferation therapeutics that has the potential to provide patients with new treatment options. We currently have two programs progressing through clinical development as well as several oncology programs undergoing preclinical evaluation.

GenTech Scientific, Inc.

Added: 04:16 EDT 27 Aug 2014

GenTech Scientific is well known throughout the analytical instrumentation community for its excellent service, repair and support. GenTech Scientific’s reputation with customers constantly expands our circle of business to include customers’ colleagues and referrals. GenTech Scientific’s reputation has also gathered some broader recognition. In 2004, Senator Dale M. Volker of New York’s 5...

MISCO Refractometer

Added: 01:10 EDT 5 May 2013

MISCO is a respected industry leader in the field of refractometry. We maintain this leadership position because refractometers are all we do - just refractometers. Refractometers are not just a catalog item or sideline business for us, they ARE our business. That's what makes us unique.Our top priority is to provide you with strong, dependable customer service and technical support. We have assem...

Mount Sinai Hospital Pharmacy Association

Added: 09:54 EDT 3 Aug 2010


Sinai Hospital

Added: 04:19 EDT 27 Aug 2014

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore provides a broad array of high quality, cost effective health and health related services to the people of Greater Baltimore. Central to its role is the provision of undergraduate and graduate medical education and educational programs to other health professional, employees, and the community at large

Zuellig Pharma

Added: 12:40 EDT 24 Jul 2014

Zuellig Pharma is Asia Pacific's trusted pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution and logistics specialist. We combine local market expertise with modern technology to provide reliable, quality-driven distribution services. For over 60 years, we have been meeting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace through continuous innovation and open communication. Our transparent processes build trust...

Zulekha Hospital LLC

Added: 12:40 EDT 24 Jul 2014

Zulekha hospital - Dubai LLCis the second hospital of the Zulekha Healthcare group. The new 75 bedded hospital spanning an area of 82000 square feet is a state of the art multi-speciality center.The HighlightsMultispeciality treatment under one roof Multiple consultant doctors in each speciality to reduce patient waiting time. A modular operating room to minimize Hospital Acquired Infection in sur...

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre :: Added: 17:45 EDT 12 Aug 2010

MycroLab Diagnostics Pty Ltd.

Added: 23:34 EDT 23 Jul 2014

MycroLab is based in Melbourne, Australia, and was incorporated in 2003. MycroLab operates from its own facilities which include Wet Chemical Lab, Clean Room and Workshop areas. R & D Focus The company has focused its R&D programme from inception on delivering a commercially viable, low-cost invitro diagnostics Point of Care / Point of Need solution for the widest possible suite of IV...

Eastridge Workforce Solutions

Added: 17:00 EDT 14 Sep 2017

Backed by over 40 years of experience, Eastridge Workforce Solutions makes attracting and managing a skilled workforce easier. Eastridge delivers strategic workforce management programs, innovative technology platforms, and comprehensive staffing solutions tailored for your organization. For more information on Eastridge, visit ...

Premier Biotech Inc.

Added: 20:04 EST 7 Mar 2018

The Minnesota-based manufacturer of rapid drug testing devices designed, developed and manufactures the OralTox screening device. OralTox can simultaneously detect up to 12 drugs. The use of oral fluid as a testing matrix offers numerous benefits over urine testing: the process is less invasive, the collection can be fully observed without privacy concerns, ...

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