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Changing sexual practices: A possible link to oral cancer.

Analytical aspects of printed oral dosage forms.

Printing technologies, both 2D and 3D, have gained considerable interest during the last years for manufacturing of personalized dosage forms, tailored to each patient. Here we review the research work on 2D printing techniques, mainly inkjet printing, for manufacturing of film-based oral dosage forms. We describe the different printing techniques and give an overview of film-based oral dosage for...

Does Open Rhinoplasty Alter Voice Quality?

The voice can change after upper airway manipulation. The present study evaluated voice change after open rhinoplasty.

How Important Are Letters of Recommendation? A Survey of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program Directors.

Letters of recommendation are currently part of the application process for residencies in oral and maxillofacial surgery. However, the value placed on the information contained in such letters by program directors is unclear. The purpose of this study was to determine what role letters of recommendation play in the decision-making process.

Scientific production of the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) researchers in the field of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology granted with a scientific productivity fellowship.

Variable expressivity and novel PTEN mutations in Cowden syndrome.

Cowden syndrome (CS) is a phosphatase and tensin homolog gene (PTEN)-associated condition characterized by multiple mucocutaneous hamartomas and an increased risk of malignancies. We reported an isolated case and another of several individuals in one family affected by CS. The isolated case showed typical features, including fibrocystic breast disease, benign thyroid nodules, and multiple papillom...

Radiotherapy Reduces Microhardness and Mineral and Organic Composition, and Changes the Morphology of Primary Teeth: An in vitro Study.

We aimed to evaluate whether radiotherapy causes changes in the mineral composition, hardness, and morphology of enamel and dentin of primary teeth.

Parent's attitudes and knowledge on oral health in a group of individual with Down syndrome in Turkey.

To evaluate the knowledge and attitude of families having some Down syndrome patient about problems related to oral cavity and dental health issues.

Clinicopathological prognostic factors of oral squamous cell carcinoma: An experience of a tertiary care hospital.

Locoregional recurrence accounts for majority of the treatment failures in oral cancer patients. Current study aimed to determine the predictors of recurrence and survival in patients with biopsy proven Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) of the oral cavity. This study included 88 patients of squamous cell carcinoma treated at our institution from 2007 till 2013. Primary intervention was surgery in all ...

Comparison of frequency of post-obturation pain of single versus multiple visit root canal treatment of necrotic teeth with infected root canals. A Randomized Controlled Trial.

To determine the pain of single versus multiple visit endodontic treatment after obturation in teeth with necrotic pulps and infected canals.

Angina bullous haemorrhagica: Case report and review of literature.

Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica (ABH) is a benign lesion of the oral cavity categorized by sudden onset of single or multiple blood filled lesions that burst leaving an ulcer that usually heals in 7-10 days without leaving a scar. We report a case of ABH diagnosed on the basis of history, clinical examination and blood, renal and liver function tests. The case findings and its management is discussed...

The new law concerning complaints in practice.

Most patients who file a formal complaint against a dentist do so by way of the law concerning complaints. In 2017 the law concerning complaints was changed radically, with the intention of making the law easier for the patient to make use of and providing the patient with a financial settlement. This article considers the extent to which the possibility of being compensated has had the effect of ...

Medicaments and oral care: Is there still a rationale for clinical periodontal microbiology?

Clinical microbiology now occupies an important place in periodontics and oral implant dentistry as a supplementary diagnostic tool and in planning treatment, particularly with respect to the rational use of antibiotics. This view is in line with the emphatic call by the World Health Organization and the European Union for the prudent use of antibiotics due to the global increase in resistance to ...

Possibilities and limitations of treatment with clear aligners. An orientation.

The aim of this research was to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of an orthodontic treatment with clear-aligner systems, specifically with Invisalign®. In addition to a review of the literature, 4 orthodontists and 9 patients treated with fixed orthodontic therapy and Invisalign® were interviewed. The literature showed that it is difficult to correct an extrusion, rotation or overjet wi...

Clinical and radiographic evaluation of the efficacy of sodium hypochlorite as a haemostatic agent compared with physiologic saline on the success of calcium hydroxide pulpotomies in primary molars: an in vivo study.

To evaluate, via clinical and radiographic assessment; the success of calcium hydroxide pulpotomies with the application of 5% sodium hypochlorite as a haemostatic agent compared with physiologic saline in primary molars and to evaluate if there is improved efficacy of increased concentration of sodium hypochlorite application in calcium hydroxide pulpotomies.

An oral and maxillofacial navigation system for implant placement with automatic identification of fiducial points.

Surgical navigation system (SNS) has been an important tool in surgery. However, the complicated and tedious manual selection of fiducial points on preoperative images for registration affects operational efficiency to large extent. In this study, an oral and maxillofacial navigation system named BeiDou-SNS with automatic identification of fiducial points was developed and demonstrated.

Relationship between anxiety/depression and oral health-related quality of life in inpatients of convalescent hospitals.

The aim of this study is to examin the association between anxiety/depressive tendency and oral health-related quality of life in inpatients of convalescent wards. This cross-sectional study included inpatients of convalescent wards (age range 34-100 years). Data on age, sex, functional independence measure, number of teeth, odontotherapy status, and primary disease for which hospitalization was ...

Dental pulp stem cells overexpressing stromal-derived factor-1α and vascular endothelial growth factor in dental pulp regeneration.

The current study aimed to investigate the effects of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and stromal cell-derived factor-1α (SDF-1α) overexpressing dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) in vascularized dental pulp regeneration in vivo.

Dental radiographic findings in 18 individuals with SATB2-associated syndrome.

To characterize the radiographic dental phenotype of individuals with SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS).

Effect of TiF varnish on microbiological changes and caries prevention: in situ and in vivo models.

The aim of this study was to evaluate microbiological changes, oral soft tissue toxicity, and caries-preventive effect of an experimental titanium tetrafluoride (TiF) varnish compared with a commercially available fluoride varnish (NaF), using in situ and in vivo models.

Predictors of Major Bleeding Among Working-Age Adults with Atrial Fibrillation: Evaluating the Effects of Potential Drug-drug Interactions and Switching from Warfarin to Non-vitamin K Oral Anticoagulants.

This study aims to evaluate the associations between switching from warfarin to non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants (NOACs), exposure to potential drug-drug interactions (DDIs), and major bleeding events in working-age adults with atrial fibrillation (AF).

Oral health practices and knowledge among parents and hired caregivers.

To investigate the oral healthcare practices and knowledge of parents and nannies in Kuwait.

Clinical study of dentocraniofacial characteristics in patients with Williams syndrome.

Williams syndrome (WS) is a rare congenital anomaly that is characterized by distinctive facial features, congenital heart disease, and behavioral characteristics that include mental retardation. However, only a few reports have documented the dentocraniofacial morphological characteristics of WS in Japanese individuals. The aim of this study was to analyze the dentocraniofacial morphology and gro...

The Prognostic Value of Immune Checkpoints in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Despite the importance of immune checkpoints in immunotherapy, the prognostic value of these molecules remains controversial in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). We performed a systematic review to investigate the prognostic significance of the immune checkpoints in OSCC.

ALPK1 expression is associated with lymph node metastasis and tumor growth in oral squamous cell carcinoma patients.

Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is the most common malignant cancer with high mortality rates in advanced stages. Recent studies have shown that the expression of ALPK1 mRNA and its inhibitory differentiation function are associated with cancer progression. However, the expression and clinicopathological features of ALPK1 in OSCC remain unexplored. Here we investigated the expression patterns ...

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