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Prophylaxis of osteonecrosis in the case of patients treated with bisphosphonates: A review paper.

Bisphosphonates are a group of medicines used in the treatment of oncological osteoporosis, Paget disease and osteogenesis imperfecta. They significantly interfere with the regeneration processes of bone tissue and have a tendency to accumulate in the areas of increased bone remodeling, i.e., the maxilla and the mandible. One of their most serious and problematic side effects is the induction of b...

Patient-reported outcomes associated with different restorative techniques in pediatric dentistry: A systematic review and MTC meta-analysis.

Despite the increasing number of studies evaluating patient reported outcome measures (PROs), there is no clearness regarding which restorative treatment offers major benefits based on the pediatric patient perspective.

Long-term results of endosseous implants as retention elements of orbital epitheses, reconstruction techniques, and aftercare after radical tumor resection.

The aim of this study was to examine the long-term results of implants in orbital reconstruction after exenteration.

Instrument Selection and Application Used to Probe Dental Implants.

The purpose of this study is to survey clinicians' choice of peri-implant instrument selection and the application used to probe dental implants as well as to evaluate peri-implant probing force and pressure applied as compared to that reported in current literature.

Quantification of image artifacts from navigation markers in dynamic guided implant surgery and the effect on registration performance in different clinical scenarios.

Different navigation markers in dynamic guided implant surgery could cause different degrees of artifacts, which would affect the accuracy and efficiency of the implant navigation system. This study aimed to quantify artifacts caused by navigation markers made of different materials and to evaluate their effects on registration accuracy under various oral conditions.

The effect of the configurations of fiducial markers on accuracy of surgical navigation in zygomatic implant placement: An in vitro study.

Real-time surgical navigation has been increasingly applied in implant placement. The initial registration procedures were found to substantially affect the overall accuracy of the system for zygomatic implant placement, but the exact number and distribution of fiducial markers was yet undetermined. This study aimed to determine the minimal numbers and optimal distributions of fiducial markers to ...

Regenerated Bone Pattern Around Exposed Implants with Various Designs.

The design and surface features of dental implants substantially affect the healing and remodeling of adjacent bones. This study aimed to investigate the impact of design and surface on bone regeneration using implants of two different pitches, each with three different surface features.

Influence of the height of the antrostomy in sinus floor elevation assessed by cone beam computed tomography- a randomized clinical trial.

To evaluate the influence of the height of the antrostomy on dimensional variations of the elevated space after sinus floor elevation.

A laminin-derived functional peptide, PPFEGCIWN, promotes bone formation on sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched titanium implant surfaces.

This study aimed to investigate the in vitro and in vivo bone-forming potential of a sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched (SLA) titanium (Ti) surface treated with a laminin-derived functional peptide, PPFEGCIWN (DN3).

Micro-ATR FTIR, SEM-EDS and X-ray micro-CT: an innovative multi-technique approach to investigate bone affected by peri-implantitis.

The aim of this work was to prove the synergic complementarity of attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy (micro-ATR FTIR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and x-ray computed microtomography (micro-CT) by studying implant samples with bone affected by peri-implantitis.

A Comparative Study with Biphasic Calcium Phosphate to Deproteinized Bovine Bone in Maxillary Sinus Augmentation: A Prospective Randomized and Controlled Clinical Trial.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate a new graft material, biphasic calcium phosphate, composed of 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% β-Tricalcium phosphate and deproteinized bovine bone mineral, which is established as a predictable graft material for maxillary sinus augmentation.

Bone Graft Displacement After Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation With or Without Covering Barrier Membrane: A Retrospective Computed Tomographic Image Evaluation.

Scientific publications have recently found that bone graft quality and implant survival rates were not influenced by antrostomy membrane coverage during maxillary sinus floor augmentation with a lateral approach. The aim of this study was to evaluate the stability of the bone substitute after a maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure with or without using a covering membrane.

Mandible reconstruction with patient-specific implants: Case report of five consecutive patients.

The purpose of this case report was to assess whether patient-specific implants (PSI: Xillocs) and soft tissue flaps contribute in reconstructing large mandibular defects. Five patients with a medical situation and history not suitable for free microvascular bone flaps were operated with PSI and evaluated. The mean follow-up time was 12 months. The excellent fit, convenient surgery, and esthetic o...

Influence of UV irradiation and cold atmospheric pressure plasma on zirconia surfaces: an in vitro study.

To compare the influence of ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP) treatment on surface structure, surface chemistry, cytocompatibility, and cell behavior on zirconia in vitro.

Accuracy of a Dynamic Dental Implant Navigation System in a Private Practice.

To evaluate the in vivo accuracy of dental implants placed using a dynamic computer-aided dental implant (CAI) navigation system. The impact of various factors on accuracy was also analyzed.

Comparison of Three-Dimensional Accuracy of Digital and Conventional Implant Impressions: Effect of Interimplant Distance in an Edentulous Arch.

This study compared the three-dimensional (3D) accuracy of conventional impressions with digital impression systems (intraoral scanners and dental laboratory scanners) for two different interimplant distances in maxillary edentulous arches.

Comparative study of immediate loading on short dental implants and conventional dental implants in the posterior mandible: A randomized clinical trial.

Immediate dental implant loading has been investigated with favorable results. However, short implants have not been investigated in this treatment option. This study compared the clinical outcomes and survival rates of immediately loaded short and conventional length dental implants in replacing mandibular molar teeth.

Shining Sunlight on Industry Payments in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: The Sunshine Act.

To characterize industry payments to oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMSs) and to determine the accuracy of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments Databases.

Human-powered pop-up resting shelter for sampling cavity-resting mosquitoes.

Methods for collecting mosquitoes without the use of electricity are advantageous in remote field locations where electricity is not present or is unreliable. Here we report on the development and evaluation of a human-powered system for sampling cavity-resting mosquitoes. The system is composed of a spring-steel framed resting shelter and pneumatic lid that "pumps" mosquitoes resting within the s...

Effectiveness of Dental Bleaching With 37.5% and 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Effect on Quality of Life.

This study investigated whether it is possible to achieve equally satisfactory results between 37.5% hydrogen peroxide (HP) gel and 6% HP gel. We also assessed the psychosocial impact and self-perception of esthetics generated by extracoronal tooth whitening.

Ferrule Design Does Not Affect the Biomechanical Behavior of Anterior Teeth Under Mechanical Fatigue: An In Vitro Evaluation.

To investigate the survival and failure mode of fiber-post resin restorations over preparations with different ferrule designs when submitted to a fatigue load test.

Point-of-care, smartphone-based, dual-modality, dual-view, oral cancer screening device with neural network classification for low-resource communities.

Oral cancer is a growing health issue in a number of low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), particularly in South and Southeast Asia. The described dual-modality, dual-view, point-of-care oral cancer screening device, developed for high-risk populations in remote regions with limited infrastructure, implements autofluorescence imaging (AFI) and white light imaging (WLI) on a smartphone platform,...

Detection of intracellular Helicobacter pylori in Candida. SPP from neonate oral swabs.

There is evidence of detection of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in the stool of newborns and in the yeast that colonizes the oral cavity of this age group. However, there is a lack of research to confirm it. This study proposes to determine the existence of the bacteria at an early age, specifically in newborns.

Comparison of the Efficacy of Oral versus Intravascular Magnesium in the Prevention of Hypomagnesemia and Arrhythmia after CABG.

Cardiac arrhythmias are a common challenge following open-heart surgeries. Hypomagnesemia is believed to be correlated with this condition. Prophylactic intravenous magnesium supplementation has been practiced for a long time in patients undergoing CABG. This study was designed in an attempt to compare the efficacy of oral versus intravenous routes in the prevention of hypomagnesemia and arrhythmi...

Influence of dental occlusion on the athletic performance of young elite rowers: a pilot study.

The present study aimed to assess the influence of dental occlusion on body posture and the competitive performance of young elite rowers.

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