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Depression is a serious mental health condition, where sad feelings carry on for weeks or months and interfere with your life.

The symptoms include feeling unhappy most of the time (but may feel a little better in the evenings), loosing interest in life and can't enjoy anything, finding it harder to make decisions, not coping with things that you used to and feeling exhausted, restless and agitated. Risk factors for depression include regular heavy drinking and a family history of depression. 

There are many options for treating depression; lifestyle changes such as keeping busy, eating well, avoiding alcohol and drug, and getting enough sleep. Trying to find the cause is good, and can be achieved through counseling or CBT. Antidepressant medications can also help, but do not resolve the cause of the condition. 

Depression has a massive impact on society, as it is so common and with some patients unable to work, suffering recurrent depressive episodes, and requiring extensive family and social support. 

Source; Adapted from Royal College of Psychiatrists

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