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Establishment of a suspension array for Pseudomonas aeruginosa O-antigen serotyping.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) is widespread in the environment. It readily infects hospital and immunocompromised patients. Traditional biochemical and immunological diagnoses of P. aeruginosa infection cannot meet clinical demands. The variability of O-antigens is the primary basis for the serotyping schemes of many gram-negative bacteria, which is the most widely used method for pathoge...

Measurement of the vortex spectrum in a vortex-beam array without cuts and gluing of the wavefront.

We present a new technique for measuring the squares of the amplitudes and phases of partial vortex-beams in a complex beam array in real time. The technique is based on measuring the high-order intensity moments and analyzing the solutions of a system of linear equations. Calibration measurements have shown that the measurement error at least for a beam array of 10-15 beams does not exceed 4%.

Changes in chemical and ultrastructural composition of ameroid constrictors following in vitro expansion.

To (1) characterise the chemical and ultra-structural composition of ameroid constrictors, at a native state and during in vitro expansion and (2) determine the presence of irritant compounds at the surface or within the bulk of the constrictor.

Relevant molecular characteristics analysis on malignant transformation of interstitial cells induced by tumor stem cells in glioma microenvironment.

A variety of interstitial cells in tumor microenvironment (TME) based on glioma stem cells(GSC) have the function to promote malignant progression of tumors, but whether these interstitial cells have already undergone malignant transformation and their related molecular characteristics are still poorly understood. Human SU3-RFP glioma stem cells (GSC) stably transfected with red fluorescent prote...

Ultra-flexible nanowire array for label- and distortion-free cellular force tracking.

Living cells interact with their immediate environment by exerting mechanical forces, which regulate important cell functions. Elucidation of such force patterns yields deep insights into the physics of life. Here we present a top-down nanostructured, ultra-flexible nanowire array biosensor capable of probing cell-induced forces. Its universal building block, an inverted conical semiconductor nano...

Clinicopathological Correlation and Prevalence of Increased Copper in Canine Hepatic Cytology.

Special staining and grading of canine liver cytology samples aids in detection of increased copper content. The prevalence of copper in routine diagnostic liver cytology samples, clinical findings associated with high cytologic copper (cCu) grade, and the correlation between cCu grade and histologic findings, including histologic copper (hCu) grade, are unknown. This data may be helpful in ascert...

In Vitro Characterization of Original and Nonoriginal Implant Abutments.

In addition to original componentry, clinicians can choose to restore an implant using third-party parts claimed to be compatible with the original implant system. The goal of these in vitro experiments was to evaluate the performance of a selection of original and clone titanium abutments available for a widely used implant system with an internal conical connection.

Advancing Translational Science for Pulmonary NTM Infections: A Roadmap for Research.

Multiple studies conducted since the mid-1990's indicate increasing prevalence of nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease (NTM PD) in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This disease is often chronic, with lengthy treatment courses and a high risk of reinfection even after successful treatment. To identify critical gaps in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of NTM PD, the National...

Less is more - enhancement of second-harmonic generation from metasurfaces by reduced nanoparticle density.

We investigate optical second-harmonic generation (SHG) from metasurfaces where noncentrosymmetric V-shaped gold nanoparticles are ordered into regular array configurations. In contrast to expectations, a substantial enhancement of the SHG signal is observed when the number density of the particles in the array is reduced. More specifically, by halving the number density, we obtain over five-fold ...

Impedance Spectroscopy and Electrophysiological Imaging of Cells with a High-density CMOS Microelectrode Array System.

A monolithic multi-functional CMOS microelectrode array system was developed that enables label-free electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of cells in-vitro at high spatiotemporal resolution. The electrode array includes 59,760 platinum microelectrodes, densely packed within a 4.5 mm×2.5 mm sensing region at a pitch of 13.5 μm. 32 on-chip lock-in amplifiers can be used to measure the impedance ...

Performance of a Multigene Genomic Classifier in Thyroid Nodules With Indeterminate Cytology: A Prospective Blinded Multicenter Study.

Approximately 20% of fine-needle aspirations (FNA) of thyroid nodules have indeterminate cytology, most frequently Bethesda category III or IV. Diagnostic surgeries can be avoided for these patients if the nodules are reliably diagnosed as benign without surgery.

Excess of nutrient-induced morphofunctional adaptation and inflammation degree in a Caco2/HT-29 in vitro intestinal co-culture.

The intestinal cell function can be modulated by the type and quantity of nutrients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of an excess of nutrients on intestinal morphofunctional features and a possible association of inflammation in a 70/30 Caco2/HT-29 intestinal in vitro co-culture.

Deferasirox selectively induces cell death in the clinically relevant population of leukemic CD34CD38 cells through iron chelation, induction of ROS and inhibition of HIF1α expression.

Despite high remission rate after therapy, only 40-50% of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients survive 5 years after diagnosis. The main cause of treatment failure is thought to be insufficient eradication of CD34CD38 AML cells. In order to induce preferential cell death in CD34CD38 AML cells two separate events may be necessary: (1) inhibition of survival signals such as NF-κB and (2) induction...

Basal cell enumeration does not predict malignancy in canine perianal gland tumor cytology.

Perianal (hepatoid) gland tumors are common in dogs, and the distinction between the benign and malignant forms is clinically important. Cytology of these tumors typically contains many large hepatoid cells and fewer small basal cells.

Ultrathin Air-Stable n-Type Organic Phototransistor Array for Conformal Optoelectronics.

Development of conformal n-channel organic phototransistor (OPT) array is urgent for future applications of organic complementary circuits in portable and wearable electronics and optoelectronics. In this work, the ultrathin conformal OPT array based on air-stable n-type PTCDI-CH was fabricated. The OPT array shows excellent electrical and photoelectrical performance, good device uniformity, and r...

Nivolumab as a safe and effective treatment in an HIV patient with refractory Hodgkin lymphoma.

Endothelial cell transient receptor potential channel C5 (TRPC5) is essential for endothelium-dependent contraction in mouse carotid arteries.

Augmented endothelium-dependent contractions (EDC) contributes to endothelial dysfunction and vascular disease progression. An early signal in EDC is cytosolic [Ca] rise in endothelial cells, which stimulates the production of contractile prostanoids, leading to vascular contraction. In this study, the molecular identity of Ca-permeable channels in endothelial cells and its function were investiga...

Chemiluminescence immunoassay for sensing lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 in cardiovascular risk evaluation.

Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA) is a novel inflammatory biomarker, which is useful as an adjunct identification tool for cardiovascular disease. However, the important limitation of the conventional enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (PLAC ELISA) for Lp-PLA assay is its relatively low sensitivity and time consuming. A method to measure the Lp-PLA simply, rapidly and sensitively is ...

Imaging and therapeutic applications of persistent luminescence nanomaterials.

The development of probes for biomolecular imaging and diagnostics is a very active research area. Among the different imaging modalities, optics emerged since it is a noninvasive and cheap imaging technique allowing real time imaging. In vitro, this technique is very useful however in vivo, fluorescence suffers from low signal-to-noise ratio due to tissue autofluorescence under constant excitatio...

Evaluation of a validated methylation triage signature for human papillomavirus positive women in the HPV FOCAL cervical cancer screening trial.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)-based cervical cancer screening requires triage of HPV positive women to identify those at risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 (CIN2) or worse. We conducted a blinded case-control study within the HPV FOCAL randomized cervical cancer screening trial of women aged 25-65 to examine whether baseline methylation testing using the S5 classifier provided triage ...

Visual and instrumental diagnostics using chromokinegraphics: Reliability and validity for low back pain stratification.

Low back pain patients have been suggested to exhibit dysfunctional spinal movement patterns. However, there is a lack of clinically applicable but valid and reliable assessment tools, helping to discriminate normal and pathologically altered movement.

Improved anal Cytology Sampling: Tush Brush Compared With Dacron Swab.

The objective of this study was to determine the performance characteristics of the Tush brush (TB) compared with a saline moistened Dacron swab (DS) as anal cytology sampling devices.

In vitro assessment of radiobiology of meningioma: a pilot study.

Meningioma are the second most common brain tumors in adults and can cause significant morbidity and mortality. The scarcity of in vitro and in vivo models represents the major obstacle to understand the molecular basis of meningioma tumorigenesis. The main aim of this study was to assess a method for radiobiology of meningioma cells colture by means of well-known meningioma lines.

Concept of sample-specific correction of immunoassay results for precise and accurate IgG quantification in horse plasma.

The hyperimmune horse plasma (HHP), prepared through active immunisation of horses with an antigen of interest, is the most common starting material for antitoxin (animal antibody-based therapeutics) production. Precise IgG quantification in plasma is a prerequisite for accurate estimation of the purification process efficiency. Although immunoglobulins from HHP have been purified for over a centu...

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