Marburg and Ebola Virus Infections

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Ebola virus and Marburg virus are related viruses that cause hemorrhagic fevers — illnesses marked by severe bleeding (hemorrhage), organ failure and, in many cases, death. Both viruses are native to Africa, where sporadic outbreaks have occurred for decades.

Ebola virus and Marburg virus live in animal hosts, and humans can contract the viruses from infected animals. After the initial transmission, the viruses can spread from person to person through contact with body fluids or contaminated needles.

Novel treatment - Zmapp and TKM-Ebola

Ebola cases and deaths in West African outbreak by country 2015 

Ebola cases and deaths related to outbreaks in West African countries as of June 10, 2015*
  Cases* Deaths
Guinea 3,670 2,437
Liberia** 10,666 4,806
Sierra Leone 12,901 3,915
Nigeria** 20 8
Senegal** 1 0
Spain** 1 0
United States** 4 1
Mali** 8 6
United Kingdom** 1 0
Italy 1 0
Total 27,273 11,173

Source WHO

Survey period As of June 10, 2015

Note * Includes probable, confirmed and suspected cases.
** Outbreaks declared over after a 42-day at risk period: Senegal (17 October 2014), Nigeria (19 October 2014), United States (self-declared on 11 November 2014, after 21-day at risk period), Spain (02 December 2014), Mali (18 January 2015), United Kingdom (24 January 2015, after all contacts have completed 21-day follow-up), Liberia (09 May 2015, after 42 complete days elapsed since the burial of the last confirmed case). 

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