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Electronic consults for improving specialty care access for veterans.

We adopted e-consults within an active referral management (ARM) process for our Veterans Health Administration (VHA) outpatient cardiology clinic to reduce clinic wait times.

Machine Learning Prediction of Liver Stiffness Using Clinical and T2-Weighted MRI Radiomic Data.

The purpose of this study is to develop a machine learning model to categorically classify MR elastography (MRE)-derived liver stiffness using clinical and nonelastographic MRI radiomic features in pediatric and young adult patients with known or suspected liver disease. Clinical data (27 demographic, anthropomorphic, medical history, and laboratory features), MRI presence of liver fat and chemic...

Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Therapy in Heart Failure.

The population of patients with heart failure continues to grow, which introduced significant challenges in clinical practice related to the management of cardiac arrhythmia and advanced heart failure syndromes. Device therapy has increasingly become essential in the management of life-threatening arrhythmia and clinical heart failure in this population. This review will discuss the use of cardiac...

Leveraging the electronic health record to eliminate hepatitis C: Screening in a large integrated healthcare system.

Highly efficacious and tolerable treatments that cure hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection exist today, increasing the feasibility of disease elimination. However, large healthcare systems may not be fully prepared for supporting recommended actions due to knowledge gaps, inadequate infrastructure and uninformed policy direction. Additionally, the HCV cascade of care is complex, with many embedded ba...

France and marijuana: an unbalanced debate where public health competence is missing.

Children's sleep and health: A meta-review.

Sleep is essential for children's health and well-being. Characteristics of children's sleep such as sleep duration, timing, quality and variability are increasingly being associated with a wide range of health outcomes. The purpose of this study is to conduct a meta-review (systematic review of systematic reviews) to examine the relationship between sleep and health in children. A systematic sear...

Recently, health insurance claims have regained the attention of the scientific community as a source of real-world evidence in health care research and quality improvement. To date, very few studies are available which investigate the validity of health insurance claims; these may be affected by bias from several sources, such as possible upcoding of co-morbidities and complications for reimburse...

The medical major of health management in Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos: 30 years training managers for the health sector.

A historical account of the 30 years of the medical major of Health Management at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos is presented. The major was created in 1988 as Comprehensive General Medicine in response to the shortage of management specialists. The name of the major remained until 1994, when it changed to Integral Medicine and Health Management to emphasize its managerial orientation. I...

Trust in national health information sources in the United States: comparing predictors and levels of trust across three health domains.

Public trust in traditional sources of health information is essential for public health agencies and organizations to perform necessary public health functions. Little research has examined levels and predictors of trust in government health agencies and national health organizations. Additionally, few studies have simultaneously analyzed trust in multiple health topics. The major aim of this stu...

Women's health literacy and the complex decision-making process to use complementary medicine products in pregnancy and lactation.

Little is known about women's decision-making processes regarding using complementary medicine products (CMPs) during pregnancy or lactation.

A scoping review of interventions for vaccine stock management in primary health-care facilities.

One of the challenges facing the success of immunization programs is shortages of vaccines at health facilities, which could result from inadequate vaccine stock management. Several approaches have been designed by countries to improve vaccine stock management. This review summarizes currently available information on interventions for vaccine stock management. We considered both randomized trials...

Predicting chronic pain after major traumatic injury.

Background and aims Chronic pain after traumatic injury and surgery is highly prevalent, and associated with substantial psychosocial co-morbidities and prolonged opioid use. It is currently unclear whether predicting chronic post-injury pain is possible. If so, it is unclear if predicting chronic post-injury pain requires a comprehensive set of variables or can be achieved only with data availabl...

Silk Composite Electronic Textile Sensor for High Space Precision 2D Combo Temperature-Pressure Sensing.

Wearable electronic textiles based on natural biocompatible/biodegradable materials have attracted great attention due to applications in health care and smart clothes. Silkworm fibers are durable, good heat conductors, insulating, and biocompatible, and are therefore regarded as excellent mediating materials for flexible electronics. In this paper, a strategy on the design and fabrication of high...

A Health Informatics Reporting System for Technology Illiterate Workforce Using Mobile Phone.

 The reduction and control over neonatal, infant, and maternal mortality is a collective mission of the World Health Organization under United Nations.

Best Practices: Understanding New and Sustainable Approaches Being Integrated into Health Care Systems.

Components of compulsory service program for health professionals in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review.

The global health landscape has been characterized by shortfalls and imbalances in human resources for health (HRH), with more health workers concentrated in urban than rural areas. To address this maldistribution, some countries resorted to the implementation of a compulsory service policy for HRH. However, there is no comprehensive documentation describing the different components of such polici...

Seasonal trends of nutrient intake in rainforest communities of north-eastern Madagascar.

We collected dietary records over the course of nine months to comprehensively characterize the consumption patterns of Malagasy people living in remote rainforest areas of north-eastern Madagascar.

Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl, 2011-2016.

Objectives-Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, has been increasingly identified in drug overdose deaths. This report describes trends in drug overdose deaths involving fentanyl by demographic characteristics and geographic regions from 2011 through 2016. Methods-Drug overdose deaths were identified from the National Vital Statistics System-Mortality (NVSS-M) multiple cause-of-death files (2011-2016) usi...

Gas sensing properties of buckled bismuthene predicted by first-principles calculations.

First-principles calculations are used to study the structural, electronic, transport and optical properties of buckled bismuthene with the adsorption of various gas molecules such as CO, O2, H2O, NH3, SO2, NO and NO2. By considering the van der Waals interactions between the gas molecules and buckled bismuthene, we find that the buckled bismuthene shows superior gas sensing performance to other 2...

Colloidal quasi-one-dimensional dual semiconductor core/shell nanorod couple heterostructures with blue fluorescence.

Herein we report a nanorod couple heterostructure made of dual semiconductors, in which two parallelly aligned ZnSe nanorods are connected by the growth of ZnS on both end and side facets, producing hetero-ZnS (short arms)-ZnSe (long arms)/ZnS shell nanorod couples. As evidenced by electronic structure studies, both experimental and theoretical, such core/shell nanorod couple heterostructures can ...

The associations between query-based and directed health information exchange with potentially avoidable use of health care services.

To quantify the impact of two approaches (directed and query-based) to health information exchange (HIE) on potentially avoidable use of health care services.

Clinical scribes and their association with patient experience in the otolaryngology clinic.

Electronic health records have brought many advantages but also placed a documentation burden on the provider during and after the clinic visit. Some otolaryngologists have countered this challenge by employing clinical scribes. This project aimed to better understand the influence of scribes on patient experience in the otolaryngology clinic.

Investigating electronic communications in meso-meso ethene-bridged unsymmetrical diporphyrins.

At the focal point of this work is the photophysical characterization of three meso-meso ethene-bridged diporphyrins featuring diverse metallation pattern. Detailed investigations by means of cyclic voltammetry, absorption, fluorescence, and femto-/nanosecond transient absorption spectroscopy revealed the impact of open-shell nickel (II) on the electronic communication in ethene-bridged heterobime...

When Equal Pay Is Not Enough: The Influence of Employment Discrimination on Health Disparities.

Comparison of Parent Report with Administrative Data to Identify Pediatric Reutilization Following Hospital Discharge.

Healthcare providers rely on historical data reported by parents to make medical decisions. The Hospital to Home Outcomes (H2O) trial assessed the effects of a onetime home nurse visit following pediatric hospitalization for common conditions. The H2O primary outcome, reutilization (hospital readmission, emergency department visit, or urgent care visit), relied on administrative data to identify r...

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