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Comments on "Chiral pharmaceuticals: Environment sources, potential human health impacts, remediation technologies and future perspective".

Associations between the built environment and body mass index in the Mexican American Mano A Mano Cohort.

Obesity is highly prevalent in Mexican American adults. Studies on the role of the built environment in relation to obesity among this population are scarce.

Comparative study of transepidermal water loss in patients with and without hyperhidrosis by closed-chamber measurer in an air-conditioned environment.

To evaluate the difference in transepidermal water loss in patients diagnosed with hyperhidrosis and healthy subjects, in an air-conditioned environment.

Nurse work environment: comparison between private and public hospitals.

To compare the characteristics of the work environment that enable the professional practice of nurses in private and public organizations.

Successful amphiphiles as the key to crystallization of membrane proteins: Bridging theory and practice.

Membrane proteins constitute a major group of proteins and are of great significance as pharmaceutical targets, but underrepresented in the Protein Data Bank. Particular reasons are their low expression yields and the constant need for cautious and diligent handling in a sufficiently stable hydrophobic environment substituting for the native membrane. When it comes to protein crystallization, such...

Presence of small screens in bedrooms is associated with shorter sleep duration and later bedtimes in children with obesity.

The presence of small screens in the sleep environment has been associated with shorter sleep duration and later bedtimes in children of normal weight, but the role these devices play in the sleep environment of overweight children is unclear.

Perceived Social and Built Environment Correlates of Transportation and Recreation-Only Bicycling Among Adults.

Research on perceptions of environmental factors in relation to transportation and recreation bicycling is limited in the United States. We explored the association between perceived social and built environment factors with total, transportation, and recreation bicycling in a sample of adult bicyclists in Austin, Texas, and Birmingham, Alabama. The objective of this study was to examine the relat...

Refocusing the Lens: Caring and Compassion in an Online Nursing Environment.

The concept of compassionate caring in an online nursing education environment is an idea that has limited research. The College of Nursing at Sacred Heart University has adopted a caring model and philosophy to foster an engaged, mutually beneficial environment and guide how faculty and students interact in the online environment. Examples of how faculty engage students in these behaviors are off...

How the Respiratory Epithelium Senses and Reacts to Influenza Virus.

Our lungs are constantly exposed to the environment and potential pathogens. As the interface between host and environment, the respiratory epithelium has evolved sophisticated sensing mechanisms as part of its defence against pathogens. In this review, we examine how the respiratory epithelium senses and responds to influenza A virus (IAV), the biggest cause of respiratory viral deaths worldwide.

Family environment moderates the relation of sluggish cognitive tempo to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder inattention and depression.

The current study investigated whether a maladaptive family environment would moderate the strength of the relations of sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT) to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder inattention (ADHD-IN) and to depressive symptoms in a large sample of college students.


Azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus environmental and clinical isolates is recognized as an emerging problem worldwide. The development of azole resistance may be environmentally driven because of the massive use of azole fungicides in agriculture and the mechanism of resistance is mostly related to mutations in the cyp51A gene. A. fumigatus azole resistance in the environment was previously...

Microfibres from apparel and home textiles: Prospects for including microplastics in environmental sustainability assessment.

Textiles release fibres to the environment during production, use, and at end-of-life disposal. Approximately two-thirds of all textile items are now synthetic, dominated by petroleum-based organic polymers such as polyester, polyamide and acrylic. Plastic microfibres (

The Educational Environment of the Indian Undergraduate Medical Students: Is it Good Enough?

The educational environment (EE) is a crucial determinant of successful outcomes in an undergraduate (UG) medical education programme. The present study utilized the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM) which is a validated tool for this assessment in medical schools.

Dynamic simulation and assessment of the coupling coordination degree of the economy-resource-environment system: Case of Wuhan City in China.

The environmental and resource issues that accompany rapid economic growth have attracted the attention of the government and the public. Multiple non-linear and complicated interactions exist between the economy, resource and environment subsystem. Accordingly, understanding the operating mechanism of the economy-resource-environment (ERE) system and evaluating its coordination level are of immen...

Pre-ischemic enriched environment increases retinal resilience to acute ischemic damage in adult rats.

Retinal ischemia is a condition associated with several degenerative diseases leading to visual impairment and blindness worldwide. Currently, there is no highly effective therapy for ischemic retinopathies. This study was designed to determine possible benefits of pre-exposure to enriched environment against retinal damage induced by acute ischemia. For this purpose, adult male Wistar rats were r...

Oxytocin Receptor Gene (OXTR) and Deviant Peer Affiliation: A Gene-Environment Interaction in Adolescent Antisocial Behavior.

Although the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) is involved in aggression and social affiliation, it has not been examined in gene-environment interaction studies. This longitudinal study examined the effect of genetic variants in OXTR and its gene-environment interaction with perceived deviant peer affiliation in the trajectories of antisocial behavior in 323 adolescents (182 males) from 13 to 18 year...

Environment tracking and signal following in a reinforcer-ratio reversal procedure.

Several studies suggest that the degree of control by reinforcer ratios (environment tracking) and by exteroceptive stimuli that signal future reinforcer availability (signal following) depends on environmental certainty: As reinforcers become more likely at one location, environmental contingencies exert stronger control and exteroceptive stimuli exert weaker control. This research has not yet be...

What's the influence of social interactions on substance use and treatment initiation? A prospective analysis among substance-using probationers.

A person's social environment greatly affects the likelihood of substance use, which in turn affects risk for criminal behavior. This study examined how people's social environment early in probation contributed to later substance use and treatment outcome, both of which predict probation success.

A Preliminary Investigation of Health and Work-Environment Factors on Presenteeism in the Workplace.

This study investigates the health and work-environment factors that are associated with presenteeism.

Spatiotemporal Model for Depth Perception in Electric Sensing.

Electric sensing involves measuring the voltage changes in an actively generated electric field, enabling an environment to be characterized by its electrical properties. It has been applied in a variety of contexts, from geophysics to biomedical imaging. Some species of fish also use an active electric sense to explore their environment in the dark. One of the primary challenges in such electric ...

The effect of transportation vibration on the urban acoustic environment.

Anti-cancer drugs in aquatic environment can cause cancer: Insight about mutagenicity in tadpoles.

Cyclophosphamide (Cyc) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) are two of the most used antineoplastic drugs (AD) in the world. However, their discharge in the environment became a yet-unknown environmental issue that has impact on some groups of animals, such as amphibians. We assessed tadpoles (Lithobates catesbeianus) exposed to environmental concentrations (EC) of Cyc and 5-FU to evaluate whether they can c...

Multi-trait, Multi-environment Deep Learning Modeling for Genomic-Enabled Prediction of Plant Traits.

Multi-trait and multi-environment data are common in animal and plant breeding programs. However, what is lacking are more powerful statistical models that can exploit the correlation between traits to improve prediction accuracy in the context of genomic selection (GS). Multi-trait models are more complex than univariate models and usually require more computational resources, but they are prefer...

Chinese version of the clinical learning environment comparison survey: Assessment of reliability and validity.

Simulation is recommended as a substitute for clinical practice among nursing students. No current guidelines exist regarding the accurate percentage of simulation hours versus clinical practice hours. Comparing simulation with clinical practice is needed so that both strategies can be optimally combined in nursing education. The 29-item Clinical Learning Environment Comparison Survey (CLECS) is v...

Work environment mediates a large part of social inequalities in the incidence of several common cardiovascular risk factors: Findings from the Gazel cohort.

Whether working conditions contribute to social inequalities in cardiovascular disease is still a matter of debate. The present study investigates the extent to which the social gradient in the incidence of common behavioral and clinical risk factors is explained by work environment. In a well-characterized cohort of 20,625 middle-aged French civil servants followed for 25 years, social status and...

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