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Impact of Altered Airway Pressure on Intracranial Pressure, Perfusion, and Oxygenation: A Narrative Review.

A narrative review of the pathophysiology linking altered airway pressure and intracranial pressure and cerebral oxygenation.

Rivalry Under Pressure - The Coexistence of Ambient-pressure Motifs and Close-packing in Silicon Phosphorus Nitride Imide SiP2N4NH.

Non-metal nitrides such as BN, Si3N4 and P3N5 meet numerous demands on high-performance materials and their high-pressure polymorphs exhibit outstanding mechanical properties. Herein, we present the silicon phosphorus nitride imide SiP2N4NH featuring six-fold coordinated Si. Using the multianvil technique, SiP2N4NH was obtained from high-pressure high-temperature synthesis at 8 GPa and 1100 °C wi...

Feasibility of Robotic Prostatectomy Performed at Ultralow Pneumoperitoneum Pressure of 6mmHg and Comparison of Clinical Outcomes versus Standard Pressure of 15mmHg.

To evaluate the feasibility of performing robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP) at an ultralow pressure of 6mmHg and to assess the potential impact on clinical outcomes, as compared to a historical cohort of patients on which RALP was performed at a pressure of 15 mmHg.

Pressure tuning of iron-based superconductor Ca10(Pt3As8)((Fe0.95Pt0.05)2As2)5.

Systematic high pressure transport measurements were performed on underdoped Ca$_{10}$(Pt$_3$As$_8$)((Fe$_{0.95}$Pt$_{0.05}$)$_2$As$_2$)$_5$ single crystal sample. At ambient pressure, the sample shows a metallic behavior at high temperatures and then increases with further decreasing temperature. The resistivity dip, which is associated with metal to semiconductor transition is monotonically supp...

Aerobic Exercise Reduces Pressure More Than Heat Pain Sensitivity in Healthy Adults.

The hypoalgesic effects of exercise are well described, but there are conflicting findings for different modalities of pain; in particular for mechanical vs thermal noxious stimuli, which are the most commonly used in studies of exercise-induced hypoalgesia. The aims of this study were 1) to investigate the effect of aerobic exercise on pressure and heat pain thresholds that were well equated with...

Relationship between primary open angle glaucoma and blood pressure.

Glaucoma is commonly defined as high intra ocular pressure (≥21 mmHg) with optic neuropathy characterised by progressive loss of retinal ganglion cells which is associated with characteristic structural damage to the optic nerve and visual field loss. There are several studies investigating relation between primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and both systemic hypertension and especially night ...

Relationship between myocardial oxygenation and blood pressure: Experimental validation using oxygenation-sensitive cardiovascular magnetic resonance.

The relationship between mean arterial pressure (MAP) and coronary blood flow is well described. There is autoregulation within a MAP range of 60 to 140 mmHg providing near constant coronary blood flow. Outside these limits flow becomes pressure-dependent. So far, response of myocardial oxygenation to changes in pressure and flow has been more difficult to assess. While established techniques most...

Highly sensitive fiber Bragg grating-based pressure sensor using side-hole packaging.

In this work, an analysis of pressure response of a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor in a side-hole package is presented using the finite element method. Various parameters of the side-hole packaging such as hole radius, the distance of separation between them, the radius and length of the package, and the choice of the package material are considered and optimized in order to promote maximum pres...

The Relationship between Blood Pressure Variability, Recanalization Degree, and Clinical Outcome in Large Vessel Occlusive Stroke after an Intra-Arterial Thrombectomy.

Blood pressure variability (BPV) is associated with target organ damage progression and increased cardiovascular events, including stroke. The aim of this study was to evaluate the associations between short-term BPV during acute periods and recanalization degree, early neurological deterioration (END) occurrence, and functional outcomes in acute ischemic stroke patients who had undergone intra-ar...

Estimated Change in Prevalence of Hypertension in Nepal Following Application of the 2017 ACC/AHA Guideline.

The 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) Guideline for the Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults lowered the systolic and diastolic blood pressure thresholds for hypertension to 130 and 80 mm Hg, respectively. This represents a reduction of 10 mm Hg in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels used to define h...

Association of Body Mass Index With Blood Pressure Among 1.7 Million Chinese Adults.

Body mass index (BMI) is positively associated with blood pressure (BP); this association has critical implications for countries like China, where hypertension is highly prevalent and obesity is increasing. A greater understanding of the association between BMI and BP is required to determine its effect and develop strategies to mitigate it.

Long-term Outcomes of the Effects of Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Pharmacist Management on Blood Pressure Among Adults With Uncontrolled Hypertension: Follow-up of a Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.

Hypertension is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. The results were previously reported of a trial of home blood pressure (BP) telemonitoring and pharmacist management intervention in which the interventions stopped after 12 months. There were significantly greater reductions in systolic BP (SBP) in the intervention group than in the usual care group at 6, 12, and 18 months (-10.7, -9.7, a...

Association of Diabetes With Central Corneal Thickness Among a Multiethnic Asian Population.

Thicker or thinner central corneas may lead to either overestimation or underestimation of intraocular pressure, which is the most important causal and treatable risk factor for glaucoma. However, the findings on the associations between diabetes, random glucose, and glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) with central corneal thickness (CCT) are conflicting.

Wide Pulse Pressure Is Not Associated with Patent Ductus Arteriosus in the First Week of Life.

 Widened pulse pressure is generally associated with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Surprisingly, this is often not true for preterm infants during the first week of life when systolic and diastolic pressures are both reduced and pulse pressure may remain unchanged.

Adverse Outcomes with Maternal Blood Pressure Less than 140/90 in Pregnancy Complicated by Hypertension.

 We assessed the risk of small for gestational age and other outcomes in pregnancies complicated by chronic hypertension with blood pressure

Colloid osmotic parameterization and measurement of subcellular crowding.

Crowding of the subcellular environment by macromolecules is thought to promote protein aggregation and phase separation. A challenge is how to parameterize the degree of crowding of the cell interior or artificial solutions that is relevant to these reactions. Here I review colloid osmotic pressure as a crowding metric. This pressure is generated by solutions of macromolecules in contact with por...

Evaluation of the B-Smart manometer and the CompuFlo computerized injection pump technology for accurate needle-tip injection pressure measurement during peripheral nerve blockade.

The exact mechanism of peripheral nerve blocks causing/leading to nerve injury remains controversial. Evidence from animal experiments suggests that intrafascicular injection resulting in high injection pressure has the potential to rupture nerve fascicles and may consequently cause permanent nerve injury and neurological deficits. The B-Smart (BS) in-line manometer and the CompuFlo (CF) computeri...

C-reactive protein and blood pressure variability in type 2 hypertensive diabetic patients.

Increased blood pressure (BP) variability and inflammation are included among the factors recognized as potential predictors of cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This study aimed to evaluate whether C-reactive protein (CRP) is associated with increased BP variability in diabetic-hypertensive patients.

The Effect of Therapeutic IOP-lowering Interventions on the Twenty-four Hour Ocular Dimensional Profile Recorded with a Sensing Contact Lens.

We investigated the effect of different intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering interventions on contact lens sensor (CLS) parameters and their relationship with Goldman applanation tonometer (GAT)-measured IOP reduction.


Intraocular gases are commonly used in vitreoretinal surgery. Patients are routinely advised against air travel before the complete absorption of intraocular gas. Consequently, reports on air travel in patients with large intraocular gas bubbles are highly unusual. Here, we report the intraocular pressure changes of a patient ascending to an altitude of 2,600 feet in a helicopter with a 50% fill p...

Prognostic value of visit-to-visit systolic blood pressure variability related to diabetic kidney disease among patients with type 2 diabetes.

This study aimed to evaluate the impact of visit-to-visit variability (VVV) of blood pressure on the risk of diabetic nephropathy and whether it provides additional predictive information among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in China.

Mouse model of ocular hypertension with retinal ganglion cell degeneration.

Ocular hypertension is a primary risk factor for glaucoma and results in retinal ganglion cell (RGC) degeneration. Current animal models of glaucoma lack severe RGC cell death as seen in glaucoma, making assessment of physiological mediators of cell death difficult. We developed a modified mouse model of ocular hypertension whereby long-lasting elevation of intraocular pressure (IOP) is achieved, ...

Regulation of Choroidal Blood Flow During Isometric Exercise at Different Levels of Intraocular Pressure.

There is evidence that choroidal blood flow (ChBF) is regulated in a complex way during changes in ocular perfusion pressure (OPP). We hypothesized that ChBF regulates better in response to changes in mean arterial pressure (MAP) than in intraocular pressure (IOP).

Mitoquinone ameliorates pressure overload-induced cardiac fibrosis and left ventricular dysfunction in mice.

Increasing evidence indicates that mitochondrial-associated redox signaling contributes to the pathophysiology of heart failure (HF). The mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant, mitoquinone (MitoQ), is capable of modifying mitochondrial signaling and has shown beneficial effects on HF-dependent mitochondrial dysfunction. However, the potential therapeutic impact of MitoQ-based mitochondrial therapies ...

Dual-target, real-time PCR for the diagnosis of intraocular infections.

is the most common infectious cause of posterior uveitis worldwide. Two multicopy targets (B1 and Rep529) are commonly used in PCR assays, but studies evaluating these targets in ocular fluid samples are limited. Herein, we determine the analytical characteristics of a single-reaction, internally controlled, dual-target, real-time PCR and evaluate the clinical performance of this assay in intrao...

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