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HemaXellerate I(TM) stem cell product for treatment of drug refractory aplastic anemia.

HemaXellerate™ is a cellular drug designed to heal damaged bone marrow. Typically, bone marrow is damaged by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or diseases such as anemia.

“The HemaXellerate™ product aims to address the unmet medical need of patients who are non-responsive to existing growth factor therapies such as Neupogen and Leukine. These patients include those suffering from: aplastic anemia, a condition where the bone marrow produces an insufficient number of new cells to replace lost blood cells; chemotherapy/radiotherapy induced bone marrow failures; and low blood cell production after bone marrow or cord blood transplants,” stated Thomas Ichim, Chief Scientific Officer of Regen BioPharma.

According to David Koos, Chairman & CEO of Bio-Matrix, “HemaXellerate™ may provide an ideal therapeutic for bone marrow failure based upon: (1) regulating secretion of cytokines as biologically needed; (2) producing long-term, localized growth factors that alleviate the need for drugs; and (3) actively repairing the blood producing stem cell environment.”

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