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Clinical Study of Immunity Duration of Yellow Fever Vaccine in Military

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in South America, Central America and Africa. It is more prevalente in males gender and the age above 15 years due to the greater exposure in the wild endemic area of yellow fever. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a single dose of the yellow fever vaccine is sufficient to maintain protective ...

Immune Responses in Health Care Personnel

This is an investigator-initiated 10 year long open cohort observational study, aiming to increase the understanding of the humoral and cellular immunological mechanisms of vaccination against influenza, including effects of repeated vaccination, the duration of protection, immunity against circulating viruses, as well as factors affecting the immunological responses and im...

Effect of a Kefir Beverage on Immunity and Lipid Profile

This is an exploratory cluster randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of a kefir beverage, enriched with prebiotics components, on immunity, lipid profile and adiposity in a population-based study, using the family as the intervention unit.

Immunization Reminder Bracelets Study

Pakistan has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world in part, due to the low coverage (54%) for all basic vaccinations. Low uptake, lack of awareness among parents to complete the recommended immunization schedule and inability to remember vaccine appointments are some of the key factors hindering improvement in uptake of immunization services. On the supply ...

The Effects of Omega-3 PUFAs on the Infant Microbiome and Immunity

Prenatal supplementation with fish oil, rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, is widely recommended in Canada. The aim of this observational, prospective cohort study is to determine the effects of maternal fish oil supplements on the development of their infants' gut microbiota and immunity.

mHealth-Assisted Conditional Cash Transfers to Improve Timeliness of Vaccinations

Vaccination is a cost-effective strategy for conferring immunity against a host of preventable diseases, however, rates of timely childhood vaccinations remain inadequate in resource-limited settings. We propose to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of mHealth-assisted conditional cash transfers as a means of overcoming individual barriers to timely vaccinations. The stu...

Innate Immune Response of Blood Cells in Patients With Pneumonia

Pulmonary bacterial infections such as exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, nosocomial and community-acquired pneumonia represent a major public health issue. Antibiotics have shown their efficacy by direct antimicrobial activity and their limit particularly in case of multidrug-resistant microorganisms or in treating patients with aggravating pathologies. Innate immunity c...

Effectiveness of Distraction Techniques on Pain Intensity During Immunization Among Infants

A study to assess and compare the effectiveness of Distraction techniques on Pain intensity during Immunization among Infants in selected hospital of Ambala, Haryana.

Safety and Efficacy Study of Viaskin Peanut in Peanut-allergic Young Children 1-3 Years of Age

The study aims to assess the safety and efficacy of Viaskin Peanut to induce desensitization to peanut in peanut-allergic children 1 to 3 years of age after a 12-month treatment by EPicutaneous ImmunoTherapy (EPIT).

NK Cell Mediated Influenza Immunity During Pregnancy

Pregnant women have increased morbidity and mortality due to infection with influenza. Changes in T cell function have been proposed as possible mechanisms for this finding. We believe that pregnancy induced changes in NK cell phenotype and function also impact influenza immunity. This study will compare the immune response of pregnant women and controls to TIV influenza va...

The Effects of General Anesthetics on Lymphocytes in Patients Undergoing Colorectal Cancer Resection and Mechanism Involved

The body immunity is important to the development of tumor. The immune system is in charge of monitoring and cleaning tumor cells in circulation. Anesthesia may alter the immune response and affect the elimination of tumor cells. The purpose of the trial is to test whether inhalational anesthetic is relevant to tumor metastasis and recurrence of patients undergoing colorect...

Optimal Timing of Zoster Vaccine After Allogenic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

The purpose of this study is to determine the optimal timing of zoster vaccination to induce both higher cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity in adult patient aged over 50 with history of allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation(allo-HSCT).

Study on Immunization Schedule of Beijing Tiantan Biological's Measles-mumps-rubella(MMR) Vaccine

This study will evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of Beijing Tiantan's MMR vaccine in subjects 18 months of age and older. The MMR vaccine may be administered as a second dose to 4-6 year-old persons with one dose immunization with MMR vaccine or as a first dose to 18 month-old subjects with one dose immunization with measles-rubella(MR).

Immunogenicity and Safety Evaluation of Different Sequential Immunization Strategies by Sabin IPV and bOPV in Chinese Infants

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the immunogenicity and safety of different sequential immunization strategies by Sabin IPV and bOPV in Chinese infants.

Kinetic Study of CD8+ CMV-specific Cellular Immunity in Renal Transplant Patients After Receiving Thymoglobulin

Renal transplant candidates who have CMV-specific, CD8+ T-cells, are CMV-seropositive and carry HLA-A1 and/ or HLA- A2 alleles have a high probability to maintain this type of immunity during the three first months after the transplant, despite induction immunosuppressive therapy (thymoglobulin).

Immunisation History Survey - a Study to Measure Levels of Immunity to Routine Immunisations

To collect the immunisation history of participants enrolled in a previous vaccine study (REC 09/H0604/107) in order to assess the influence of genetic variation on the level of immunity to routine immunisations.

Microbiota and Immune microEnvironment in Pouchitis

Microbiota and innate immunity in pouchitis: predisposing factors and modulation of the inflammation with probiotics. Around 20-25% of ulcerative colitis patients undergo restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch anal anastomosis. Pouchitis is an idiopathic inflammatory disease that may occur in ileal pouches. In our recent studies, we showed altered microbiota and inna...

Vitamin D Supplementation and Immunity/Physical Performance

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of vitamin D supplementation on vitamin D status, immunity and physical performance.


Hypothesis:Valganciclovir prophylaxis can be discontinued before 3 months in CMV-seropositive renal transplant recipients receiving induction timogloblina when developing CMV-specific cellular immunity after transplantation. Objective Meet the efficacy and safety of valganciclovir prophylaxis suspend in CMV-seropositive kidney transplant recipients with CD8 + cellular immu...

IPV-102 Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of TAK-195 in Healthy Infants, Toddlers and Adults

The purpose of this study is to select the optimal antigen content of the three Sabin poliovirus strains (types 1, 2, and 3) entering the composition of the stand-alone trivalent Sabin-based inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine (sIPV) to take forward into advanced stage studies. The selection will be carried out comparing the three sIPV study arms based on the safety and toler...

Methodological Study to Compare the Effect of Different Methods of Measuring Cat Allergy Symptoms in Patients That Have Immunized Their Cats With FEL-CMV.

In this Project we will monitor the symptoms of cat allergic participants who live together with a cat which is immunized with FEL-CMV using the novel symptom recording method "HypoScore", a General weekly symptom score, and a skin prick test before and after immunization of the cat. This project may enable us to determine if the scoring System and the tests are able to det...

Validation of a Risk Score Opportunistic Infections Development in Kidney Transplant Patients

This study validate the usefulness of SIMPLICITY score to characterize the immune status of the kidney transplant receiver at two points along its course (the one and six months after transplantation), by determination in peripheral blood of various parameters related to cellular immunity (count subpopulations of CD3+ (cluster of differentiation 3), CD4+ (cluster of differe...

Immune Modulation From Trichuris Suis

Mucosal immunology during helminth infection

Active Surveillance for Adverse Events Following Immunization With the Influenza Vaccine Produced at Butantan Institute

Title: Active surveillance for adverse events following immunization with the trivalent influenza vaccine (split virion and inactivated) produced at Butantan Institute. Rationale and background: Since 2013, IB has been performing passive pharmacovigilance activities related to TIV. Data sources for safety surveillance currently include data shared by the National Immunizat...

Innate and Acquired Immunity to Influenza Infection and Immunization (SLVP029)

The purpose of the study is to get a better understanding of the natural and adaptive immune response to the flu virus and to compare the immune cell responses to FDA-licensed flu vaccines in nasal mucosal cells and in blood.

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