Terms and conditions for the sale of management reports

23:09 EDT 22nd May 2019 | BioPortfolio

The Company

BioPortfolio Limited is an independent company whose trading and postal address is:

Wessex Barn, 8 Dorchester Road, Frampton, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9NB, United Kingdom

VAT Number is GB 744 6483 10

BioPortfolio's Registered Company Number is 03312883.

Registered Office is:

Stafford House, Prince of Wales Road, Dorchester, DT1 1PW, United Kingdom

BioPortfolio is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Product Price

Prices are set by the Publisher and are intended to be the same as those advertised by the Publisher. All prices are set in US Dollars ($). Where Publisher prices are set in a currency other than US Dollars BioPortfolio uses a mutually agreed exchange rate to convert the prices into US Dollars. Prices are subject to change without Agreement.

Product Descriptions

BioPortfolio sells knowledge products such as books and management reports on behalf of Publishers. We make every effort to ensure that all the contents of reports, books and other products are accurately described on our website but we accept no liability for any inaccuracy.

Goods Sold

Goods sold through BioPortfolio will remain the property of the Publisher until paid for in full by the buyer.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of the products, refunds cannot be granted. In the case of damaged or incomplete goods refunds are at BioPortfolio's discretion.

Refusal of Supply

All orders for products are subject to availability and BioPortfolio reserves the right to refuse to supply any individual/corporation at its sole discretion.

License Agreement

Most products available through BioPortfolio are subject to terms and conditions of use or a licence agreement. You will have to agree to these during the purchase process. Rights granted to a Customer are not transferable to anyone else.

BioPortfolio reserves the right to terminate any licence granted to the Customer (in any format) while retaining for its own benefit all monies paid for the supply or other use of the same if there is a material breach of any of these terms and conditions by any member of staff within any part of the Customer's organisation.

Copyright and Reproduction

The copyright and publication rights to all its books and reports and other products are the property of the Publisher indicated in the publication. Purchasing a product does not allow you any reproduction of the material contained within any book without express permission being granted, except in cases where the material is used solely in internal reports and presentations in the course of business. In such cases all material must be clearly sourced to the publisher. Under no circumstances is any purchaser of a report licensed to resell or repackage or sell data without prior written consent from the Publisher. Readers must not remove any indication of the Publisher's copyright from any format.

Warranties and Limitation of liability

BioPortfolio sells products in good faith on behalf of Publishers but makes no claim that they are free of error or fit for any particular purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law BioPortfolio specifically disclaims all other warranties (express or implied) including but not limited to any implied warranty of quality or fitness for any particular purpose.

BioPortfolio shall not be liable to the Customer or to any other person for the consequences of any decision or action taken in reliance on any publication of data.

Any communication between BioPortfolio and a Customer or potential Customer relating to their particular requirements or terms for the supply of product will be treated as confidential information that shall not be disclosed outside their respective organisations.

Any agreement between BioPortfolio and a Customer shall take effect under, and its terms shall be interpreted in accordance with, English law.

11th January 2019

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