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21:47 EST 13th December 2018 | BioPortfolio

How to use RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a quick and easy way to get any content on BioPortfolio (news, publications, events etc) that matter most to you as soon as it is published on the site. These RSS feeds contain headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as the website is updated with new content. Follow these simple steps to get started with RSS.

Step one

Download or sign-up to a news reader service where you can access all your RSS feeds in one place. You can use popular feed readers which are free and simple to use:

Feedly: Feedly can be used for both entertainment and professional purposes (following competitors, keeping up on industry news, etc.). It has a simple interface with basic categories to collect individual RSS feeds, as well as a home page filled with the latest news from everywhere. This is currently one of the most popular feed readers online.

Flipboard: Flipboard has won admiration for its beautiful design that looks particularly good on mobile devices. It’s a good choice if you want a more organic, ezine-like way to peruse the latest news from your favorite sources.

Digg Reader: Digg Reader is a traditionally popular feed reader that many people still like to use. One of its best recent updates was a Chrome extension that allows you to instantly add a new RSS feed if you are browsing and come across a site you really like.

Alternatively access feeds though your web browser just click on the RSS button and choose where you want to display your feeds. 

Step two

To add a feed to your reader, click on the feed you want using the URL below. You can then either copy and paste the feed url into your reader or add the feed to your reader.

Step three

Repeat the process until you have all the feeds you need. Your feed reader should now update with headlines from your chosen feeds as they are published.

You can also follow the news from the BioPortfolio using our Twitter feeds- see below.

Please read our RSS & Twitter feed terms of use.


Unlimited option to create your own RSS BioPortfolio newsfeed, just replace the %%%%%% with your required search term in the URL below:

Evaluate examples below:


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