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A summary of the key sections of the BioPortfolio site are listed below - please follow the links and if you have any suggestions please use our enquiry form.   To put the site in context we outline our objectives and give a brief over view of our editorial team - please note we are always interested in hearing from professionals who can make a positive contribution to the site. 

Front page - otherwise referred to as the home page - a good place to start from.

Biotechnology and Life Science News Section

There are several parts to our news section:

PubMed Journal Articles Section

This is a database from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

Corporate Biotechnology and Life-Science Companies Section

Here we've gathered together a vast store of information about biotech and life-science companies around the world:

Clinical Trials Section on BioPortfolio

BioPortfolio incorporates data supplied by to give our readers an extensive database of biotech and life science clinical trials:

  • Search Clinical Trials - search over 65,000 recent biotechnology and life science clinical trials 
  • Popular Trials - view the most popular clinical trials on the site, based on search engine activity
  • Latest Trials - view a list of all the clinical trials on the site in descending date order
  • Clinical Trials by Condition - A-Z listing of human conditions targeted by each clincial trial
  • Recent Searches - the most recently searched-for clinical trial records on BioPortfolio

Drugs / Medication Section on BioPortfolio

This is a database from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health:

  • Search Drugs - search over 19,000 recent drug records on BioPortfolio
  • Popular Drugs - view the most popular drug/medication records on the site, based on search engine activity
  • Recent Searches - the most recently searched-for drug and medication records on BioPortfolio

Market Research, Business Information and data on the global life science industry

BioPortfolio works with 29 publishers to promote and sell life science market research reports - over 10,000 titles listed:

BioTech and Life Science Channels / Topics on BioPortfolio

To bring together all our resources on a single page for a specific topic, product, condition, intervention or career we have published 4,500  "Channel" pages. They include cross-referenced news and information from our whole database to provide you with a one-stop location for finding out information on any topic you're interested in; from Bowel Cancer to HIV; Virology Jobs etc:

  • Latest Channels - the most recently added lifescience and biotech channels to be added to the site
  • Channels Categories - a list of the core channel types to be found on the site: Careers, Conditions, Interventions, Products, Publishers, Other
  • Recent Searches - the most recently searched-for channels on BioPortfolio

About BioPortfolio

There are a number of key pages that can be found on the site that relate to the "official" information about BioPortfolio, like the privacy policy, terms and conditions and so on. Here's a quick list of them.

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We hope you find BioPortfolio useful and look forward to you re-visiting in the near future.

Peter Barfoot, CEO, BioPortfolio Limited.

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