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01:15 EST 24th January 2019 | BioPortfolio

BioPortfolio aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the lay person, patient, scientist and business professional to better understand the role that biotechnology makes to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, agriculture and related industries.  With a global annual audience of 1,364,915 sessions and 1,754,371 page views in 2018 BioPortfolio is seeking sponsors who are targeting this audience and have a similar ethos to BioPortfolio.

  • Build Brand Awareness - reach thousands of daily visitors with your corporate logo or advert
  • Professional Audience - leading resource for healthcare, life-science and biotech people and businesses
  • Comprehensive and Up To Date - global news, trials, research and reports updated every minute



BioPortfolio is global – the site is accessed from all corners of the world, with a strong presence in the key strategic areas of North America, Europe and the Far East.  With over 22 years of internet presence BioPortfolio has a weekly audience of 20-25,000 visitors who view 30-35,000 pages, over the last 12 months this equates to 1,173,394 unique visitors who viewed 1,754,371 pages.  

BioPortfolio has a Google Page Rank of 6, and is favored by the leading search engines, meaning it holds a prominent position on-line within the industry.

Sponsorship Packages

Run of Site

The BioPortfolio Sponsorship package provides effective brand exposure on a high-quality and heavily visited industry-specific news and information portal.

The package can be tailored to your needs, but could include;

  • Prominent logo display (300x250 pixels) in the top navigation bar on all 1.1+ million pages - upto 3.5 million impressions available over 12 months
  • Press Release publication service via BioNewsCast
  • Tweets to BioPortfolio's 1000,000+ Twitter followers - see Twitter accounts

Guaranteed 200,000 impressions per month at $2000.00 per month minimum period 3 months.

Why BioPortfolio?

BioPortfolio has been supplying life-science and healthcare information for over 17 years.  We are contnually investing in new technology and services to increase our internet presence and market share.   Recent developments and successes include:

  • re-design of the site for all platforms - desktop, tablet and smart phone.
  • the development of an editorial team to populate the site with unique and relevant content
  • the call for leading academics and professionals to contribute to dedicated blogs on key issues
  • the launch of a new management and market research store -
  • recognition from the Health on the Net Foundation - HONCode Certification - of BioPortfolio independence and quality of information of provided.

The volume of traffic to the BioPortfolio site will generate considerable exposure, but unlike other sites, the calibre of visitors is high, meaning you have access to the top tier industry professionals through a reputable leading life-science portal.

The dedicated team at BioPortfolio can discuss these opportunities with you and work with you to create a package that meets your needs.

Please contact:

Peter Barfoot
BioPortfolio Limited


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