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Breast cancer in males, case presentation and literature review

Male breast cancer is a rare entity, with an approximate rate of 1.1 / 100 000 in the US, with an average age of 67 years. In all cases a genetic study must be performed, in order to find mutations in known genes, and after the resolution of the disease, based on the results, a contralateral prophylactic mastectomy should be considered.

Predictors of surgical complications of nephrectomy for urolithiasis.

Nephrectomy due to stone disease may be a challenging procedure owing to the presence of significant inflammation and infection, involving high complication rate. The objective of our study was to identify predictors for complications of nephrectomy for urolithiasis.

Variability of arterial and peripheral venous blood gases parameters in subjects with stable obstructive pulmonary disease

Peripheral venous blood gases may be useful in subjects with exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to evaluate their gas exchange.

Reconsideration of Anticholinesterase Therapeutic Strategies against Alzheimer's Disease.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is well-known as a severe neurodegeneration disease involving complicated etiologies, and cholinesterase inhibition remain the prevailing mode of clinical intervention in AD management. Although most clinically applied cholinesterase inhibitors (ChEIs) achieve limited clinical outcomes, research on the central cholinergic system is still thriving. Recently, an impressive a...

Hemodynamic Responses to an Exercise Stress Test in Parkinson's Disease Patients without Orthostatic Hypotension.

The presence of postganglionic sympathetic denervation is well established in Parkinson's disease (PD). Denervation at cardiac and blood vessel sites may lead to abnormal cardiovascular and hemodynamic responses to exercise. The aim of the present investigation was to examine how heart rate (HR) and hemodynamics are affected by an exercise test in PD patients without orthostatic hypotension. Fourt...

Intra-articular injection of hydrogen sulfide decreased the progression of gonarthrosis.

Hydrogen sulfide (HS) is found in both the plasma and synovial fluid of patients with gonarthrosis. In the present study, we investigated whether intra-articular injection of sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH) (1 mM, 30 μL), a HS donor, might affect gonarthrosis in rats. Gonarthrosis was induced surgically in the left knees of rats and left for 6 weeks for the development of disease. Then, intra-articula...

Low-value care: antipsychotic medication use among community-dwelling medicare beneficiaries with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias and without severe mental illness.

Antipsychotic medication use among elderly with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRD) and without severe mental illness is considered as low-value care. Our objective was to assess the factors associated with this inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications among community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries with ADRD and without severe mental illness.

Review of Haploidentical Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.

Use of haploidentical (haplo) donors for hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) has significantly increased in the last decade. The major advantage with this strategy is universal availability and faster acquisition of the donor, along with affordability and provision of immunotherapy in post-transplantation period. Historically, haplo-HCT was associated with compromised outcomes because of high...

Molecular Staging of Patients with Colon Cancer. The C-Closer-II Study: A Multicentre Study in Portugal.

Approximately 20% - 30% of histological lymph node-negative patients with colorectal cancer relapse at five years after surgical treatment. This recurrence is likely due to occult nodal disease undetected by standard histopathological practice which has implications in terms of the clinical management of patients.

Platelet to lymphocyte ratio predicts all-cause mortality in patients with carotid arterial disease.

Platelet to lymphocyte ratio (PLR) has been demonstrated as an risk and prognostic marker in many of cardiovascular diseases. Relationship between PLR and severity of carotid stenosis has been shown. The aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between PLR and all cause mortality in patients with carotid arterial disease.

Beneficial effects of combined therapy with lacidipine and candesartan in obese hypertensive patients.

Obesity is becoming one of the leading risk factors of coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease. Despite the presence of a large number of antihypertensive agents and scientific substantiation of antihypertensive treatment principles it would be wrong to assume that the problem is completely solved. Development of endothelial dysfunction is one of the key pathogenic mechanisms...

Bayesian adaptive dual control of deep brain stimulation in a computational model of Parkinson's disease.

In this paper, we present a novel Bayesian adaptive dual controller (ADC) for autonomously programming deep brain stimulation devices. We evaluated the Bayesian ADC's performance in the context of reducing beta power in a computational model of Parkinson's disease, in which it was tasked with finding the set of stimulation parameters which optimally reduced beta power as fast as possible. Here, th...

Integrated Aedes management for the control of Aedes-borne diseases.

Diseases caused by Aedes-borne viruses, such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and yellow fever, are emerging and reemerging globally. The causes are multifactorial and include global trade, international travel, urbanisation, water storage practices, lack of resources for intervention, and an inadequate evidence base for the public health impact of Aedes control tools. National authorities need compr...

Association between metabolic parameters and glomerular hyperfiltration in a representative Korean population without chronic kidney disease.

To investigate associations of glomerular hyperfiltration with other metabolic factors in a nationally representative dataset.

Baroreflex function, haemodynamic responses to an orthostatic challenge, and falls in haemodialysis patients.

Stage 5 chronic kidney disease patients on haemodialysis (HD) often present with dizziness and pre-syncopal events as a result of the combined effect of HD therapy and cardiovascular disease. The dysregulation of blood pressure (BP) during orthostasis may be implicated in the aetiology of falls in these patients. Therefore, we explored the relationship between baroreflex function, the haemodynamic...

'I should not feed such a weak woman'. Intimate partner violence among women living with podoconiosis: A qualitative study in northern Ethiopia.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Research indicates that adults suffering from long term, disabling conditions are more likely to be victims of IPV due to the intersection of disease-associated stigma and discrimination. IPV in turn is known to worsen the overall health and wellbeing of those affected by it. ...

Risk prediction system for dengue transmission based on high resolution weather data.

Dengue is the fastest spreading vector-borne viral disease, resulting in an estimated 390 million infections annually. Precise prediction of many attributes related to dengue is still a challenge due to the complex dynamics of the disease. Important attributes to predict include: the risk of and risk factors for an infection; infection severity; and the timing and magnitude of outbreaks. In this w...

Determination of the minimum protective dose of a glycoprotein-G-deficient infectious laryngotracheitis virus vaccine delivered via eye-drop to week-old chickens.

Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) is an upper respiratory tract disease of chickens that is caused by infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV), an alphaherpesvirus. This disease causes significant economic loses in poultry industries worldwide. Despite widespread use of commercial live attenuated vaccines, many poultry industries continue to experience outbreaks of disease caused by ILTV. Effort...

Bacterial microbiome of the chigger mite Leptotrombidium imphalum varies by life stage and infection with the scrub typhus pathogen Orientia tsutsugamushi.

Scrub typhus is a mites-borne rickettsiosis caused by the obligate intracellular Gram-negative bacterium Orientia tsutsugamushi. The disease is potentially life threatening and is prevalent in tropical Asia, islands of the western Pacific Ocean and northern Australia where an estimated one million cases occur annually. Orientia tsutsugamushi is transmitted by the bite of larval mites in the genus ...

Socioeconomic disparities in a population of patients undergoing total thyroidectomy for benign disease.

This study examines the effect of insurance status (as a measure of socioeconomic status) on patient with benign thyroid disease.

Dual combination therapy versus long-acting bronchodilators alone for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a systematic review and network meta-analysis.

Long-acting bronchodilators such as long-acting β-agonist (LABA), long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA), and LABA/inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) combinations have been used in people with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to control symptoms such as dyspnoea and cough, and prevent exacerbations. A number of LABA/LAMA combinations are now available for clinical use i...

Vaccines for preventing invasive salmonella infections in people with sickle cell disease.

Salmonella infections are a common bacterial cause of invasive disease in people with sickle cell disease especially children, and are associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Although available in some centres, people with sickle cell anaemia are not routinely immunized with salmonella vaccines. This is an update of a previously published Cochrane Review.

Dedifferentiated diaphyseal juxtacortical osteosarcoma of ulna with metastasis to the lung.

Dedifferentiated parosteal osteosarcoma is a variant in which a high grade osteosarcoma coexists with a parosteal osteosarcoma. We report the case of a 20-year-old female patient who presented with six months of evolution of pain and functional limitation of the right forearm, with no apparent cause; radiographs were performed, observing a tumoral lesion in the diaphysis of the right ulna. Physica...

Syndrome of vertebral destruction: understanding to practice.

The term «vertebral destruction syndrome» comprises pathologies causing structural changes in the spine, mainly in the vertebral body, producing mechanical deformity and neurological involvement. The pathologies found in this definition may be infectious, metabolic or tumoral. Vertebral osteomyelitis is a disease that occurs mainly in adults > 50 years; we speak of spondylodiscitis when the cond...

Cost of medical attention in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a preventable entity, when it develops the patient suffers severe complications, with a high economic impact for the patient and for health services.

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