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The role of 99mTc-HMPAO-labelled white blood cell scintigraphy in the diagnosis of cardiac device-related infective endocarditis.

The hybrid technique of single-photon emission tomography and computed tomography with technetium99m-hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime-labelled leucocytes (99mTc-HMPAO-SPECT/CT) is an emerging diagnostic technique in patients with cardiac device-related infective endocarditis (CDRIE). This prospective study assessed the 99mTc-HMPAO-SPECT/CT diagnostic profile and its added value to the modified Duke ...

Derivation and validation of a machine learning record linkage algorithm between emergency medical services and the emergency department.

Linking emergency medical services (EMS) electronic patient care reports (ePCRs) to emergency department (ED) records can provide clinicians access to vital information that can alter management. It can also create rich databases for research and quality improvement. Unfortunately, previous attempts at ePCR and ED record linkage have had limited success. In this study, we use supervised machine le...

Effects of Systemic and Device-Related Complications in Patients Bridged to Transplantation With Left Ventricular Assist Devices.

The use of left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) as a bridge to heart transplantation has increased rapidly over the last 2 decades. We aim to explore the effect of pretransplant systemic and device-related complications on posttransplant survival for patients bridged with LVADs.

A Deep Learning Approach for Managing Medical Consumable Materials in Intensive Care Units via Convolutional Neural Networks: Technical Proof-of-Concept Study.

High numbers of consumable medical materials (eg, sterile needles and swabs) are used during the daily routine of intensive care units (ICUs) worldwide. Although medical consumables largely contribute to total ICU hospital expenditure, many hospitals do not track the individual use of materials. Current tracking solutions meeting the specific requirements of the medical environment, like barcodes ...

Handy fluorescent paper device based on a curcumin derivative for ultrafast detection of peroxide-based explosives.

We report a handy, simple and inexpensive paper device for extremely sensitive detection of peroxide-based explosives. The sensing device fabricated using a curcumin derivative was capable of ultrafast sensing of triacetone triperoxide. The detection time was below 5 s. Moreover, the sensor retained full function under storage at ambient temperature for at least 120 days.

A Pseudo-Mastication Sound Presentation Device to Improve the Texture of Nursing Care Foods.

The texture of foods is affected by concurrent auditory sensations. To improve the texture of nursing care foods, we developed a pseudo-mastication sound presentation device based on electromyogram (EMG) signals from the muscles of mastication. EMG signals have enabled us to promptly present care recipients with pseudo-mastication sounds. However, actual mastication sounds vary in intensity and du...

The evolution of medical curricula in Iraq.

A multi-purpose force-controlled loading device for cartilage and meniscus functionality assessment using advanced MRI techniques.

Response to loading of soft tissues as assessed by advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques is a promising approach to evaluate tissue functionality beyond (statically obtained) structural and compositional features. As cartilage and meniscus pathologies are closely intertwined in osteoarthritis (OA) and beyond, both tissues should ideally be studied to elucidate further the underlying...

Mechanical effects of MitraClip on leaflet stress and myocardial strain in functional mitral regurgitation - A finite element modeling study.

MitraClip is the sole percutaneous device approved for functional mitral regurgitation (MR; FMR) but MR recurs in over one third of patients. As device-induced mechanical effects are a potential cause for MR recurrence, we tested the hypothesis that MitraClip increases leaflet stress and procedure-related strain in sub-valvular left ventricular (LV) myocardium in FMR associated with coronary disea...

Non-medical cannabis in North America: an overview of regulatory approaches.

The objective of this study was to describe existing regulations of non-medical cannabis legalization in North America to inform recommendations for future health policy. These regulations are among the first in the world and will set a precedent for other jurisdictions globally who legalize cannabis.

The correlation between smart device usage & sleep quality among UAE residents.

The usage of smart-devices has increased considerably both globally and specifically in Middle Eastern countries. Recently, it has been shown that 65% of United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents lack proper sleep. Several health aspects of the relationship between over usage of smart-devices and poor sleep quality have not been thoroughly investigated. This study aims to determine the correlation betw...

Psychosocial and medical adversity associated with neonatal neurobehavior in infants born before 30 weeks gestation.

Psychosocial adversity escalates medical risk for poor outcomes in infants born

Utilization, Safety, and Technical Performance of a Telemedicine System for Prehospital Emergency Care: Observational Study.

As a consequence of increasing emergency medical service (EMS) missions requiring an EMS physician on site, we had implemented a unique prehospital telemedical emergency service as a new structural component to the conventional physician-based EMS in Germany.

Self-reported medical diagnosis of heart disease and associated risk factors: National Health Survey.

To analyze the risk factors associated with the self-reported medical diagnosis of heart disease in Brazil.

Prostate Cancer Detection Rate of Free-hand versus 3D Template Mapping Biopsy Using an MRI/Ultrasound Fusion Device in Biopsy-Naïve Men.

Targeted prostate biopsy devices include a 3-dimensional digital template grid for guiding systematic biopsy locations. Following a template could better ensure uniform and well-distributed sampling of the prostate compared to the traditional free-hand biopsy approach, possibly decreasing the chance for false-negative biopsy. Thus, we determined cancer detection rates obtained by conventional free...

Medical Methods: What Makes them Medically Necessary? Part II: Further Criteria, Overuse, Moving Thresholds, and Grey Zones.

"Medical necessity" (MedN) is a fuzzy term. Our project aims at concretising the concept between medical ethics, social law, and social medicine to support health care regulation, primarily within Germany's statutory health insurance system. In Part I, we identified efficacy, (net)benefit, and the corresponding bodies of evidence as obligatory criteria of MedN. This is the second part suggesting a...

Effects of nationwide implementation of work-related medical rehabilitation in Germany: propensity score matched analysis.

Since 2014, the Federal German Pension Insurance has approved several departments to implement work-related medical rehabilitation programmes across Germany. Our cohort study was launched to assess the effects of work-related medical rehabilitation under real-life conditions.

Medical therapeutics: mortality effects, uncertainty, and informed consent.

Many drugs used in medical therapeutics are able to save human lives. Unfortunately, many such drugs have also led to the death of patients. This fact raises important issues discussed in light of a number of cases taken from cardiovascular therapeutics. Medical therapeutics currently includes a vast number of different types of interventions, including drugs, devices, surgery, and diets. In what ...

Harmful alcohol use among acutely ill hospitalized medical patients in Oslo and Moscow: A cross-sectional study.

The aim was to estimate the prevalence of harmful alcohol use in relation to socio-demographic characteristics among acutely ill medical patients, and examine identification measures of alcohol use, including the alcohol biomarker phosphatidylethanol 16:0/18:1 (PEth).

Differences in function and recovery profiles between patterns of multimorbidity among older medical patients the first year after an acute admission-An exploratory latent class analysis.

Multimorbidity is common among older people and may contribute to adverse health effects, such as functional limitations. It may help stratify rehabilitation of older medical patients, if we can identify differences in function under and after an acute medical admission, among patient with different patterns of multimorbidity.

Evolution of the mechanical properties of a medical device regarding implantation time.

Our study aimed at understanding the influence of healing time on the mechanical properties of meshes used in pelvic organ prolapse, once implanted in an animal model using the rat.

Sarah Orne Jewett's depictions of women in a changing medical profession: Nan Prince and Almira Todd.

Sarah Orne Jewett, who lived from 1849 to 1909, witnessed a revolution in medicine that led to the formation of the medical profession as it is recognised today. By comparing two of the author's works, one written at the outset of her career and the other written much later, this paper discusses how Jewett's views about women's role in medicine changed and developed. In the first novel, , a young ...

Change in paradigm: impact of an IBD medical home on the outpatient management of acute severe ulcerative colitis.

A 72-year-old man presents with acute severe ulcerative colitis (ASUC), initially partially responsive to intravenous steroids and infliximab over a 3-day hospital stay. Following discharge and over the course of 15 days, his care was coordinated by the inflammatory bowel disease medical home team, who conducted clinical laboratory assessments and two outpatient flexible sigmoidoscopies to evaluat...

Comparison of 3 Treatment Methods for Distal Tibial Fractures: A Network Meta-Analysis.

BACKGROUND The choice of optimal internal fixation device for distal tibial fractures remains controversial. The purpose of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of open reduction and internal fixation, minimally invasive percutaneous osteosynthesis, and intramedullary nailing of distal tibial fractures in adults using network meta-analysis of data from clinical trials. MATERIAL A...

Unexpected pressure swings in a positive airway pressure device: an unknown cause for bad CPAP tolerance?

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