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03:50 EDT 26th August 2019 | BioPortfolio

Mental health, although not being as obvious as physical health, is very important, causing great unhappiness to those affected, causing additional physical health problems and costing the economy millions. Around 25% of the population are expected to suffer at some point during a year. Being mentally healthy is more than not having a mental health problem; it involves coping with life and making the most of things.

There is a spectrum of mental health problems; some people feel down for a day, or a life-time, and to different degrees of severity. Symptoms experienced are either 'neurotic' (extreme forms of normal emotions like depression, and panic) or 'psychotic' (where reality is skewed, inducing hallucinations). Examples of mental health problems range from depression to schizophrenia.

Source: Adapted from Mental Health Foundation

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