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Impact of Breathing Exercises and Meditation on Quality of Life in Dry Eye Disease Patients

People staring at computer screens for long hours, blinking less frequently, or having long-term contact lens wear are prone to dry eye disease (DED). DED is a multifactorial disease accompanied by inflammation of the ocular surface. Further, DED may degrade vision and is associated with depression and have an adverse impact on patient's quality of life. Sudarshan Kriya Yog...

College Mental Health Project

Depression is common and debilitating disorder which, among college students, is predictive of significant problems including higher rates of dropout and suicidal behaviors. Despite viable psychotherapeutic and pharmacological options, the majority of depressed college students, like others in the general population, do not pursue treatment. Further, barriers to care, both ...

A Problem Solving Based Intervention for Facilitating Return-to-work Among People Suffering From Common Mental Disorders

Problem solving based intervention involving the workplace has shown promising effects on return-to-work among persons with common mental disorders. A key element is cooperation between the person on sick leave, the participant's employer and health care professionals. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effects of a problem solving based intervention in the Swe...

Welfare, Wellbeing and Demographic Change: Understanding Welfare Models

The EMMY Project is an interdisciplinary and mixed methods comparative study on impact of welfare systems on mental wellbeing among the oldest old in Finland, Italy, Norway and Spain, including aspects such as equity, social inclusion, empowerment and participation. The project will delineate the concept of mental wellbeing at old age by qualitative methods, and will disse...

The Effect of Music Therapy on Analgesia and Oxidative Stress Parameters

Music has been used in the treatment of patient since the time Plato, Hippocrates and Alpharabius were alive. It is used by music therapists to help patients' social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. In a study conducted, it was seen that music has a positive effect on pain, anxiety, depression, shortness of breath, mood, face expression and speech. O...

A Study of Aripiprazole Lauroxil or Paliperidone Palmitate for the Treatment of Schizophrenia

This study will evaluate the efficacy of initiating treatment of schizophrenia with an investigational product followed by a 2-month dose of AL.

Home-Based Mental Health Evaluation (HOME): A Multi-Site Trial

The purpose of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of the Home-Based Mental Health Evaluation (HOME) program, which is an innovative and culturally-relevant suicide prevention intervention for Veterans aimed at increasing treatment engagement and decreasing suicide risk following psychiatric hospitalization, a period of heightened suicide risk.

HIV/STI Prevention Among Black Adolescents With Mental Illnesses (Project GOLD)

Despite advances in HIV/sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention, Black youth account for the largest number of new HIV infections among heterosexual youth. Having a mental illness contributes to HIV/STI risk among heterosexually active Black youth, as some use sex as a means to manage psychological distress, regulate emotions and receive validation or acceptance. Cu...

Effect of Music on Stress and Delivery

The purpose of this study is to randomize women to be exposed during labor to different genres of music and study the effect of each genre on the level of objective and subjective stress as manifested by salivary cortisol and personal stress questionnaires, respectively. Secondary outcomes to be examined are obstetric and perinatal outcomes

Probiotics to Prevent Relapse After Hospitalization for Bipolar Depression

The purpose of this study is to determine if taking a probiotic supplement versus a placebo will reduce relapse and improve the clinical course among participants who have been hospitalized for bipolar depression.

Phyllantus Amarus for the Protection of Liver Health

This study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled crossover study. The purpose of this study is to assess the ability of Phyllantus amarus to protect the liver against temporary stress including oxidative stress induced by alcohol consumption.

Family Therapy and Anorexia Nervosa : Which is the Best Approach?

The aim of this study is to evaluate whether the implementation of Multiple Family Therapy (MFT) within a multi-disciplinary treatment program for Anorexia Nervosa (AN) in adolescence is at least as effective in terms of clinical Body Mass Index evolution as single Systemic Family Therapy (SyFT) after 12 months of treatment. We expect that these two techniques will not diff...

PERsonal ContExtual Precision healTh

The exponential growth of physiological, behavioral and environmental data generated through consumer mobile health (mHealth) devices and Internet of Things (IoT) technology provide unprecedented sources of personalized and contextual health information. If linked to clinical health data from the Electronic Health Record (EHR), these data can provide dynamic and individuali...

This Study Tests Whether BI 409306 Prevents Patients With Schizophrenia From Becoming Worse. This Study Looks at How Well Patients Tolerate BI 409306 and How Effective it is Over 6 Months.

The objective of the study is to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of BI 409306 once daily compared with placebo given for 28 weeks in patients with schizophrenia on antipsychotic treatment. The study is designed to show superiority of BI 409306 over placebo in preventing relapse of schizophrenia symptoms.

CALM for Pregnant and Post-Partum Women

Anxiety and depression is common along pregnant mothers and has been found to increase risk for negative outcomes in both mothers and infants. These risks can include low infant birth weight, negative mother-infant interactions, and delayed developmental outcomes. Evidenced-based interventions to support pregnant women experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety are not ...

Web Platform to Integrate Behavioral Health

Under this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II project, Research Topic 155, the Contractor will create an integrated multi-module system of web software tools to aid in behavioral health screening, prevention, triage, and tracking in medical, school, and mental health settings.

Evaluating Multivariate MRI Maps of Body Awareness

Meditation skills, or paying attention to internal mental states, are thought to improve people's health. This study is developing a new brain measure of meditation skills, called the EMBODY Task, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The investigators are testing whether pattern recognition methods can be applied to fMRI data to identify mental states during ...

Evaluation of the Impact of a Social Network Via a Digital Platform for Caregivers of Patients Suffering From Mental Disorders

Severe mental illnesses have a significant social cost, as much by their impact on the sick as on their entourage. The Deinstitutionalization and care in the community of patients with severe mental illness result in increased families and loved ones (also known as "informal caregivers" or "informal caregivers") If psychoeducation programs have been developed to help caregi...

The Mindfulness Intervention as Myocardial Infarction Rehabilitation Additive (MIMIRA) Study

The Mindfulness Intervention as Myocardial Infarction Rehabilitation Additive (MIMIRA) study aimed at studying the feasibility and acceptability of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - an 8 week course in meditation and yoga - in patients with a recent coronary artery event and elevated depressive symptoms. To address these questions patients with elevated scores on a depre...

Key Nutrients and Mental Health

The purpose of the project is to investigate whether an intervention program with vitamin D supplementation is able to improve the biology of stress resilience as well as subjective well-being in individuals with antisocial behavior problems (forensic inpatients).

Perspective on Thoughts and Feelings as a Predictor of Psychological Well-being in Daily Life, in a Community Sample

This project examines the psychological construct of decentering - a mindfulness-related construct marked by an observer perspective on one's ongoing mental processes. Specifically, this project seeks to explore the extent to which decentering modulates the relationship between people's affective states and their momentary mental health and well-being, and to test the psych...

Low-dose Ketamine and Postpartum Depression in Parturients With Prenatal Depression

Postpartum depression is common in mothers early after childbirth and produces harmful effects not only on mothers, but also on infants and young children. Parturietns with prenatal depression are at increased of postpartum depression. Low-dose ketamine can be used for antidepressant therapy. We hypothesize that low-dose ketamine has a therapeutic effect on parturients with...

Mental Health Care Coordination for Transition Aged Youth

This study seeks to quantify the impact of recommended mental health care coordination practices on patient experiences of care, (i.e. satisfaction, stigma, quality of mental health care), evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention (i.e. care coordination, timing, unmet needs), and assess mental health outcomes (i.e. symptoms and functioning, involvement ...

Evaluation of Metamemory in Patients With Schizophrenia

The purpose of this study is to determine the respective roles of aging and schizophrenia in the regulation of metamemory using a generation strategy. 4 groups will be necessary to comparison: Adult patients (18-45 years) Adult controls (18-45 years) Aged patients (≥ 59.5 years) Aged controls (≥ 59.5 years) The effects of age and the disease could lead to intera...

Cognitive Rehabilitation in Patients With Depression

Depression is a highly prevalent and debilitating mental disorder, ranked one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Several studies have identified neuropsychological deficits in populations of depressed patients affecting domains including attention, memory and executive functioning. These deficits often persist even in patients whose depressive symptoms have remi...

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