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We met. We learnt. We discovered.

On Wednesday 23 May 2018, over 1200 scientists, technicians, speakers and exhibitors descended on the East Midlands Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham for the fifth Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference... The post We met. We learnt. We discovered. appeared first on European Pharmaceutical Review.

New Project on Exascale Computing for NWP Gets Under Way

NewsThe ESCAPE-2 project on energy-efficient scalable algorithms for weather and climate prediction at the exascale was launched at an ECMWF kick-off meeting.Contri

New centre to build wine industry's competitive edge

(University of Adelaide) Defining Australian wines' unique flavors, making vines more robust, defeating disease and introducing more innovation to winemaking are among the key goals of a new national center launched at the University of Adelaide's Waite campus today.

Rise of carbapenem-resistant Enterobactericaeae

(European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) ) Infections with bacteria resistant to carbapenems, a group of highly effective antibiotics, pose a significant threat to patients and healthcare systems in all EU/EEA countries, warns ECDC in a Rapid Risk Assessment.

International Multi-Centre Collaboration Reveals that Cannabigerol Acts Directly on Cannabinoid Receptors CB1 and CB2

CORDOBA, Spain - June 25, 2018 ( Newswire) Phytoplant Research S.L. participated in a first-ever pioneering collaborative project to investigate the ability of cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG), the molecular precursor of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (9-THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Kite partners with HiFiBiO Therapeutics for TCR-based cancer therapies

Gilead Sciences’ subsidiary Kite has signed a research collaboration and licence agreement with biotechnology company HiFiBiO Therapeutics to help develop...Read More... The post Kite partners with HiFiBiO Therapeutics for TCR-based cancer therapies appeared first on Pharmaceutical Technology.

Accelerator Life Science Partners launches new company to develop novel therapy for seizure disorders

Accelerator Life Science Partners (Accelerator), a leading life science investment and management firm, today announced that it has launched Proniras Corporation, a company developing tezampanel for the treatment of a variety of seizure disorders.

Women and the Zika Virus

Interviews from the Women deliver conference in Copenhagen. Donna McCarraher, director of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health at FHI 360, explains why women should be at the centre of efforts to mitigate the effect of Zika Virus in Brazil.

CDRD to be Presented with the BIOTECanada Gold Leaf Ecosystem Builder Award Tonight in Canada’s Capital

CDRD, The Centre for Drug Research and Development will be honoured with the 2018 BIOTECanada Gold Leaf Ecosystem Builder Award at a special Global Biotech Week event tonight in Ottawa. The award recognizes CDRD’s contributions and impact as Canada’s national life sciences venture, bringing together national and international partners to be a ...

Drug at centre of Silence Therapeutics legal action added to UK Early Access to Medicines Scheme

“With regards to IP and patents, Silence will vigorously enforce its patent estate where third parties are considered to be infringing the company's patent rights," said Silence chief executive, Dr David Horn Solomon.

PCI installs and validates latest serialisation system in Tredegar facility

PCI Pharma Services has announced the installation and validation of its latest comprehensive serialisation system at its manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Tredegar, UK.

Kite Partners with Dutch Biotech to Develop a New Form of CAR-T Therapy

Kite will support Gadeta in the development of a new type of CAR-T therapy that could be more effective in solid tumors. Approved just last year, CAR-T cell therapy is offering hope to patients with severe forms of blood cancer. ... The post Kite Partners with Dutch Biotech to Develop a New Form of CAR-T Therapy appeared first on

Boehringer Ingelheim brings development ‘under one roof’ with €230m biologics centre

Boehringer Ingelheim says the biologics development facility in Biberach, Germany will support both its research pipeline and contract manufacturing business.

Russell Compact Sieve skyrockets efficiency at New Balance additive manufacturing centre

Russell Compact Sieve paired with innovative ultrasonic technology increases throughput and prototype iteration at New Balance

Scania and Stockholm School of Economics in New Partnership

SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden, Sept.10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Scania will contribute to a new research centre at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) over the next ten Read more...

Uganda center urges education system to include biotech info

The Uganda Biotechnology Information Centre urged the country's education system to include biosciences.  -More- 

Spanish Biotech Partners Gilead to Develop Functional HIV Cure

AELIX Therapeutics and Gilead will run a clinical trial testing a combination of treatments that has potential to let HIV-infected people ditch lifelong therapy.   The trial, which will run in Spain, is planned to start in early 2019 and ... The post Spanish Biotech Partners Gilead to Develop Functional HIV Cure appeared first on

Sex or food? Decision-making in single-cell organisms

(Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology) Unicellular diatoms are able to adapt their behavior to different external stimuli based on an evaluation of their own needs. This was discovered by scientists of the Friedrich Schiller University and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, together with partners from Belgium. In experiments, Seminavis robusta diatoms directed th...

International recognition for The Sainsbury Laboratory head

(John Innes Centre) A leading researcher at The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK, has been honored with a prestigious international award in recognition of his innovative work on plant immunity.

Ferring Pharma to invest Rs. 1700 crore to set up global R&D centre at Genome Valley in Hyderabad

The Swiss─based Ferring Pharmaceuticals will set up its new research and development laboratory and a manufacturing facility at the Genome Valley of Hyderabad.

Wheat research discovery yields genetic secrets that could shape future crops

(John Innes Centre) A new study has isolated a gene controlling shape and size of spikelets in wheat in a breakthrough which could help breeders deliver yield increases in one of the world's most important crops.

Study provides insight into development of autism in the human brain

In a study published in Stem Cell Reports, a McGill team of scientists led by Dr. Carl Ernst, researcher at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre, revealed a molecular mechanism that may play a role in the development of autism.

Popular streaming playlists can boost a song's revenue by up to $163k

(European Commission Joint Research Centre) Artists lucky enough to find their song on Spotify's most popular playlists could see could see considerable increases in streams and revenue.

New tuberculosis drug could help eradicate global killer

A groundbreaking drug, rifampin, could help to end the global tuberculosis epidemic, according to researchers. Clinical trials carried out at the McGill University Health Centre showed that rifampin is less toxic and is more effective than the sta...

Brexit will affect the UK's ability to tackle illicit drugs trade, warn experts

Exclusion from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) because of Brexit will have serious consequences for public health in the UK, warn experts.

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