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Tuesday 11th December 2018

Health Highlights: Dec. 11, 2018

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay: Studies Highlight Risks of Red Meat-Rich Diet Eating a lot of red meat boosts levels of a chemical linked to heart disease and also changes...

Monday 10th December 2018

HitGen and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Enter DNA-Encoded Library Based Innovative Drug Discovery Research Collaboration

HitGen Ltd announced that the company has entered into a drug discovery research collaboration with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (President and CEO: Masayuki Mitsuka; Headquarters: Osaka; “MTPC”) to identify novel small molecule leads for targets of interest. According to the agreement, HitGen will apply its advanced technology platform, based ...

Stop sterilizing your dust

(Northwestern University) A new Northwestern University study has found that an antimicrobial chemical called triclosan is abundant in dust -- and linked to changes in its genetic makeup. The result is dust with organisms that could cause an antibiotic-resistant infection.

Color-changing fabric warns military about chemical agents

(University of Cincinnati) The National Science Foundation awarded the University of Cincinnati a grant to study clothing polymers that can protect soldiers from chemical agents.

Green production of chemicals for industry

(Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) ) Industry consumes large quantities of crude oil to produce basic substances for drugs, cosmetics, plastics, or food. However, these processes consume a lot of energy and produce waste. Biological processes with enzymes are far more sustainable. The protein molecules can catalyze various chemical reactions without auxiliary materials or solvents being r...

Better blood analysis with lab-on-a-chip devices

A biochemist based at RMIT University and the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Monash University, Dr Nesbitt has a particular interest in platelet biology — platelets of course being the blood cells that stop us from bleeding. Looking for ways to model how blood flows and how this affects platelet function in disease, he turned to microfluidics. Now, he’s won a grant from the National Hea...

Astrotech Announces Results from Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Astrotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ASTC) (the “Company”) announced the results of its fiscal year 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on December 7, 2018. Shareholders voted in favor of all proposals, which are as follows: (1) to elect five directors to the Company’s Board of Directors; (2) to ratify the appointment of BDO USA, LLP as the C...

Study links frequent red meat consumption to high levels of chemical associated with heart disease

Findings reveal tripling of blood levels of TMAO from red meat diet, but dietary effects can be reversed

Physicists Edge Closer to Controlling Chemical Reactions

NewsResearchers have developed an algorithm for predicting the effect of an external electromagnetic field on the state of complex molecules. Contributed Aut

ECT Experts Co-Author Chapters in Groundbreaking New PFAS Book

ECT, a global leader in cutting-edge solutions for water and air/vapor, announced today that five of its experts contributed chapters to a groundbreaking new book titled “Perfluoroalkyl Substances in the Environm

Cara Therapeutics Inc CARA Medical Equipment Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 23102018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryCara Therapeutics Inc Cara Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops and commercializes chemical entities for acutepain, chronic pain and pruritus. The company offers kappa opioid receptor agonists in the therapeutic areas of acute pain, chronic pain, neuropathic pain and pruritus. Its lead product candidate includes KORSUVA injection, which is in Phase III clinical trial for th...

Inventiva invited to present at the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

                                                Inventiva invited to present at the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Daix (France), December 10, 2018 - Inventiva S.A. ("Inventiva" or the "Company"), a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH),...

Friday 7th December 2018

Chemical Starting Points for New Malaria Preventatives Revealed

NewsChemical compounds were tested for their ability to inhibit the malaria parasite at an earlier lifecycle stage, revealing chemical starting points for new preventatives.

EPA Circulating Proposal To Limit Obama-Era Rule On Water Pollution

The Obama administration's regulation was a target for rural landowners since it could have restricted how much pollution from chemical fertilizers and pesticides could seep into water. Real estate developers and golf clubs also criticized the rule. In other environmental news, the EPA took steps to ease rules on the coal industry.

Thursday 6th December 2018

Neuland Laboratories Ltd NEULANDLAB Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 12102018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryNeuland Laboratories Ltd Neuland Lab, a subsidiary of Neuland Health Sciences Pvt Ltd is an API manufacturing service provider that manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients, advanced intermediates; and offers chemistry related services. The company provides APIs in various therapeutic segments such as antibacterial, antialzheimer's, antihypertensive, antifungal, bronchodilator, antips...

Carnegie Mellon researchers probe hydrogen bonds using new technique

(Carnegie Mellon University) Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have used nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy to probe the hydrogen bonds that modulate the chemical reactivity of enzymes, catalysts and biomimetic complexes. The technique could lead to the development of better catalysts for use in a wide range of fields. The findings were published as a 'Very Important Paper' in the ...

The Alternative to Meds Center Launches New Website

The Alternative to Meds Center (ATMC) launches a new website and with it, more answers for the millions of Americans and people worldwide who suffer first-hand with drug addiction or prescription medication dependency. SEDONA, Ariz. (PRWEB) December 06, 2018 Today, the Alternative to Meds Center (ATMC) launches a new website and with it, more answers for the millions of Americans and people world...

Argonaut Raises $15 Million In Private Funding; Names New Board Member

Argonaut Technologies (San Carlos, CA; 650-598-1350), a manufacturer of instrumentation and chemistries for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and new materials industries, has raised $15 million in a private financing...

Lung cancer screening part 2: research into detection technology could lead to better tests

Science blog If lung cancers are found at an early stage, the chance of treating them successfully is higher. In part one of this series, we discussed clinical trials that have tested if CT scans could be used for lung screening. In part two, we investigate re

Microscopic ‘sunflowers’ for better solar panels

The pads of geckos’ notoriously sticky feet are covered with setae – microscopic, hairlike structures whose

Merck KGaA MRK Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Deals and Alliances Profile [Report Updated: 09112018] Prices from USD $250

SummaryMerck KGaA Merck, a subsidiary of E. Merck KG, is a pharmaceutical and chemical company. It discovers, develops and manufactures prescription drugs to treat cancer, multiple sclerosis, and infertility and overthecounter products for colds and pain; and develops liquid crystal mixtures, OLED materials and cosmetic active ingredients. The company also provides a wide range of products includi...

Wednesday 5th December 2018

A chemical defence against phage infection

Why Antarctic fish don't freeze to death (video)

(American Chemical Society) The notothenioid fishes that inhabit the Antarctic Ocean have evolved an unusual adaptation to living in icy waters. Their blood contains antifreeze proteins that prevent ice from growing within the fishes' bodies and actually lower the freezing temperature of their tissues. In this video, Reactions meets these bizarre animals.

Half a million tests and many mosquitoes later, new buzz about a malaria prevention drug

(University of California - San Diego) Researchers spent two years testing chemical compounds for their ability to inhibit the malaria parasite at an earlier stage in its lifecycle than most current drugs, revealing a new set of chemical starting points for the first drugs to prevent malaria instead of just treating the symptoms.

Researchers Investigate Unsafe Emissions From 3D Printers

ArticleA joint research project between scientists from the not-for-profit research lab UL Chemical Safety and the Georgia Institute of Technology are hoping to shed light on what is being emitted into the nearby atmosphere when these 3D printers are fired up.

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