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Tuesday 11th December 2018

Cutting Graphene with a Diamond Knife

NewsA researcher has developed a method of cutting graphene into smaller fragments using a diamond knife, and then constructing nanostructures from the fragments.Contribut

FDA Clears Prescription Mobile Software Application to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

NewsThe application, reSET-O, is the first FDA-cleared prescription digital therapeutic software application for patients with opioid use disorder.

Shape-Shifting Origami Could Help Antenna Systems Adapt on the Fly

NewsResearchers have devised a method for using an origami-based structure to create radio frequency filters that have adjustable dimensions.Contri

Monday 10th December 2018

Look Before You Leap into New R&D Projects: Consider the Make vs. Buy Spectrum First

ArticleLooking at what already exists reveals important information at the start of an R&D efforts.Contributed Author: 

Physicists Edge Closer to Controlling Chemical Reactions

NewsResearchers have developed an algorithm for predicting the effect of an external electromagnetic field on the state of complex molecules. Contributed Aut

Surgical Spray Could Prevent Cancer From Returning

ArticleResearchers have created a new spray gel with immune-boosting drugs embedded inside that could help prevent cancers from reoccurring after surgery.

Identifying the Root Causes of Drug Shortages and Finding Enduring Solutions

ArticleRegulators have proposed strategies to alleviate these shortages but they have not worked.Contributed Author: 

Tracer Molecule Identified to Detect Tau Proteins, Alzheimer ’s Disease in the Brain

ArticleA newly found molecule could light up the tau proteins long associated with neurodegenerative diseases, giving doctors a new tool to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.

Two Compounds in Coffee May Team Up to Fight Parkinson's

NewsCaffeine plus another compound in coffee beans' waxy coating may protect against brain degeneration, Rutgers study finds.Topics: 

“Sun in a Box” Would Store Renewable Energy for the Grid

NewsDesign for system that provides solar- or wind-generated power on demand should be cheaper than other leading options.Contributed Author: 

Cancer Cells Distinguished By Artificial Intelligence-Based System

NewsOsaka University researchers have developed a system using artificial intelligence that can automatically differentiate between different types of cancer cell.

Lonza to Establish Key Biomanufacturing Base in China

NewsGE Healthcare’s off-the-shelf biologics factory, KUBio, will provide the base for GMP manufacturing.

Lonza to Establish Strategic Biomanufacturing Base in China

NewsGE Healthcare’s off-the-shelf biologics factory, KUBio, will provide the base for GMP manufacturing.

Scientists Brew Lava and Blow it up to Better Understand Volcanoes

NewsExperiments aim to illuminate the physics of lava-water interactions, which can sometimes make eruptions more dangerous.Contributed Author: 

Romania Hospital Reports 39 Babies Diagnosed With Superbug

NewsThe Giulesti Maternity hospital closed Nov. 30 due to the outbreak. The number of newborns diagnosed is triple the figure released last month.Co

Miniscule Sensors Help Detect Cancer

NewsTiny sensors detect, characterize and analyze protein-protein interactions in blood serum.

Undergraduate Students Apply Advanced Computing to Combat Violence

NewsStudents from across the U.S. and around the world teamed up to develop solutions to the issue of violence as part of the Computing4Change event.C

Cellular Energy Sensor Connected to Chronic Kidney Disease

NewsResearchers find that failure of a critical cellular energy sensor is responsible for progression of chronic kidney disease and may represent a novel therapeutic target.

University to Lead $2.25 Million Grant for Developing Next-generation Quantum Computer

NewsThe DOE awarded a $2.25M grant for developing materials and device knowledge for creating the next-generation of computing — the quantum computer.

Nanowires Embedded in Sensitive E-skin

NewsAn artificial soft skin imbued with flexible electronics could enhance the way robots sense and interact with their surroundings.

New Optical Device Brings Quantum Computing a Step Closer

NewsA research team has taken a step closer to creating an optical quantum computer, which has the potential to engineer new drugs and optimize energy-saving methods.

3D-Printed Metamaterials Stiffen Under Magnetic Fields

ArticleA new class of metamaterials that change its properties when a magnetic field is applied could yield the next-generation of helmets and wearable armor.

Researchers Use a Virus to Speed up Modern Computers

NewsIn a groundbreaking study, researchers have successfully developed a method that could lead to unprecedented advances in computer speed and efficiency.Contri

Researchers Explore New Way of Killing Malaria in the Liver

NewsInternational researchers are exploring a pathway that has until now been little studied—killing parasites in the liver, before the illness emerges.

R&D Market Pulse: Amazon Dominates Cloud Market, But Competition on the Horizon

ArticleChinese firm Alibaba (with 4.6% global market share) is attempting to break into the European cloud market. Contributed Auth

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