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Monday 17th December 2018

Father Loses Damages Claim over Forged IVF Signature

(The Guardian) – A father whose ex-partner forged his signature to conceive a daughter has lost a damages action against a London IVF clinic at the court of appeal. The man, who can only be identified as ARB, sued IVF … Read More

CRISPR Babies, IVF and the Ethics of Genetic Class Warfare

(Wired) – In reality, we make genetic decisions all the time, in ways that are already subtly altering the people who make up society. It might seem strange to group He’s experiment alongside the more common genetic procedures parents use … Read More

Palliative Care May Save Money and Ease Suffering

(The Washington Post) – There’s strong evidence that palliative care can improve the quality of life for terminal and chronically ill patients, while reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations by as much as half. Studies consistently show that this curbs … Read More

Poverty and Demand from China Fuel Illegal Cambodia Surrogacy

(Al Jazeera) – Surrogacy was banned in Cambodia in 2016, but with formal legislation still under discussion, demand from Chinese couples looking for fertility services that are illegal at home, coupled with the lure for Cambodian women of potentially being … Read More

A New Edition of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics Is Now Available

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics (vol. 39, no. 3, 2018) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Sedation and Care at the End of Life” by Daniel P. Sulmasy “Reckoning with the Last Enemy” by Douglas Farrow “Palliative Sedation: Clinical Context and Ethical … Read More

A New Edition of Hastings Center Report Is Now Available

Hastings Center Report (vol. 48, no. S2, 2018) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Sequencing Newborns: A Call for Nuanced Use of Genomic Technologies” by Josephine Johnston  

A New Edition of Science, Technology & Human Values Is Now Available

Science, Technology & Human Values (vol. 43, no. 5, 2018) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Situated Practice and the Emergence of Ethical Research: HPV Vaccine Development and Organizational Cultures of Translation at the National Cancer Institute” by … Read More

New Articles from BMC Medical Ethics Are Now Available

BMC Medical Ethics has new articles  available online. Articles include: “What Information and the Extent of Information Research Participants Need in Informed Consent Forms: A Multi-Country Survey” by Juntra Karbwang et al.  

Friday 14th December 2018

Scientists Say Gene-Edited Babies Claim Is ‘Wake-Up Call’ for World

(NPR) – Three of the most influential scientific organizations in the world are calling for an urgent international effort to prevent scientists from creating any more gene-edited babies without proper approval and supervision.  Global standards are needed quickly to ensure … Read More

Japan Medical School ‘Rigged Women’s Results’

(BBC) – At least nine Japanese medical schools manipulated admissions, in part to exclude female students, a government investigation has found. The inquiry was launched in August, after the prestigious Tokyo Medical University (TMU) was found to have tampered with … Read More

‘Historic Moment’ as Abortion Bill Passes Irish Parliament

(CNN) – Ireland’s Prime Minister has hailed a “historic moment” for women in the country, after a bill to legalize abortion passed through the final stages of parliament. The bill is now set to be signed into law by President … Read More

Indonesia’s Climate Refugees Are Being Forced into Deadly Labor Abroad

(Quartz) – Dolfina is one of the many women who fall victim to human trafficking in Malaysia, a top destination for Indonesian migrant workers. More than half of the estimated 1.9 million Indonesians in Malaysia are undocumented. Accompanied by a … Read More

Opinion: The Central Dogma of Mitochondrial Genetics Needs Rewriting

(The Scientist) – Until last month, it was generally believed that mitochondria and their DNA are exclusively maternally inherited in humans. In a provocative report in PNAS, scientists identified 17 people from three unrelated families with a high level of … Read More

One Woman a Week Suffers a Deadly IVF Side Effect: Ovary Stimulation Syndrome Hits a Seven-Year High as Hopeful Mothers Battle Kidney Failure, Blood Clots and Breathing Problems

(Daily Mail) – Women are being struck down by a painful and potentially fatal side effect of IVF at a rate of one a week. Severe illness caused by powerful IVF drugs has hit a seven-year high, with almost 800 … Read More

Wednesday 12th December 2018

To Treat Babies for Drug Withdrawal, Help Their Mothers, Too

(Undark) – Magarian, who has a gray horseshoe moustache and an easy smile, has cared for more than 300 babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Over the past decade and a half, he and his colleagues have developed a … Read More

The Recurring Dread of a Paralyzing Illness

(The Atlantic) – AFM isn’t new, but it rose to prominence (and gained its name) in 2014 when it afflicted 120 people in the United States—a record number. Doctors wondered whether that was a freak occurrence, but the condition came … Read More

Prenatal Gene Therapy Offers the Earliest Possible Cure

(Nature Outlook) – Other researchers in the small field of prenatal gene therapy see the research as a leap forward, and say it provides the strongest evidence yet that the approach could be feasible in humans. “The combination of those … Read More

Bereaved Mother Criticizes Facebook Over Baby Ads

(BBC) – The mother of a stillborn child has called on tech companies to rethink how they target ads after she was inundated with baby-related promotions. Gillian Brockell wrote to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Experian, saying if they were smart … Read More

Tuesday 11th December 2018

Top Cancer Center’s Business Deals Created Web of Conflicts, Say Ethics Experts

(STAT News) – In forging partnerships with a New Jersey hospital and a data analytics startup, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has created a web of interlocking financial interests and conflicts that, ethics experts told STAT, raise doubts about whether … Read More

A Tale of 2 Implants: How the Price Depends on Who Is Picking Up the Tab

(ABC News) – Dr. Anupam Jena, a health economist at Harvard Medical School, said it’s precisely because cosmetic patients pay out-of-pocket that their costs for implants are far lower than what hospitals charge reconstructive patients. “Cosmetic surgery providers have to … Read More

Prominent Doctors Aren’t Disclosing Their Industry Ties in Medical Journal Studies. And Journals Are Doing Little to Enforce Their Rules

(Pro Publica) – One is dean of Yale’s medical school. Another is the director of a cancer center in Texas. A third is the next president of the most prominent society of cancer doctors. These leading medical figures are among … Read More

As Doctors Taper or End Opioid Prescriptions, Many Patients Driven to Despair, Suicide

(Fox News) – Lawrence, who was 58, became one of an undetermined number among the nation’s 20 million chronic pain sufferers who chose suicide after being cut back or denied prescriptions for opioids. The suicides have motivated many of those … Read More

Silicon Valley’s Quest for Immortality–And Its Worrying Sacrifices

(The Conversation) – Humans have long harboured an obsession with living forever. But all those who shared the quest for immortality have something in common – they failed. And yet the dream of eternity hasn’t wavered. So much so, that … Read More

This Patient’s Medical Record Said She’d Given Birth Twice–in Fact, She’d Never Been Pregnant

(CNBC) – Most errors are irrelevant to health outcomes — for instance, a record might state that a patient hurt her finger on Thursday, when it was in fact, Friday. But mistakes can be harmful or even fatal if they … Read More

Bypassing Paralysis

(Knowable Magazine) – Donoghue himself went on to further develop the system to allow people to open and close a robotic hand, and to reach, grasp and drink from a bottle by using a multijointed robotic arm. Last year, he … Read More

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