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Thursday 9th August 2018

Doctors with Disabilities Push for Culture Change in Medicine

(NPR) – Iezzoni graduated from medical school but didn’t end up becoming a practicing doctor. This was before the Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990, and she says she just didn’t have the support.  In the decades since, court … Read More

US Scientist Who Edited Human Embryos with CRISPR Responds to Crtitics

(MIT Technology Review) – Facing criticism from fellow scientists, the researcher behind the world’s largest effort to edit human embryos with CRISPR is vowing to continue his efforts to develop what he calls “IVF gene therapy.” Shoukhrat Mitalipov, of Oregon … Read More

Yemen War: Saudi-Led Air Strike on Bus Kills 29 Children

(BBC) – At least 29 children have been killed and 30 wounded in a Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen, the International Committee of the Red Cross says. The children were travelling on a bus that was hit at a … Read More

Prosthetic Limb Restores a Sense of Body Position

(Scientific American) – Scientists have made huge strides in controlling robotic limbs with the nervous system, but providing such sensory feedback has proved more challenging. Now, however, a team led by biomechanical engineer Hugh Herr, also at M.I.T., has created … Read More

German Drug Maker Sues to Block Nebraska Execution

(CNN) – German health care company Fresenius Kabi has filed a lawsuit to block an execution in Nebraska, saying that the US state illegally procured various drugs for use in the planned lethal injection. The company filed the lawsuit against … Read More

Lax Oversight Leaves Surgery Center Regulators and Patients in the Dark

(Kaiser Health News) – A Kaiser Health News and USA Today Network and investigation found that surgery centers operate under such an uneven mix of rules across U.S. states that fatalities or serious injuries can result in no warning to … Read More

Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico Acknowledges Hundreds Dead

(BBC) – Puerto Rico has acknowledged that Hurricane Maria killed 1,427 people in the US territory, not 64 as it has previously reported. Maria hit the island in September 2017 and it has struggled to repair its infrastructure and power … Read More

The Troubled 29-Year-Old Helped to Die by Dutch Doctors

(BBC) – These criteria may be more straightforward to apply in the case of someone with a terminal diagnosis from untreatable cancer, who is in great pain. And the vast majority of the 6,585 deaths from euthanasia in Holland in … Read More

California Is Using Prison Labor to Fight Its Record Wildfires

(Vox) – California is suffering record-breaking wildfires as the Mendocino Complex, Carr, and Ferguson fires continue. But to combat the flames, the state is turning to a controversial practice: prison labor. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) recently … Read More

Using My Health Record Data for Research Could Save Lives, But We Must Enure It’s Ethical

(The Conversation) – There has been considerable debate about the merits and risks of the My Health Record (MHR) scheme – ranging from the deep inefficiencies in the current system, to privacy issues and control of data.  There has been … Read More

Argentina’s Senate Rejects Bill Legalizing Abortion During the First 14 Weeks of a Pregnancy

(The Washington Post) – Argentina’s upper house on Thursday rejected a landmark bill that would have more broadly legalized abortion, dealing a setback to proponents of more liberal laws governing the procedure across the region.  The vote, following a marathon … Read More

How 23andMe’s Genetic Database Bridges the Gap in Alzheimer’s Research

(MD Magazine) – While leading genealogy reporting companies continue to amass valuable stores of genetic data from individuals looking to learn more about their ancestral background, pharmaceutical companies have found a new way to utilize these genetic profiles. For pharmaceutical … Read More

The Genetics (and Ethics) of Making Humans Fit for Mars

(Wired) – As George Church, a Harvard geneticist and leading synthetic biologist, argues: “One likely path for risk reduction in space does seem to involve biological engineering of adult would-be astronauts.” He has identified 40-some genes that might be advantageous … Read More

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Study: 1 in 7 Children of Zika-Infected Moms Have Problems

(Associated Press) – One out of every seven babies born to U.S. mothers who were infected with Zika during pregnancy developed some kind of health problem, according to the first long-term look at those children. Tuesday’s study focused on the … Read More

Saudi MDs Get Brief Grace Period to Remain in Canada

(ABC News) – Canadian health authorities said Wednesday that hundreds of Saudi doctors and residents who make up the largest segment of foreign medical trainees in the country will remain in Canada until the end of the month, giving hospitals … Read More

Tech Companies Use “Persuasive Design” to Get Us Hooked. Psychologists Say It’s Unethical.

(Vox) – While defenders of persuasive tech will say it can have positive effects, like training people to take medicine on time or develop weight loss habits, some health professionals believe children’s behaviors are being exploited in the name of … Read More

Inside the Very Big, Very Controversial Business of Dog Cloning

(Vanity Fair) – Ethicists from the White House to the Vatican have long debated the morality of cloning. Do we have the right to bioengineer a copy of a living creature, especially given the pain and suffering that the process … Read More

The Pope Changed the Catholic Church’s Position on the Death Penalty. Will the Supreme Court Follow?

(TIME) – When Pope Francis changed the Catholic Church’s position on the death penalty from permitting it in very rare circumstances to now deeming it completely “inadmissible” and violative of the “dignity of the person,” it reflected and reinforced a … Read More

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Bedrest is Bunk

(The Atlantic) – The practice continues despite a growing body of medical evidence showing that bed rest offers little to no benefit to pregnant mothers or their fetuses. The treatment has not proved effective in treating preeclampsia, preterm birth, low … Read More

Women More Likely to Survive Heart Attack if Treated by Female Doctor–Study

(The Guardian) – Female heart attack patients treated by male doctors have a worse chance of survival than those treated by female doctors, a study suggests. Previous studies based on data from Australia and Sweden have revealed that men and … Read More

Crowdfunding for Unproven Stem Cell Procedures Wastes Money and Spreads Misinformation

(STAT News) – Using online platforms such as GoFundMe to solicit donations for health-related needs can help people access legitimate health services and avoid medical debt. But this kind of medical crowdfunding also raises funds for a multitude of scientifically … Read More

Hospital Admissions for Teenage Girls Who Self-Harm Nearly Double

(The Guardian) – The number of girls under the age of 18 being treated in hospital in England after self-harming has nearly doubled compared with 20 years ago, according to NHS figures. The figure reached 13,463 last year against 7,327 … Read More

How Can You Treat Someone Who Doesn’t Accept They Are Ill?

(Mosaic) – Unlike in denial, when an individual knows there’s something wrong but insists they’re fine, Babinski believed that his patients weren’t fibbing or confused; they genuinely had no concept that half their body was paralysed. Something in their brains … Read More


(Aeon) – The predominance of the market in US healthcare has taken plenty of flak for promoting profit over quality, and for crescendoing costs. But there’s a deeper set of issues surrounding how the market influences – or distorts, maybe … Read More

There’s a Surprisingly Rich Debate About How to Define Death

(Vox) – What is death, really?  Turns out there’s no true consensus among doctors, bioethicists, and philosophers. The way death is determined can even change as you cross state lines.  Is it when our brains completely shut down? Is it … Read More

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