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Saturday 18th November 2017

2017 Innovator of the Year, Scientist of the Year Recognized at R&D 100 Awards Gala Event

ArticleWarren “Woody” Hoburg, PhD, and Cori Bargmann, PhD, were recognized as R&D Magazine’s 2017 Innovator of the Year and 2017 Scientist of the Year respectively.

Friday 17th November 2017

Tesla Shows Off New Electric Truck

ArticleTruck drivers may soon be added to the list of electric vehicle users.Staff Author: 

Researchers Believe to Have Found CTE in Living Person

ArticleThe disease is described by four stages of severity.Staff Author: 

A New Way to Store Thermal Energy

NewsThe researchers accomplished this by combining the fatty acids with an organic compound that responds to a pulse of light.

Strain-Free Epitaxy of Germanium Film on Mica

NewsGrowing crystalline film layers on crystalline substrates (called epitaxy) is ubiquitous in semiconductor fabrication.Contributed Author: 

Motion Sensors Could Lead to New Wearable Technology

ArticleThe researchers developed the sensors using buckypaper—razor thin and flexible sheets of pure and durable carbon nanotubes.Staff Author:&n

Space, Robotics and Keys to Innovation Explored in Final Day of 2017 R&D 100 Conference

NewsThe R&D 100 Awards gala event—which will showcase the past year’s most exceptional advancements in science and technology—will take place following the conference.

Developing "ABCs" for Exploiting New Phenomena in Light-Matter Interactions

NewsSpecific applications include night-vision, heat reflection and management in aircraft engines.Contributed Aut

New 'Artificial Selection' Research Findings Signal Threat for Marine Environments

NewsThis research will influence the international debate on how natural ecosystems respond to human impacts.Contributed Author: 

Thursday 16th November 2017

Duckweed Helps Remove Contaminants from Lakes

ArticleThe researchers collected samples of duckweed at Foote’s indoor phosphorous removal facility in Watertown, South Dakota.Staff Author: 

Keys to Success, Disruption, and Overcoming Barriers Focus of 2017 R&D 100 Conference Day Two

NewsAudience discussion of these topics will commence following the individual sections.Contributed Author: 

Math Gets Real in Strong, Lightweight Structures

NewsTheir samples strive to use as little material as possible and still provide strength and compressibility.Contributed Author: 

Scalable Clusters Make Supercomputer Software Testing Simple

NewsThe BitScope system consists of five rack-mounted Pi Cluster Modules, each with 150 four-core nodes of Raspberry Pi ARM processor boards.Contribut

Kevlar-Based Material Mimics Real Cartilage

ArticleThe pressure from the water reconfigures the network, enabling it to deform without breaking and water is released in the process. Staff Author: 

2017 R&D 100 Conference Continues Highlighting Emerging R&D and Future Forecasts

NewsOpening day of the 2017 R&D 100 Conference continues this afternoon, Thursday, Nov. 16, diving deeper into this year’s theme, “Emerging R&D Capabilities”.

Amid Global Electric Car Buzz, Toyota Bullish on Hydrogen

NewsToyota sells about 10 million vehicles a year around the world. Contributed Author: 

Prototype Ear Plug Sensor Could Improve Monitoring of Vital Signs

NewsHearable is made of foam and moulds to the shape of the ear like a conventional ear plug.

Algorithm Better at Diagnosing Pneumonia Than Radiologists

NewsThe algorithm now has the highest performance of any work that has come out so far related to the NIH chest X-ray data set.

Optically Tunable Microwave Antennas for 5G Applications

NewsMultiband tunable antennas are a critical part of many communication and radar systems. Contributed Author: 

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Assistive Technology Helpful in the Classroom for Visually Impaired

ArticleText-to-speech enables a computer to convert written text and read it aloud. Staff Author: 

Research Team Wins Award for Machine Learning Diagnostic

ArticleThere is an array of internal and external issues that could arise with these powerful machines.

New Research Narrows Down Hunt for Dark Matter

NewsThis is the first experiment to use laboratory equipment – rather than astronomical observations – to investigate this type of axion.Contributed Author:

Possible Cell-Based Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

NewsPrevious studies have tried using immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes, aiming to curb the autoimmune attack on the body's islet cells.

Ionic 'Solar Cell' Could Provide On-Demand Water Desalination

NewsNovel mechanism could help manufacture a device that would directly desalinate saltwater upon exposure to sunlight.Contributed Author: 

2017 R&D 100 Conference Commences With a Focus on Leadership and Innovation

NewsThe two-day event is taking place at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort in Orlando, Florida.Contributed

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