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Friday 19th January 2018

Virtual Reality Goes Magnetic

NewsResearchers have now developed an ultrathin electronic magnetic sensor that can be worn on skin.C

R&D Market Pulse: Microsoft to Patent Mind-Controlled Interface

VideosMicrosoft has applied to patent a mind-controlled interface, which could allow users to open and control apps just by thinking.

Protein Research Could Lead to New Drugs for ALS

ArticleResearchers have zeroed in on a protein that is linked to ALS that could be the answer to finding new drugs to treat the debilitating disease.

Using Data Mining to Make Sense of Climate Change

NewsNew methodology puts emphasis on data to test climate models.Contributed Author: Georg

Plant Scientists Solve a Century-Old Mystery About Reproduction

News A team of geneticists reveals a mechanism that enables plants to count their chromosomes.Contributed Author: 

Thursday 18th January 2018

Biomimicry: Harmonizing Product and Nature With Advanced Modeling and Simulation

ArticleNature has developed substances that perform as well as or exceed even the most advanced materials we have created. Contributed Auth

New Autonomous Car Can Handle Snow and Ice

ArticleResearchers have developed Martti—a self-driving vehicle with a system that is designed to maneuver rough and icy conditions.Staff Author:

Perovskite Solar Cells: Mesoporous Interface Mitigates the Impact of Defects

NewsThe scientists explored different architectures of perovskite cells, preparing them under identical conditions using metal-oxide electron transport layers.

Using Crumpled Graphene Balls to Make Better Batteries

NewsThe approach avoids lithium dendrite growth.Contributed Author: Northwestern University

Origami-Inspired Miniature Robot Combines Precision with Speed

ArticleA team of researchers from Harvard University have designed a new robot called the milliDelta robot.

Aged Garlic Extract May Help Obese Adults Combat Inflammation

NewsAged garlic extract may help obese people ward off painful inflammation and lower cholesterol levels.

Self-Healing Fungi Concrete Could Provide Sustainable Solution to America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

NewsA new self-healing fungi concrete could help repair cracks in aging concrete permanently, and help save America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Release of Ancient Methane Due to Changing Climate Kept in Check by Ocean Waters

NewsIce-like water and methane structures encapsulate so much methane that many view them as both a energy resource and an agent for environmental change.

Wednesday 17th January 2018

DNA Analysis of Ancient Mummy, Thought to Have Smallpox, Points to Hepatitis B Infection Instead

NewsA team of scientists has sequenced the complete genome of an ancient strain of the Hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Weather Anomalies Accelerate the Melting of Sea Ice

NewsThree different air currents met over the North Sea between Scotland and southern Norway, carrying warm air northwards at high speed as though on a "highway".Contribu

New Tech Allows Millions of Antibodies to be Screened, Leading to Drug Discovery

ArticleBuilding off decades of previous research and technical breakthroughs, researchers have discovered a new way to rapidly screen millions of human antibodies.

Ultra-Thin Optical Fibers Lay Groundwork for Tissue Repair Using 3D Printer

ArticleUltra-thin optical fibers could make it possible to use 3D printers to repair damaged tissues in humans. Staff Author: 

High Salt Diet Linked to Dementia in Mice

ArticleSalt-laden foods may be increasing your risk of dementia, according to a new study.

Nanostructure Boosts Stability of Organic Thin-Film Transistors

NewsA nanostructured gate dielectric may have addressed the most significant obstacle to expanding the use of organic semiconductors for thin-film transistors.

How Babies' Brains Process Touch Builds Foundations for Learning

NewsResearchers can now provide one of the first looks inside the infant's brain to show where the sense of touch is processed. Contributed Author:&nbs

Tuesday 16th January 2018

Carbon-Based Catalyst Could Lead to Clean Hydrogen Production

ArticleHydrogen may be closer to becoming the source of cleaner fuel thanks to a new composite material. Staff Author: 

Artificial Intelligence Aids in Diagnosing Rare Disease

ArticleAn international team of scientists are using data derived by artificial intelligence methods to simulate disease models. Staff Auth

Making Waves for Ultrahigh Definition Displays

News KAUST has developed a unique transistor architecture that boosts the performance of the display circuitry.Contributed Author: 

Researchers Identify New Treatment Target for Melanoma

NewsMouse research explains why women who have been pregnant may have survival advantage when facing deadly skin cancer.

Transportation Agencies Anticipate a Future with Connected, Autonomous Vehicles

ArticleAutonomous vehicles are gobbling up headlines and stoking the fire of a technological revolution that could ultimately reshape the transportation landscape.

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