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Saturday 20th October 2018

October 20 Daily Buzz at ACR 2018

Conference attendees have fired off nearly 950 tweets in the past 24 hours, and many specialists are talking about gout. Medscape Medical News

New Hope in Triple Negative Breast Cancer With Immunotherapy

For the first time, a survival benefit with immunotherapy has been shown in breast cancer with atezolizumab plus chemotherapy in triple negative patients. Medscape Medical News

Details of Study That Led to Radium-223 Restriction in Europe

Details of the study that led to the restriction of the indication for the radiopharmaceutical radium-223 in prostate cancer have now been reported, and that restriction is questioned. Medscape Medical News

Friday 19th October 2018

Trump's 'Public Charge' Plan 'Jeopardizes' Health, Groups Say

One official said the plan goes after things "essential to human survival" and that advocates will sue to overturn the proposal if it is not withdrawn. Medscape Medical News

More Evidence Herpes Virus Strongly Tied to Alzheimer's

New epidemiologic studies suggest a causal relationship between the herpes virus and Alzheimer's, as the involvement of the immunology system in the disease becomes a 'hot' research topic. Medscape Medical News

EDAS Surgery Shows Promise for Intracranial Stenosis

A phase 2a study provides preliminary evidence that EDAS surgery to reroute brain arteries, used to treat moyamoya disease, may also reduce recurrent stroke in patients with intracranial stenosis. Medscape Medical News

As US Suicide Rates Rise, Hispanics Show Relative Immunity

Support from family and community appear to shield Latinos from rising suicide rates, researchers say. Kaiser Health News

Cell-Based Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine Recommended by EMA Panel

The EMA CHMP has recommended granting marketing authorization for Flucelvax Tetra (Seqirus Netherlands BV), a quadrivalent cell-based influenza vaccine. International Approvals

A Novel Treatment Approach for PML

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, caused by the JC virus, has no known treatment. A new study offers a novel approach using T-cell infusions from the more treatable BK virus. Medscape Medical News

Healthcare Tops Guns, Economy as Voters' Top Issue

Survey shows that healthcare is the top issue for voters headed into the midterm elections. Kaiser Health News

FDA Clears HeartMate 3 Pump for HF Destination Therapy

Results from the MOMENTUM-3 trial land FDA approval for the HeartMate 3 left ventricular assist system as long-term destination therapy in heart failure. FDA Approvals

EU Panel Approves New Treatment to Ease Breathing With COPD

Combination drug relaxes airway muscles and trials show it is more effective than either of its components alone. International Approvals

EU Panel Recommends Marketing Authorization for Dengue Vaccine

The EMA CHMP has recommended marketing authorization for a dengue tetravalent vaccine against dengue virus serotypes 1, 2, 3, and 4. International Approvals

Oct 19, 2018 This Week in Cardiology

Low-dose rivaroxaban for CAD/PAD, hypertension management in the community, research misconduct, cyber-security in cardiac devices, and bariatric surgery are discussed in this week’s podcast. on Medscape

FDA Flags Design Correction for Stöckert 3T Heater-Cooler System

The FDA is alerting physicians to labeling changes and a design correction for the Stöckert 3T Heater-Cooler System to reduce infections after cardiac and other surgeries. News Alerts

Precision RT May Prove Curative in Oligometastatic Cancer

Precision, high-dose radiotherapy targeting isolated metastatic lesions significantly boosts overall and progression-free survival, with good quality of life for patients with oliogometastatic tumors. Medscape Medical News

A Newly Appreciated Aspect of Multiple Sclerosis

Drs Stephen Krieger and James Sumowski discuss developments in understanding and managing the cognitive deficits associated with MS. Medscape Neurology

CHMP Backs Antiarrhythmic for Muscle-Contraction Disorders

The EMA committee has recommended marketing authorization for the first treatment for adults with nondystrophic myotonia, a group of rare muscle contraction disorders characterized by pain and fatigue. Medscape Medical News

In Pregnancy, Doctors' Focus Is on Baby, Not Mom

Experts say there has long been concern that obstetrics has focused on babies' well-being to the detriment of moms. Many believe that tide is starting to turn. WebMD Health News

Case Challenge: The Many Variations of Snoring

Snoring is common and potentially miserable for the patient and loved ones. These four cases illustrate the latest guidelines on evaluation and management. Medscape Family Medicine

Oral Semaglutide a 'PIONEER' in the Treatment of T2D

Dr Martin Haluzik discusses the results of the PIONEER 1 trial, which evaluated the efficacy and safety of oral semaglutide, the first GLP-1 receptor agonist in tablet formulation. Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology

Outcomes With Celecoxib and Aspirin in AI-Treated Patients

Does short-term celecoxib or low-dose aspirin use decrease risk of breast cancer recurrence? Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Blood Pressure Targets for Patients With HTN and CVD

Do lower BP targets help or hurt patients with HTN and a history of CVD? American Family Physician

Enhanced CBT for Patients With Eating Disorders

Is CBT-E an effective treatment for adults with an eating disorder? This review examined the latest evidence for its efficacy in bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and transdiagnostic samples. Current Opinion in Psychiatry

The Challenges of Global Neurosurgery in East Africa

This article spotlights the Neurosurgery Education and Development Foundation and the work they are doing to provide neurosurgical care and improve neurosurgical education in East Africa. Neurosurgical Focus

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