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Friday 15th December 2017

Cutting Carbon Emissions in Healthcare: Target the OR

Addressing climate change in healthcare should target the operating theater, which has a large carbon footprint, mostly as a result of the use of anesthetic gases and energy demands, a study found. Medscape Medical News

EASL and AASLD Recommendations for the Diagnosis of HCC

What is the best approach for diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma? This study evaluated the diagnostic performance of CT, MRI and contrast-enhanced ultrasound, alone and in combination. Liver International

National Certification in Critical Care Echocardiography

This article discusses why the national CCE board examination is important and the challenges involved in adopting the protocol. Critical Care Medicine

2017 EULAR Procedures for Ultrasound in Rheumatology

Get up-to-date on the latest EULAR guidelines for musculoskeletal ultrasound in rheumatology. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

Patients Less Likely to Lose Weight After a Knee Replacement

A new study examines the postoperative weight loss patterns among overweight patients who underwent total knee replacement. Journal of Clinical Rheumatology

Thursday 14th December 2017

FDA Reaffirms Advice Against Use of Morcellators for Fibroids

An updated review leads the FDA to reaffirm their recommendation against the use of power morcellators to remove uterine fibroids in most women. News Alerts

Mysterious Illness Affecting 24 Americans in Cuba: What We Know

Patients' symptoms and their possible causes have been closely examined, but their etiology is still unknown. Medscape Medical News

California Contagion: How to Control Severe Hepatitis A

Dr Paul Auwaerter discusses California's hepatitis A outbreak and the challenges of testing to avoid false-positives. Medscape Infectious Diseases

PrEP Safer, More Effective Than Many Physicians Realize

PrEP is effective for preventing HIV transmission but underutilized, in part because of misconceptions among physicians. Medscape HIV/AIDS

Vitamin D-metabolite Ratio Predicts Fracture Risk Better Than 25(OH)D

Vitamin D-metabolite ratio (VMR) may be a better marker of bone health than 25(OH)D (25-hydroxyvitamin D), a new study suggests. Reuters Health Information

Myocardial Fibrosis Seen in Competitive Male Triathletes

Competitive male triathletes may be at increased risk for non-ischemic myocardial fibrosis and the more they compete, the higher the risk, according to preliminary research. Reuters Health Information

Specialists, Not Just PCPs, Are in Short Supply: Report

Merritt Hawkins Associates white paper indicates the reasons for specialist shortages, including aging of the population and of physicians. Medscape Medical News

Screen and Intervene: Congenital Hearing Loss

Do universal hearing screening and early intervention improve language outcomes in children with bilateral hearing loss? Medscape Pediatrics

Mass Shootings vs Bridge Accidents: Which Get Action?

On the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook, pediatrician Greg Lawton asks: What if mass shootings were bridge accidents? Would we as a nation respond differently? Medscape Pediatrics

Endoscopic Versus Open Procedures for Carpal Tunnel Release

When deciding between the two procedures for carpal tunnel release, is it just a matter of cost? What other factors should be considered? Medscape Orthopedics

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Radiation Ablation of VT: Dramatic Results in Small Series

Noninvasive compared with RF ablation, it nearly abolished VT in five patients with massive VT burdens when other treatments failed. More research is needed, but it's "pretty darned exciting," says an expert. Medscape Medical News

Combination of Immunotherapy and Radiation Therapy in NSCLC

Review the rationale and preclinical evidence for combining radiation and immunotherapy in NSCLC. Translational Lung Cancer Research

Do FMS Composite Scores Predict Subsequent Injury?

Is there an association between FMS composite scores and subsequent risk of injury? British Journal of Sports Medicine

Scientists Race to Regrow Lost Knee Cartilage

About 14 million Americans have osteoarthritis of the knees severe enough to cause pain and inflammation, according to the Arthritis Foundation, and more people are getting the condition -- also known as OA -- as they age. WebMD Health News

Lyme Disease Patients Vent Frustration During HHS Panel

The patients said they wanted better tools for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, but also recognition of Lyme as a chronic condition. Medscape Medical News

Senate HELP Panel Debates How to Lower Drug Prices

Hearing testimony on a new National Academy of Sciences report on drug prices, senators discuss government price negotiations, faster entry of generic drugs, and curbs on drug advertising. Medscape Medical News

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Smoking Cessation Treatment in Mental Illness Effective

Headway is being made in the treatment of tobacco dependence in psychiatric and substance abuse patients, owing to a better understanding of the safety and efficacy of therapeutic strategies. Medscape Medical News

Shared Decision-making Limits Unnecessary Transport of Assisted Living Residents Who Fall

Shared decision-making between paramedics and primary care physicians (PCPs) can reduce unnecessary transport to the emergency department (ED) for assisted living residents who fall, according to results from a prospective study. Reuters Health Information

AI Ups Precision in Breast Cancer Pathology

In a challenge of diagnostic accuracy and precision in metastatic breast cancer, artificial intelligence (AI) outperformed pathologists at reviewing and interpreting whole-slide images. Medscape Medical News

Withdrawing Therapy in Patients With Arthritis

Dr Jonathan Kay reviews three studies evaluating three different withdrawal strategies for patients with arthritis, from the ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting. Medscape Rheumatology

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