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Thursday 12th October 2017

Menopause Triggers Brain Changes Linked to Alzheimer's

New research may explain why women are more prone to develop Alzheimer's disease and points to potential avenues for early intervention. Medscape Medical News

New Anti-VEGF Agent Brolucizumab Shows Promise for AMD

According to new research, brolucizumab, a new anti-VEGF for neovascular AMD, is noninferior to aflibercept and may offer longer dosing intervals. Medscape Ophthalmology

Is Biopsy Sampling in Endometrial Cancer Accurate?

Despite new research on endometrial tissue sampling, more accuracy of preoperative grading for endometrial cancer is needed, says Dr Kovacs. Medscape Ob/Gyn

There Is No Medical Response to Nuclear War

Dr Lundberg discusses practical prescriptions for preventing nuclear war, including four of his own. Medscape Internal Medicine

Tips for Demystifying Injections in Diabetes

Dr Anne Peters demonstrates how she teaches injection techniques to patients with diabetes. Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology

Trump Signs Executive Order to Allow Cheaper Health Plans

The executive order would lift restrictions on association health plans, letting them sell less expensive, skimpier plans; short-term insurance plans, lasting for up to a year, could be sold. Medscape Medical News

FDA OKs First 7T MRI Offering More Magnetism, Sharper Images

The FDA is limiting the use of the new Magnetom Terra system to imaging the head, arms, and legs of patients who weigh more than 66 pounds. FDA Approvals

Blink Reflex Recovery Cycle May Distinguish PSP From CBD

For indeterminate diagnoses, the R2 blink reflex recovery cycle can help distinguish between progressive supranuclear palsy and corticobasal degeneration, a study shows. Medscape Medical News

What Makes a Medical Practice Profitable?

MGMA released key research at its annual conference on what creates a leading and profitable medical practice. Medscape Business of Medicine

Pancreatic Cancer Patients 'Going the Extra Mile' for Survival

Dr Lowenfels comments on a study comparing survival rates of patients who underwent Whipple procedures at local facilities vs those traveling a longer distance and treated at high-volume centers. Medscape General Surgery

Child's Age a Key Factor for Accurate ADHD Diagnosis

A Finnish study confirms a 'relative age effect' in the diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), raising concern that ADHD may be overdiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Medscape Medical News

Oral Morphine Plus Ibuprofen Inadequate for Pain in Kids in ED

A randomized trial showed oral morphine plus oral ibuprofen is not adequate for relieving musculoskeletal pain in pediatric patients in the emergency department; other options suggested. Medscape Medical News

Merck Abandons Plans to Pursue Anacetrapib

The investigational cholesterol-lowering drug is now the fourth CETP inhibitor to fall by the wayside. Medscape Medical News

Managing Long-Distance Relationships During Medical School

Medical school demands many sacrifices, but should finding a romantic partner be one of them? When it comes to long-distance relationships while pursuing medicine, there is much to consider. Medscape Med Students

Combination Therapy Best Option for Severe Pediatric Anxiety

A combination of medication and behavioral therapy nearly triples remission rates in children and adolescents with severe anxiety and should be offered as a matter of course, say US researchers. Medscape Medical News

The Therapeutic Potential of Drumming and Rhythm

Neuroscientist Dr Theodore Zanto discusses how the brain processes music and rhythm and how drumming may be an effective practice for the aging brain. Medscape Neurology

CME: Can You Trust What You Read?

A review of accredited educational programs on hypogonadism turned up some common themes, including those not supported by the evidence. Medscape Internal Medicine

Tiotropium for Mild to Moderate COPD

Is it time to consider using a daily long-acting bronchodilator like tiotropium for early-stage COPD? Medscape Pulmonary Medicine

Imaging Innovations: New Techniques to Aid Clinicians

Drs Potter and Nwawka from the Hospital for Special Surgery share their thoughts on the latest in ultrasound, MRI, and CT. Hospital for Special Surgery

Teens Risk Cardiac, Vascular Damage at BPs Below Hypertension

Increased left ventricular mass and arterial stiffness were seen in adolescents with blood pressure levels lower than the established cut-off for pediatric hypertension. Medscape Medical News

Commerce Impacts Access to 'Artificial Pancreas' for US Patients

One insulin-pump manufacturer exits North American market as the maker of the so-called "artificial pancreas" struggles to meet demand while battling an insurer for coverage of its newest technology Medscape Medical News

Frozen Gloves, Socks Reduce CIPN in Patients With Breast Cancer

Cryotherapy delivered to the hands and feet during weekly paclitaxel chemotherapy significantly reduces the incidence of peripheral neuropathy in patients with breast cancer. Medscape Medical News

Hypertension in 40s Linked to Later Dementia, but Only in Women

A new study shows hypertension in earlier midlife than studied before may be a risk factor for dementia, particularly in women. Medscape Medical News

Wednesday 11th October 2017

Dexamethasone/Povidone-Iodine Effective for Conjunctivitis

The experimental combination led to clinical resolution and viral eradication in a randomized, controlled phase 2 trial. Medscape Medical News

End-of-Life Wishes Are Just a Click Away in Oregon

A new link creates two-way access to the state registry that documents the type of medical care sick and frail patients want — or refuse. Kaiser Health News

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