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Wednesday 12th December 2018

Mutant p53 as a guardian of the cancer cell

The proneural gene ASCL1 governs the transcriptional subgroup affiliation in glioblastoma stem cells by directly repressing the mesenchymal gene NDRG1

By reducing global mRNA translation in several ways, 2-deoxyglucose lowers MCL-1 protein and sensitizes hemopoietic tumor cells to BH3 mimetic ABT737

Radioactive drugs emerge from the shadows to storm the market - @ElieDolgin …

Radioactive drugs emerge from the shadows to storm the market - @ElieDolgin …

Exome sequencing identifies a novel nonsense mutation of Ring Finger Protein 207 in a Chinese family with Long QT syndrome and syncope

Tuesday 11th December 2018

New therapeutic strategies in systemic lupus erythematosus management

Associations between reliable changes in depression and changes in BMI, total body fatness and visceral adiposity during a 12-month weight loss trial

Five-decade trajectories in body mass index in relation to dementia death: follow-up of 33,083 male Harvard University alumni

Postnatal induction of muscle fatty acid oxidation in mice differing in propensity to obesity: a role of pyruvate dehydrogenase

Dual targeting of Nur77 and AMPKα by isoalantolactone inhibits adipogenesis in vitro and decreases body fat mass in vivo

Lycopene attenuates western-diet-induced cognitive deficits via improving glycolipid metabolism dysfunction and inflammatory responses in gut–liver–brain axis

Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS) and single-anastomosis duodeno-ileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy (SADI-S) result in distinct post-prandial hormone profiles

IRX5 regulates adipocyte amyloid precursor protein and mitochondrial respiration in obesity

Prefronto-cerebellar neuromodulation affects appetite in obesity

Daily briefing: Subterranean biosphere contains billions of tonnes of life

How the brain’s face code might unlock the mysteries of perception

The scientists who feed us

Wanted: a fair carbon tax

Five years of record warmth intensify Arctic's transformation

The search for dark matter that runs on time

Students need guidance in languages they speak

Could the United Kingdom really build its own global satnav system?

CCR2 enhances CD25 expression by FoxP3+ regulatory T cells and regulates their abundance independently of chemotaxis and CCR2+ myeloid cells

Author Correction: Lipid management in patients with chronic kidney disease

Correction: Association of anxiety with subcortical amyloidosis in cognitively normal older adults

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