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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Protective role of MeCP2 in SSc

Whole-genome sequencing reveals a recurrent missense mutation in the Connexin 46 (GJA3) gene causing autosomal-dominant lamellar cataract

Reversible retinal toxicity in early oral Entecavir therapy for hepatitis-B infection

Meibomian gland dropout in Sjögren’s syndrome and non-Sjögren’s dry eye patients

Clinical significance of ectopic inner foveal layers in patients with idiopathic epiretinal membranes

Genome editing to 're-write' wrongs

Leptin alleviates intestinal mucosal barrier injury and inflammation in obese mice with acute pancreatitis

Quizartinib tested in patients with high-risk AML

Friday 22nd June 2018

Publisher Correction: Thymosin α1 represents a potential potent single-molecule-based therapy for cystic fibrosis

Publisher Correction: Stimulation of entorhinal cortex–dentate gyrus circuitry is antidepressive

Author Correction: Thymosin α1 represents a potential potent single-molecule-based therapy for cystic fibrosis

Opioid receptors: drivers to addiction?

Trading places

Generation of circadian rhythms in the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Losing sleep over lipids

Maternal autoantibody related autism: mechanisms and pathways

Glutathione and glutamate in schizophrenia: a 7T MRS study

The contribution of common genetic risk variants for ADHD to a general factor of childhood psychopathology

The ASD Living Biology: from cell proliferation to clinical phenotype

New role of P2X7 receptor in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model

Effects of medication-assisted treatment on mortality among opioids users: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Bruxism- is botulinum toxin an effective treatment?

Sealants generally show equal performance regardless of tooth type and position

Is osteoporosis a risk factor for implant survival or failure?

School based oral health education

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