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Thursday 22nd March 2018

House Passes Spending Bill Without Obamacare Fix

(MedPage Today) -- Package excludes insurance stabilization measures but boosts funding for some health agencies

Structural Brain Changes Found in Early Menopausal Women after HRT

(MedPage Today) -- Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex volumes preserved in some

Are Medicare Cuts Fair to TAVR? (CME/CE)

(MedPage Today) -- Cheaper than surgery but dropping in reimbursement

"Black Panther", an Orthodontist, and a Possible HIPAA Violation

(MedPage Today) -- Davis Liu, MD, reviews the ethics of blogging about patients

Another Record Low for Tuberculosis in U.S.

(MedPage Today) -- But declines have slowed, and incidence among non-U.S. born persons remains higher

Payment Reform on Track, Medicare Chief Says

(MedPage Today) -- Tries to reassure House members concerned with proposed budget cuts

Microbiome Key to Effective Immune Tx in Pancreatic Ca?

(MedPage Today) -- Targeting bacteria could protect against oncogenesis

Looking for a Match? Pay Equity in Tennis, Cardiology, and Nursing

(MedPage Today) -- Op-ed serves up some potential solutions

FDA OKs Tasigna for Rare Leukemia in Children

(MedPage Today) -- Approved in first- and second-line settings

High-Flow Oxygen Improves Infant Bronchiolitis Outcomes

(MedPage Today) -- Reduced need for escalation of care

In Teen Girls, Neural Patterns May Drive Emotional Resilience (CME/CE)

(MedPage Today) -- Functional MRI yields insights into why youths at risk for depression remain healthy

Ask a Millennial Doc: How Can I Use Social Media Better?

(MedPage Today) -- The dish from gastro fellow Manasi Agrawal, MD

OncoBreak: Colonoscopy TV; Coverage for Genomic Testing; Care for Caregivers

(MedPage Today) -- News, features, and commentary about cancer-related issues

Treating H. Pylori Cuts Metachronous Cancer Rate

(MedPage Today) -- 50% reduction in endoscopically resected gastric cancer

Serial CAD: Evaluate With FFR, iFR, or Something Else?

(MedPage Today) -- 'Unresolved clinical conundrum' of how to guide treatment

Reprimanded and Fined in N.J., No Problem in N.Y.

(MedPage Today) -- Dermatologist found using expired drugs and unqualified staff

How Docs Could Respond to Disasters Remotely

(MedPage Today) -- Telemedicine can help, but we need to recognize its limitations

Morning Break: DACA Residents; Medicine's Biggest Underdog; NYC's Lead Problem

(MedPage Today) -- Health news and commentary from around the Web gathered by the MedPage Today staff

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Tai Chi Eases Fibromyalgia Pain

(MedPage Today) -- More benefit than exercise in randomized trial

Curbing Abuse in the OR: Anesthesiology News Report

(MedPage Today) -- Also, opioid abuse linked to readmission

Caring for the Sickest Patients: A Calling and an Opportunity

(MedPage Today) -- New models are disrupting the way primary care is provided

Trump Names AIDS Researcher Redfield to Head CDC

(MedPage Today) -- But senior Democrat in Senate raises objection

Trump Nominates AIDS Researcher Redfield to Head CDC

(MedPage Today) -- But senior Democrat in Senate raises objection

Novel Assay Promising for Gynecologic Ca Detection

(MedPage Today) -- PapSEEK detected gene mutations, aneuploidy in Pap brush samples

GOP, Dems Butt Heads over ACA Stabilization

(MedPage Today) -- Dispute over abortion appears to sink chances for new federal insurance subsidies

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