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Friday 16th March 2018

Why deep learning can help, not threaten, cardiologists

Body:  Clinicians might be saved time and improve their diagnostic accuracy when deep learning is applied to echocardiography, according to a recent article from Cardiovascular Business (CVB) regarding this year's American College of Cardiology annual meeting in Orlando.  "Machine learning—and its self-training subset, deep learning—is often perceived as a threat to cardiologist...

New diffusion MRI online software may fight medicine's "replication crisis"

Primary Asset: Body:  Researchers have developed a set of online tools that may help fight the "replication crisis" regarding experiments in medicine, according to a recent University of Washington (UW) news release. Published online March 5 in Nature Communications, the tools are a part of an open-access browser that can displ

10 cognitive biases in medical imaging and how to avoid them

What consistently induces diagnostic error is a radiologist's 

Ikonopedia’s first mobile installation drives breast cancer screening at Alinea Medical Imaging

AI in healthcare could pose ethical concerns

In a New

New molecular imaging approach could aid vast areas of health, disease

A new multimodal imaging approach produced

How ADHD drugs may increase positive emotions

Primary Asset: Body:  Brown University researchers have found that healthy people who take ADHD drugs may experience consistent changes in positive emotion, according to an online university news release published March 12.  Specifically, researchers found the drugs to increase glutamate, the most abundant neurotransmitter in the brain re

Thursday 15th March 2018

(ISC)² report outlines minority representation in cybersecurity

According to the

AHRA announces campaign to reach 6,000 members

The Association for Medical Imaging Management (

HIMSS18: How digital technology is addressing today’s most pressing health crises

At a March 7 presentation at HIMSS18 given by Samsung Health, experts explained how technology is addressing health crises

HIMSS18: Patient engagement, care coordination platform reduces readmission by 50%

In a March 6 presentation at HIMSS, Jonathan Ringo, MD, FACOG, President and COO of Sinai Hospital, and Patricia Birch, MBA, S

HIMSS18: Patient engagement, care coordination platform reduces readmission by over 50 percent

In a March 6 presentation at HIMSS, Jonathan Ringo, MD, FACOG, President and COO of Sinai Hospital, and Patricia Birch, MBA, S

Philadelphia women quoted $351 for breast MRI—then charged $4,650

Primary Asset: Body:  A Pennsylvania woman was shocked when quoted $351 for a breast MRI from the Crozer-Keystone Health System, before being billed $4,650 for the exam.  After finding out Medicare wouldn't cover multiple imaging exams to detect tumors hidden by dense breast tissue, Bette Popiel, of Thornton, Pennsylvania, booked an MRI

Radiologic groups help block Oregon legislation allowing nurses to perform imaging procedures

The legislation would have let nurse practitioner

Transgender individuals' brains may be structured differently

Scientists from the University of São Paulo Medical School in Brazil have found that individuals

Q&A: Wash U's Mark Anastasio, PhD, building nation’s 2nd doctoral program in imaging science

Washington University in St. Louis is set to become the second institution wit

Breast cancer screening startup in India uses AI, thermal imaging technology

Co-founders of NIRAMAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) imaging tech

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple file more than 300 patents in last 5 years

Body:  Major tech companies Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have filed more than 300 patents between 2013 and 2017 related to healthcare, according to a report by Ernst & Young.Broken down, Alphabet filed 186 patents, Microsoft filed 73 and Apple filed 54 patents in those five years. The increase in competitive patent filing shows the companies' growing inve...

HIMSS18: Improving patient engagement through the patient portal

In a March 6 presentation at HIMSS18, Juana Romero of New York – Presbyterian (NYP), and Erin Mackay, MPH, of GetMyHealthDa

University of Minnesota produces first whole-body 10.5 Tesla MRI

Primary Asset: Body:  The University of Minnesota has become the first to take an MRI of the entire human body using a 10.5 Tesla magnet, according to a Feb. 28 university news release.  Researchers at the school's Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) conducted the imagin

FDA warns neurovascular embolization coils produce increased distortion in MRA imaging


JAMA: U.S. spends the most on healthcare—and imaging is a reason why

New res

JAMA: U.S. spends the most on healthcare—and imaging a reason why

New research, published online March 13 i

Examining the hype about AI, machine learning in medicine

Primary Asset: Body:  Robert Pearl, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, clinical professor of surgery at Stanford University and faculty member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, shared his thoughts about the gradual permeation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the culture and business of medicine in a recent

Left ventricular ECG helps predict stroke survivors

Body:  Recent research published in JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging found echocardiographic (ECG) assessment of left ventricular (LV) geometry may help predict outcomes in stroke survivors.A team led by Chan Soon Park, MD, with Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea studied 2,069 patients admitted to their hospital with acute ischemic

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