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Thursday 22nd February 2018

Después del tiroteo “hay que respetar cómo los jóvenes lidian con sus sentimientos”

Una psicóloga infantil, quien fue alumna de la escuela de Parkland en la que murieron 17 personas, explica cómo ayudar a los adolescentes en los días posteriores al terrible tiroteo.

Viewpoints: ‘Street Opioids’ — Not Prescriptions — Drive Drug Crisis; Open Up Research On Gun Violence

Editorial pages focus on these health topics and others.

Viewpoints: ‘Street Opioids’ – Not Prescriptions – Drive Drug Crisis; Open Up Research On Gun Violence

Editorial pages focus on these health topics and others.

Different Takes: Blame Entitlements For Soaring Budget Deficit; ‘Junk’ Health Plans Would Harm Middle Class

Opinion writers express views on health care policies.

Longer Looks: Gun Research; Kentucky’s Medicaid; And Missouri’s Death Penalty

Each week, KHN's Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the Web.

State Highlights: Medical Company Faces Criminal Charges Following Milwaukee Inmate’s Death; $7.5M Funds Approved in N.J. For Women’s Health

Media outlets report on news from Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Missouri, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, California and Massachusetts.

New Cluster Of Cases Tells Story Of A Black Lung Epidemic That Is Emerging In Appalachia

The severity of the disease among miners at the Virginia clinics “knocked us back on our heels,” said David J. Blackley, an epidemiologist at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. In other public health news: rape kits, brain injuries, sepsis, diabetes and prosthetics.

A Glimmer Of Hope In Midst Of Epidemic: Opioid Deaths Fall For First Time In Years For 14 States

“If we’re truly at a plateau or inflection point, it would be the best news all year,” said Caleb Alexander, of Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness. Meanwhile, five states and the District of Columbia saw death spikes of more than 30 percent.

Sweeping Study Settles Hot Debate Over Whether Antidepressants Even Work, Researchers Say

In general, newer antidepressants tended to be better tolerated due to fewer side effects, while the most effective drug in terms of reducing depressive symptoms was amitriptyline - a drug first discovered in the 1950s.

Good News For Kids And Needle-Phobes: FluMist OK’d For Use Two Years After Panel Pulled Recommendation

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted to drop FluMist from the list of recommended vaccines starting in the 2016-2017 flu season after studies conducted by the CDC showed that the vaccine component that targets H1N1 flu viruses was not protecting people who got the vaccine.

Could This Century-Old Law Be Used To Curb Drug Prices? Democrats Think So

The law could allow HHS to use a patented invention — in this case hep C drugs — and the drugmaker wouldn't be able to do anything about it other than to demand “reasonable” compensation. Democrats want HHS to take this step in hopes that a lower-cost generic could be manufactured. Meanwhile, HHS Secretary Alex Azar says the administration is exploring more actions on cutting high drug cos...

Medicaid Changes May Just Shift Spending From Families To Administrative Bureaucracy, Experts Warn

Implementing and monitoring the work requirements and other new regulations isn't going to be cheap. Outlets report on Medicaid news out of Alaska, Virginia, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

After Shooting, ‘Honor How Kids Want To Deal With Their Feelings’

Christine Sylvest, who now works in Maryland, for three years attended the Parkland, Fla., high school where a shooting attack left 17 people dead last week. She says the tragedy affects the entire community.

Couple Makes Millions Off Medicaid Managed Care As Oversight Lags

How a California health plan’s CEO and her husband, an executive consultant, got rich off the taxpayer-funded program for the poor. Critics see a conflict of interest, the plan doesn’t, and the state has no rules either way.

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Viewpoints: ACA’s Future? Pros And Cons Of Limited-Care Insurance; Amazon Can’t Remedy Health Care

Editorial pages highlight these and other health stories.

Perspectives: We Need Less Government And More Transparency To Curb High Drug Costs

Read recent commentaries about drug-cost issues.

Drug Prices Bill May Put Maryland On Direct Collision Course With Pharma Industry

News outlets report on stories related to pharmaceutical pricing.

State Highlights: Md. Lawmakers Consider State Mandate For Insurance; $850M Agreement Reached In Minn. Water Contamination Lawsuit

Media outlets report on news from Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri, Iowa and California.

The Past Successes, Failures And Future Of Cancer Vaccines

CNN takes a look at where the research has been and where it's heading. In other public health news: cancer trials, Olympians, gene editing, the flu, alcohol and allergies.

It Turns Out, Knowing Your Genetic Risk Data Doesn’t Actually Help You Lose Weight

Previous research has suggested that analyzing a person's genes could help determine which weight loss strategy would work best for them. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

This ER Department Upended Its Entire Culture Around Prescribing Opioids — And Got Drastic Results

This hospital is no longer using opioids as its first line of offense against pain. And the results show it's working. Outlets report on news on the crisis out of Maryland, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Wyoming and Ohio as well.

Alaska, Ohio Explore Option Of Imposing Work Requirements On Medicaid Recipients

The Trump administration has opened the door, and some states are rushing in. Meanwhile, New Hampshire lawmakers are urged to renew the state's Medicaid expansion.

Tracking Life Cycle Of A Medical Bill Reveals Astronomical Price Tag Just For Collecting Payments

Researchers broke down the expensive steps that go into processing a medical bill.

Albertsons’ Deal To Purchase Rite Aid Is Latest Twist To Remake Retail And Health Care Industries

The chief executives of the companies say that the merger is the best way for them to compete in businesses increasingly threatened by online companies like Amazon and Walmart.

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