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Tuesday 19th June 2018

Viewpoints: To Solve Opioid Epidemic, Stop Expecting To Eradicate Pain; End The Stigma Around Addiction

Editorial pages focus on these and other health issues.

Different Takes: Changes Put Health Law On Shaky Ground; New Policies Are Good For Small Businesses

Opinion writers express views about changes to the health law and proposals for more changes.

State Highlights: Massachusetts Takes Steps To Help Struggling Community Hospitals; Judge Stops Arkansas From Enforcing Medication Abortion Ban

Media outlets report on news from Massachusetts, Arkansas, California, Minnesota, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Some Prison Nurses Earning More Than $100,000 In Overtime A Year, Costing Taxpayers Millions

While about 50 nursing vacancies exist, the prisons rely on volunteer overtime to accommodate the shortages. In other health worker news: limits proposed on the number of patients a nurse can see, reinstated health care workers are turned away on eve of union vote, and a new movement in paramedicine.

Parents Worried Pharma Company’s Plans For Cannabis Drug Will Interfere With Access To Medical Marijuana

Families that rely on states' medical marijuana laws are more cautious than celebratory as one company's actions to make sure its product can be legally prescribed and sold by pharmacies threaten to curtail programs that have been in effect for years. Marijuana news comes out of New York, Florida and Virginia, as well.

Initiative Reaches Out To Pregnant Women Addicted To Opioids To Try To Keep Children Out Of Foster Care

Women who are on the path to recovery were having their babies taken away from them, sometimes as early as right from the hospital. That was setting off a spiral, where to cope with the pain the women would turn to opioids and thus make it harder to ever get their kids back.

When Others Have Given Up On Patients, This Neurologist Steps In

Dr. Alice Flaherty likes to tinker with machines until she fixes what's broken. And her current interest involves patients who others say aren't really sick or lack motivation to get better. "I got interested in that whole thing, like if you want to get better then you’re sick, if you don’t want to get better, then it’s a vice,” she says. “What was it that made us attribute willfulness t...

Questions To Watch For In Theranos Case: Will It Even Go To Trial? Will Anyone Play The ‘Ex-Duped-Me’ Card?

Stat looks at these and other questions -- like what will happen to the company? -- following the charges against Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and the company’s former president Ramesh Balwani.

What Would You Sacrifice For Lower Premiums? For Younger Consumers The Answer Is Privacy

If it ends with them saving money, the younger consumers were happy to let insurers trawl through their digital data. As the ages went up, people were less inclined to be alright with the tactic.

165-Page Internal NIH Report Lays Bare Just How Cozy Scientists Were With Alcohol Industry

"So many lines" were crossed in the alcohol study that people were "frankly shocked." The investigation was prompted by reports that scientists were wooing the alcohol industry to pay for the study that would tout the benefits of daily moderate drinking.

If You’ve Got Hep C, Spitting Can Be A Felony

About a dozen states have added hepatitis C to the list of medical conditions for which people can face criminal prosecution if they engage in certain activities like sex without disclosure, needle-sharing or organ donation.

Monday 18th June 2018

Viewpoints: Put Alzheimer’s Funding On Par With AIDS Or Cancer Research; Take Care Of Children On The Border

Opinion pages look at these and other health issues.

Perspectives: Stop China From Spreading Fentanyl Into The U.S.

Editorial pages focus on the opioid epidemic and other drug-related issues.

State Highlights: States May Require Schools To Add Mental Health Education To Curriculum; Iowa To Allow Patients To Sue Surgeons Over Inexperience

Media outlets report on news from New York, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, California, Puerto Rico, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Florida and Illinois.

Texas Heart Transplant Center Reopens For Business Following Internal Review Of Deaths

Among other changes the Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center announced a reorganization of its heart transplant team. Other changes include refining how patients are selected for the program and reorganizing the multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

California Seeks To Clear Coffee Of Cancer Risk Warnings Despite Presence Of Dangerous Chemical

If approved, the proposed regulation could be a win for the coffee industry, which lost an 8-year-old lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court over a law that could require warnings be placed on all packaged coffee sold in the state.

Appeals Court Puts California’s Aid-In-Dying Law Temporarily Back In Effect

The law had been declared unconstitutional by a judge last month because it was voted on during a special session. The state appeals court has issued a stay.

Ultrasonic Signals Are Everywhere, But U.S. Diplomats’ Mysterious Illness Has Experts Reevaluating Their Side Effects

“We have turned very rapidly into a kind of Wild West of ultrasonic devices, vastly outstripping any kind of evidence-based guidelines for their use,” said Timothy Leighton, an authority on ultrasonic devices. In other public health news: abortion, suicide, salmonella, educational toys and more.

Father’s Day Shines Spotlight On Chronic Public Health Issue In U.S.

Advocates say that fatherlessness can be one of "the greatest trauma that young people face," and that its negative health impact on children needs to be taken seriously.

A Few Missed Doses Of Testosterone End In Happy Accident For Transgender Man

Trans men have conceived on purpose, but Tanner isn’t one of them. He didn’t suspect he was pregnant until the morning sickness hit. It was a shock, but he and his partner said that from the start, there was no doubt that they wanted the baby.

Like Facebook But For Extended Family: How Genetic Testing Companies Are Turning Into Social Network Sites

Many sites have internal messaging systems that allow people to connect with third and fourth cousins, aunts and uncles many times removed, and others that have distant familial connections to the user.

First Edition: June 18, 2018

Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations.

Unwieldy Health Costs Often Stand Between Teachers And Fatter Paychecks

Cash-strapped school boards, cities and legislatures scrounge to cover pay raises and pricey benefits and turn to teachers to fork over more of their shrinking take-home pay.

Friday 15th June 2018

Postcard From D.C. Courthouse: Medicaid Work Requirements And Manafort

Oral arguments are heard in a legal challenge regarding the state of Kentucky’s requirement that adults who gained Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s expansion prove that they work or volunteer in order to get health coverage.

Viewpoints: During Opioid Crisis, Also Develop Treatments For Family Mental Trauma; Wrong Time To Legalize Marijuana At Federal Level

Opinion writers look at these and other health topics.

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