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Friday 16th November 2018

Fundraising: Could you run, walk, swim or cycle 1000 miles for M.E.? The Virtual Runner Challenge. | 16 November 2018

Virtual Runner is promoting a 1000-mile challenge through the course of 2019 for M.E.

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Xmas Appeal: An interview with research grant recipient Dr Keith Geraghty | 13 November 2018

Support our Xmas Appeal so that next year we can invest in more researchers like Dr Keith Geraghty.

Monday 12th November 2018

The ‘Girl in the Window’ has M.E. and is housebound. From award-winning author Penny Joelson | 12 November 2018

Penny Joelson explains how her latest novel came into being.

Latest research from the ME/CFS Biobank: Hand Grip Strength as a Clinical Biomarker | 12 November 2018

New research indicates that handgrip strength may be a good diagnostic tool for ME/CFS.

Friday 9th November 2018

ME Association Statement re: NICE ME/CFS Guideline Review and Committee Appointments | 09 November 2018

Dr Shepherd has been appointed as a co-opted member of the NICE guideline committee.

Xmas Appeal: Do you have M.E.? A review of the pioneering work of Dr Melvin Ramsay | 09 November 2018

Neil Riley reviews the contribution Dr Ramsay made to the field of M.E.

Thursday 8th November 2018

Fundraising Feature: Started your Christmas shopping yet? Novel gift ideas. | 08 November 2018

Isobel has created some rather cute characters sure to form the centrepiece of any Xmas decorations.

Monday 5th November 2018

ME Association October Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 05 November 2018

We've updated our central index and provided you with details of the 18 ME/CFS research studies published in October.

Thursday 1st November 2018

ME Association Website Survey: Why we’re asking about healthcare plans and ME/CFS | 01 November 2018

We are asking this month if you have a healthcare plan in place for ME/CFS.

Wednesday 31st October 2018

Fundraising Feature: Every little penny helps… Raising funds and a smile with art | 31 October 2018

Spreading joy through art. Isobel Butler has helped raise funds and a smile with her painting.

Monday 29th October 2018

The ME Association Xmas Appeal – More Research for M.E. in 2019 | 29 October 2018

More research for M.E. in 2019. Because we believe it offers the best hope.

Sunday 28th October 2018

BBC Focus on ME/CFS Crisis in Wales and Unrest in the Senedd with MESiG | 28 October 2018

Last week saw a focus on Wales with the BBC feature broadcast and debate in the Welsh Assembly.

Wednesday 24th October 2018

House of Lords Event Celebrated 10 Years of Forward ME | 24 October 2018

“On behalf of everyone with M.E, and their carers, I would like to thank the Countess of Mar for everything that she has done...

Monday 22nd October 2018

Forward ME – Stakeholder deliberations over NICE Scope for ME/CFS | 22 October 2018

These are the minutes of the meeting held prior to publication of the NICE Scope report.

Situations Vacant: We need a volunteer to help support our fundraising manager | 22 October 2018

We are looking for a volunteer to help support our fundraising manager.

Stephen Crabb MP wore a symptom suit to experience life with chronic illness | 22 October 2018

An effective way to demonstrate the hardship suffered by people with 'invisible' conditions.

Friday 19th October 2018

Professor W. Ian Lipkin: ME/CFS is not a psychosomatic illness | 19 October 2018

"Our studies...confirm that patients with ME/CFS have biological abnormalities that cannot be characterized as psychosomatic."

Thursday 18th October 2018

Fundraising: Running the London Marathon on behalf of people with M.E. | 18 October 2018

We don't have any charity places for 2019 but there's a chance in 2020, and plenty of other challenges that might appeal.

Tuesday 16th October 2018

Applications invited for CMRC Patient Advisory Group | 16 October 2018

Would you like to help advise the CMRC? Applications are now available to join the Patient Advisory Group.

NICE ME/CFS Guideline Review: Publication of revised Scope, comments, and committee appointments | 16 October 2018

NICE publish the revised Scope and reveal some of the committee appointments.

Monday 8th October 2018

ME Association Summary Report of the 2018 CMRC Research Conference | 08 October 2018

Charlotte provides a summary of each presentation from the 5th CMRC research conference in Bristol.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

ME Association September Summary of ME/CFS Published Research | 03 October 2018

We've updated our central index and provided you will all the abstracts from the last month.

Monday 1st October 2018

ME Association Website Survey: Why we’re asking about Yoga and ME/CFS | 01 October 2018

Dr Shepherd explains why we are asking about yoga in this month's website poll.

ME Association Fundraising: Guest Blog: Thank you for running for M.E. | 01 October 2018

Jenny writes about her battle with M.E., and how Stephen - after reading her words - decided to fundraise.

Friday 28th September 2018

ME Association ME/CFS/PVFS Clinical and Research Guide – Now on Kindle! | 28 September 2018

Same great price but easier to access. Now available to purchase and download from Amazon.

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